Chapter 111: The Power of Divine Mountain Grade
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“Falling Leaf Sword Technique: 11th Move – Twilight.”

The 11th move - Twilight was a technique that combined sword technique and darkness manipulation; a move that could cut through almost anything by severing the light.

In front of this technique, the combined attack of the two elders was severed; it withered like specks of falling dust. Surprisingly, the two elders’ attack was actually an incomplete space technique! Yet in front of Terran, it was nothing.

The manifestation and erosion of a valley was a unique skill that materialized matter out of one’s imagination using earth energy mastery and rudimentary space law knowledge. For this reason only experts of the Earth Rank 3rd stage and above could use this technique.

Seeing their combination technique easily defeated, the two elders were struck numb.

“Don’t get full of yourself yet. So what if you shot down our technique? I still have a thousand ways to make you beg for mercy!” After gathering themselves up, one of the elders said while pointing a trembling finger at Terran.

Who knew if he even had confidence in his own words.

“You are already dead.” Terran responded in a cold but calm voice.

“Ha ha ha, what are you talking abou-” Before he could complete this sentence, this elder who went by the name Night Jasmine actually split in half at the waist!

Terran’s sword move had not just severed the two elders’ combination attack, but it had also swiftly struck their bodies cutting clean through them!

Seeing his fellow elder’s upper body fall to the ground, Elder Nightshade could not help but scream in horror fearing the worst, “Nooooooo-”

However, his scream was interrupted by Terran’s blade as the latter followed through with flurry of slashes which fell on the two elders’ bodies.

“Falling Leaf Sword Technique: 5th Move – Aversion to Iron.”

While not as powerful as Twilight, when Terran attacked with this move, his attacks were like waves enclosing and drowning the enemy in a sea of slashes.

Aversion to Iron – this move was like covering the hilt of a Takoba, only that instead, it was applied externally to the enemy. Rather than covering the blade, one was exposing it – fast and ruthless. The two elders did not stand a chance as Terran’s sword energy bisected them into pieces from a distance.

However, right after Terran erased the lives of the two elders, he realized that Koroma and Manemane, this duo of father and son, were no longer in his line of sight.

Then darkness suddenly enveloped Terran; pitch-black darkness!

The time bought by the two elders was enough to allow Zabibu Koroma, the Divine Mountain Grade family head of the Zabibu family, to prepare his ultimate move. At this point, Koroma’s heart was bleeding in anguish after not only losing his family’s warriors and elders but also witnessing the mutilation of his own son.

How could he tolerate it!

“Terran, you must die today!” Koroma’s voice echoed between the heavens and the earth as the gravity in a radius of several kilometers intensified by several times over.

Before Koroma’s move was even unleashed, countless birds, insects, and other creatures were already running away in panic. It was an absolute terror!

Dong’nau village – some children are playing in the outskirts.

This village is located at the edge of Giza Forest, and it is not the only one. In this stretch of land, there are 18 villages mostly made up of hunters and gatherers who rely on the animals and herbs in Giza Forest for their livelihood. Although Giza Forest is dangerous, as long as they stick to the outer edge of the forest, there is not much danger.

The village children are having a tournament today – an all too familiar game – Hookball.

In the middle of the game, sweat was flowing and emotions were high. To the adults, it was just a game between children, but to these kids, this was a matter of honor and victory, like the most important thing in their lives.

“Why can’t I see anything?!” Suddenly, one of the children screamed out.

“Me too!” A brat named Rama replied in confusion. There was a tinge of fear in his voice.

“Rama, where are you? Where is the ball? What is going on?” Another screamed in shock while running around like a headless chicken.

Although everyone was shocked at first thinking that they had been struck by sudden blindness, when their eyes refocused after a while, they realized that the sun had been obscured!

Turning to look towards the sun, which previously hang above the Giza Forest, what entered their eyes was a giant mountain floating in the sky!

“My God!” Even the adults exclaimed in shock.

Deep in the Giza forest, there was a mountain floating in the sky!

This gigantic mountain pierced through the clouds hiding the sun.

Before the villagers could absorb the shock from this sight, something even more shocking appeared in their vision.

A second mountain!

In the span of a minute or two, one mountain materialized from thin air, a moment later, another mountain emerged. However, this second mountain was actually inverted like the letter V.

The 2 mountains appeared together then collided into one another before collapsing into each other!

The aftermath alone was catastrophically devastating as trees were uprooted while rocks and gravel were sent flying everywhere. A shockwave emerged from the collision point spreading through the forest in an ever expanding circle that decimated everything in its path leaving only flat land.

Even though Dong’nau village and the other 17 villages were far away from the epicenter of this collision, they still felt the aftershocks as the ground trembled and the houses rattled. The adults hurried bringing the children inside and interrupting their game.

“Is this the wrath of God?” This was the question in everyone’s mind.

If someone looked at the section of Giza Forest where the collision occurred from above, they would only see a giant circle, several kilometers in diameter, where the trees and vegetation were no more. It was like someone had let off a nuclear blast!