Chapter 0: Breakdown of Levels of Power
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Levels of Warrior Power

Body Forging Realm / Mortal Body Realm (10 Levels)

Warriors take in the natural energy of the world to strengthen their bodies. Nature all around is their nourishment, the sun is their driver and the stars are their future. The vastness of natural energy encompasses everything from elemental energy to solar energy, astral energy, lunar energy, and even the energy from living breathing things. The first step for any warrior is forging their Mortal Body through the following stages:

1. Entry Level

2. Muscle Quenching

3. Skin Hardening

4. Bone Forging

5. Tendon Strengthening

6. Blood Boiling

7. Organ Quenching

8. Perception Domain

9. Spirit Sense Awakening

10. Apex Level

Spirit Sense Realm / Soul Sense Novice Realms (10 levels)

After a warrior reaches the 9th level of Mortal Body Realm, they undergo spiritual awakening. This allows them to sense their soul, strengthen it and harness spiritual energy for their use. The levels are:

1. Spirit sense awakening - Sensing the Soul and developing spirit sense: the 7th Sense

2. Spirit energy sensing and absorption

3. Spirit energy circulation

4. Spirit energy channeling

5. Spirit energy shrouding

6. Spirit energy shaping

7. Spirit energy expulsion

8. Spirit energy imbuement (external objects such as weapons)

9. Spirit energy external manipulation

10. Spirit energy retrieval

Psychic World

Some special individuals are born with unique abilities pertaining to the mind. They are collectively called psychics. Unlike them, the ordinary man has to go to great lengths to train and harness the power of their own minds. They have to have at least reached the 8th level of Mortal Body Realm. Training the psyche is molding the world. This 'Psychic World' is categorized as such:

- Psychic Accumulation

- Splitting Thought

- Mind and Body as one

- Minor Telekinesis - application of psychic energy

- Major Telekinesis

- Heart Fruit, Thought Fruit and Will Fruit: mental power in illusionary form that can be controlled and affect the heart, will and ones future thoughts.

- World Mind

- Eternal Mind

Training the psyche is NOT a linear process so there are no hard-set stages just different paths and categories of mental power.

Magician Ranks

Unlike the powers that come with the 3 core aspects of living beings: Body, Mind, Spirit; Magic is an external power to humans. It is a power from a higher magical plane. Magicians can be categorized as follows:

1. Magic Pupil

2. Magic Student

3. Magic Teacher

4. Magic Master

5. Magic Grandmaster

6. Magic Sovereign

7. Magic Sage

8. Magic Saint

9. Magic God

There are 13 ranks of magic spells. Rank 1 to Rank 9 spells correspond with the 9 ranks of magicians.

Rank 10 spells are labeled as Forbidden spells as they usually come with a price.

Rank 11 spells are called Unique spells as they are unique for every spell-caster with only a few talented magicians inheriting this power and some talented Magic Gods creating their own Rank 11 spells.

The amount of magical power one can harness and use decides ones rank and the strength of spells they can use.

This means that a magician can use spells above their titled rank as long as they have enough magical energy.

A magician's title usually depends on their magical knowledge and skill with their magical capacity coming last.