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With a pop, a white rabbit materialized out of thin air in a dim-lit cave. An eye-catching small horn protruded from its head like a unicorn. The rabbit struggled to move forward yet failed, as an arrow had pierced its back, dyeing the white fur with blood.

With another pop, a handsome seventeen-year youngster appeared out of nowhere. His jet-black hair was a mess, just like his clothes. He dressed like an amateur hunter with his green camouflage jacket on a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and military boots.  In his right hand, he held a black compound bow and a quiver of arrows slung on his left hip.

The young man squinted as he adjusted to the sudden darkness. After adapting to the dim light, he opened his deep grey eyes and observed the strange surroundings. He frowned deeply.

'Where the heck am I? How did I get here?' thought Alex.

A few moments ago, Alex was on a hunting trip with his uncle. He chased after a mutated rabbit into a rabbit hole. Just as he extended his hand to catch his prey, Alex felt a terrible suction.

After few moments of darkness which seemed an eternity, Alex arrived here inexplicably, in what appears to be a cave.

As Alex pondered his current situation, the horned rabbit caught his eye. Alex raised the compound bow, nocked an arrow from the quiver, drew the arrow, and shot the bolt in one fluid action.

The arrow penetrated through the rabbit's neck and pinned it to the ground with a thud.

However, Alex did not let his guard down. He put aside the Compound Bow and took out a Glock-19 from his backpack.

Alex 'borrowed' this gun from uncle Jack in anticipation of any dangerous encounter during the hunt. If he knew that he would encounter a supernatural situation, he would have 'borrowed' an AR-15.

Alex searched the cave for any animals or footprints and was relieved to find neither. The stone cave with 20meters long and 5 meters wide, with a single entrance.

Alex noticed scattered light emanating from the opening and proceeded to check it.

Thick vines covered the narrow entrance, which was enough to fit one person.  Alex can vaguely see the forest outside and was sure it was not the same forest from the hunting trip.

This forest was more vibrant. He can hear all kinds of beast shrieks and bird cries.

Alex dared not rashly peek at the forest before he made some preparations. Now that he had encountered a weird situation being cautious will save his life.

Alex would not have such scruples if he lost his way in a regular forest. But Alex was teleported to this strange cave, not freaking out was thanks to the military education he received. Right now, he had to be cautious, stay put, and prepare for the worst.

Alex sat down, opened his backpack, and checked his belongings. He took out his smartphone, and there was no reception, which he suspected to be the case. He switched it off and put it away.

Alex spotted the packaged food and some protein bars, which should be sufficient for three days. Luckily, he bought some spices to barbecue the game. So, counting the rabbit he just caught, Alex should not have food problems for four days. He sighed in relief.

Next, Alex took out the water bottle, which will last for one day. He needed to find a water source quickly. Alex frowned slightly but did not dwell on it.

A first-aid kit, some plastic bags, a torchlight, and glow sticks. 'These should come in handy,' thought Alex.

Multi-function binoculars, it was a gift from his dad on his sixteen birthday. It had several functions, like Night vision and heat vision, but its charge will be gone after 48 hours of usage. So, he had to use it sparingly.

Finally, Alex examined his weapons.

Military-grade M-1 machete, it's one meter long and was made of High carbon steel. It's both durable and sharp. Alex used it constantly on his hunting trips with his uncle.

The black compound bow was a gift from his uncle. The draw strength of the bow was adjustable up to 300 KG (660 lbs). To draw the bow at its maximum capacity, you need three times the amount of strength capable of a human. He was excited at first, but now Alex thinks it was a prank.

Finally, He took out the Glock-19 and an extra magazine. It will play a vital role in the upcoming troubles. After checking it once, he put it near him for security.

He was lucky to bring the Glock with him. Alex's parents prohibited him from touching any guns without supervision. However, when Alex was 14 years old, he accidentally met a Jackal on a hunting trip and had a staring match with it until his uncle rescued him.

At that time, the bow in his hand did not give him any sense of protection. From then, Alex carried a gun during the hunting trips as protection without his parent's knowledge. Uncle Jack found out but did not say anything.

His parents and uncle would be very sad about his disappearance. At least they might have some comfort knowing that he had a gun for self-protection, thought Alex comforting himself.

Alex shook his head, dispelling the negative thoughts. He adjusted his sitting position, looked at the entrance, and saw the light diminishing.

'It will be dark soon,' Alex thought.

Alex sat with his eyes closed and started making plans for the future as the shadows spread through the cave. His goal now was to survive in this ancient forest and find a way to the nearest city.