Chapter 10- Scars (1)
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After looking at his status, the first thing he noticed was his unique skill in red. It was something he hadn't seen before, so he clicked on it.

[Unique Skill: Chrono Vision

Description: The Time and Space God of the Multiverse has gifted you with the ability to see beyond mortal views. This is a unique skill. It cannot be taught or sold.] 

  1. Allows the user to see essence.
  2. When a being that fears you looks into your eyes, there will be a slight chance that they will be frozen in time for one to two seconds. 
  3. Sealed
  4. Sealed] 

Now Kade understood that it wasn't a bug when the blapahu froze in the middle of the fight. She was under the effect of his new ability. 

Kade continued to look at his status and was surprised when he saw that he still had 950 EP left. It was almost full, as if he didn't expend any in the fight. However, when he realized it was still a full moon, he figured <Nocturnal> increased his essence regeneration by 40% too.  

'Guess I can keep going.' 

Kade kept his eyes open this time while he opened the essence valve slowly and took out as much as he usually did. With his stats still on the side, he saw he could freely control 300 EP of essence. 

Kade added 200 EP more and began cycling it around his body. At first, it felt a little strange, but after fifteen minutes, he got the hang of it and could cycle it around his body whether he was walking or doing pushups. It didn't matter.  

As a result, Kade added another 100 essence points. Now he was cycling 600 EP around his pathways. Again, it required adjusting as he forced his essence through his pathway, trying to stay in control of it. The larger the body of essence, the stronger its will.  

Natural essence that flows in the air is the same for everybody, but as soon as it reaches your soul and is stored inside your essence storage, it undergoes a change unique to each person. As a result, your essence might be heavier, stickier or even hotter than others. This was another tad bit of knowledge Kade had received from the Author of the book.  

Kade didn't know the entirety of how his soul changed the properties of his essence. He knew that compared to the essence that didn't come from his soul, his was lighter and passed through his channels faster.  

Kade continued to train his ability to control EP for another hour. He was so focused he hardly noticed the time, but he was almost there. He could manage 800 EP successfully. He would've added more, but he didn't want to enter a state of essence fatigue.  

Kade looked at the time on the top right side of his stats, and it was 12:15 AM. The time surprised him. It was so late! But what baffled him more was that he wasn't hungry. Kade was always hungry. Despite being so thin, most of his salary went into food. He simply loved it. Yet, he wasn't hungry even though he had last eaten 13 to 14 hours ago. It was bizarre.  

Kade wondered whether it had to do with the essence he had been cycling through his channels. Was it a supplementary source of energy for his body? 

Kade's curiosity got the better of him, so he held his breath. He wanted to see if essence could replace his need for oxygen as well. Kade sat for a whole minute, holding his breath. It was a feat that he could do before, but he would be heaving for air at this point. Now, he felt nothing. It was as if he had been breathing all along.  

Kade held his breath for another five minutes, and still, it didn't matter. It turned out his body simply didn't need oxygen anymore. Kade found it odd and wondered if he was even still alive. When it dawned upon him that one of his passive abilities made him immortal. It claimed that his body existed out of time. Perhaps this was a side effect. He didn't know for sure, but like the other option, it was a possibility.  

After Kade had had his fun, he decided to open a new book, <Basics of Darkness Magic.>  

[Before light there was darkness- Tzusan, The Art of Void  

As the first to exist, darkness is considered to be the most powerful phenomenon. Its knack for destruction, unparalleled, and its thirst for tranquillity, unanswered.  

Darkness can be divided into three: Destruction, Void and Soul. At this level, we are going to look at destruction.  

Destruction based magic is magic that solely focuses on dealing damage. To harness its powers, first, you need to be able to control it. If you cannot control 300 EP of essence freely, then do not read further. 300 EP is the minimum; I recommend 500.  

If you are reading further, you possess a basic skill in essence control.

Darkness is an emotional phenomenon meaning there are two methods to utilize its power: feeling and visualization. The former is the easiest to start off with but the hardest to master. The latter, the vice-versa. 

To control darkness via feeling, first, it needs to extracted. The higher your affinity, the worse the experience it will be. 

Look into your essence storage and split 100 EP from the rest. Keep it inside your soul, then change its nature from soul essence into darkness essence. 

You do this by calling forth the darkness in your amira. The amira is the part of your soul where your stats, skills, affinities and more are stored. 

Darkness lurks within the crevices of your amira, away from the memories you want to remember and in the centre of your pain. Remember something that hurt you. What made you want to destroy the world? That is the key to drawing your darkness out of your amira into your essence.] 

Kade sighed when he read the text.  The book was asking him to recall painful memories which he had kept locked away for a reason. Nonetheless, he knew he had to. Darkness was one of his highest affinities, and if power was what he sought, he would have to rip open the bandage.  

Kade looked within himself and pulled 100 EP from his essence storage, and then began soul searching, thinking about his life as an orphan. 


From here on out to go forward we are going to have to go back. Probably not the best time in the story to show background. It really shows my inexperience as an author but I can't change that now. So I'll upload the backstory all in one day as opposed to over several days like normal chapters. Hopefully, that will mitigate some of the stagnation you might feel. Other than that, I actually put thought into writing the backstory chapters so I don't think it will be boring perse.

Anyway, yeah, I got nothing to say. Thanks for continuing to read this amateurs first attempt at a web novel.