Chapter 1: New Life.
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Fastest Man Alive

Chapter 1

A new life.

All I could remember of that fateful day was my death. I didn't know what I had for breakfast, not even what I had for lunch. All I can remember of that fateful day was being hit by that car. Even now, in my new life, I blamed myself for not seeing the car heading my way. I lived my life right, and I don't party like the rest of the people my age, I didn't go around sleeping with every woman I met. I was a good man, so why did I have to die?

I could never figure it out, and this made me angry. I refuse to live a simple life. I refuse to accept what fate had in store for me. I reject it all. And I knew just where to start. I had read so many of these stories, and yet I knew with the infinite nature that is the multiverse the possibility of its existence was high.

I never expected myself to die and become a reincarnator. This is a chance I refuse to let go.

This is the story of Benjamin Blake, the fastest man alive.

I woke up in an entirely different world. Sigh, you wouldn't and couldn't understand how that felt. I mean everything was different and gone, and you knew this, yet it all felt the same in its weird way — that cute girl down with the hall, the video games, the excellent food, your friends? That's all gone. So I did the only thing I could do, I opened my mouth and screamed yet that wasn't what came out. What came out was one of the loudest wailing cries I had ever heard. It scared the lights out of me, I jolted so hard from it looking around. That's when I noticed my hands, it was me, I was just a little babe, I didn't just die and get a new body I was starting all over from the beginning of everything. And yes that was when I had enough with my head tossed back I just let it all out and wailed.

"Ohh Ohh, look at him go, strong lungs you got there little fella," stated a blurry form of a man from my position in whose arms I was in. "Look at him go, did you see that? He has your mother's eyes, my little man is going to be so handsome when he gets older," Stated the lady whose arms I was now in.

16 Years Later.



After my meltdown at my birth, I chose to grow up and do something with my life, it's not like I can go back, I was already dead, and my soul was in a new body. I was born Benjamin Anthony Blake, a fresh 7 pound baby with chubby little arms and legs. A fact my mother has never let me live down to this day. A too loving if not a slightly overbearing mother, one Judith Blake married to my grumpy old man, Adrian Blake, the super detective as he likes to call himself at home.

While staring out the window I had to contemplate my life….. I am confident of being in the Marvel universe, I just don't know which reality I was in, currently am hoping it's one I know, cause lets be honest I only read the good stuff, planet Hulk, Civil War, and the Infinity War with some other smaller issues in between.

So far I'm certain Spiderman hasn't shown up yet since I keep an eye out for him in the Daily Bugle, and there hasn't been anything about him. I know that's going to change since JJ hates him for no reason. Also, Spidey hasn't shown up yet 'cause one Peter Parker is one small skinny kid in class sitting right next to me.

I need to figure out what I am going to do and soon, there is one thing I am sure of, and that's this city is going to go to shit fast.

I knew what I wanted to do, yet I only had parts of a plan to get there. I had plans for doing the hero thing my way. With plans to bring Pete, the kid genius along with me, keep him as my Captain America slash Tony Stark. I had to make sure I got my powers before he did.

Turning to my face from the window, I look next to my desk and look at Peter as he tries and fails to hold a conversation with MJ, man I still don't get what he sees in her. If the opportunity happens, I'll help him hook up with the black cat.

"Aye Pete, just leave her be man," I spoke out to him.

"I was just letting her know I was available after school to help her out, like she asked since she missed it last time to hang out with Liz," Peter spoke up while giving me puppy dog eyes. "Come on Pete don't look at me like that, it's creepy am a guy and your a guy so just don't please. How about I look the other way when Flash decides to walk your way," I replied this which snapped him out of it.

"That's not fair! You promised me that you would keep him off my back and I wouldn't tell anyone you were kissing Gwen Stacy behind the bleachers," Whispered Peter as the teacher turned around to look in our direction. "Aye man, haven't I kept my word?" I replied with mock hurt on my face.

"Well yeah, you have. Eddie and Flash actually both go the other way when you're around. What did you do to them before you got me out of my locker, ?" Peter asked me suspiciously with a raised eyebrow.

"You know you're good at doing that eyebrow thing, but unfortunately it won't work on me. Remember, I am a detective kid! That's also dating a police captain's daughter who is also a genius in her own right with a photographic memory, so go take your detective game somewhere else.". I quickly scoff at him with a playful shove.

"Aye, my detective game is on point thank you very much, at least that's what my grades say." Replied, Peter as he laughed at his longtime friend.

"Heh, I'll keep in my mid-A average lane, I am trying not to stand out too much. No point in bringing people my way, no worries I'll let you get all the grades and just beat up the bullies that come bother you." I replied to him while looking up at the bell with just three seconds on the clock-


"ALRIGHT CLASS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CHAPTER 6 AND 8 FINISHED FOR HOMEWORK THAT MEANS YOU TOO ." Came the teacher's call as everyone stood up, rushing for the door in a who goes first frenzy.

"Well that's our cuePete, let's go join our fellow hormonal teenage brethren within the confines of that hallway we call a jungle," I spoke up, shifting all my belongings to my backpack.

Out in the hallways was just straight up pandemonium, urgh, some days like today, I realize quite vividly I am a teenager all over again regardless of how advanced my mind might be.

There were hot girls in skimpy short skirts, with the big dumb jocks sniffing behind them. Don't get me wrong I am not half bad myself, but I don't see the appeal of pumping iron and getting that large just because you're on a high school team.

Standing at a crisp 5ft 10 with caramel brown skin, rocking a low fade along the sides, add in my grey eyes and my lean fit athletic build and yeah I was a head turner.

I had no interest in any of the ladies around me, yeah I was what most of them called a fine ass brotha but, I had clues in on the path the future might take, and I already know who was going to come out of high school hot as can be and I had somehow gotten my hands on one such lady.

Or as my father likes to say teenage hormones at its finest, "I still don't understand how she ended up with you, yeah you're my son and you think you got game, but you don't have squat."

That was right before my mom smacked him on the back of his head, to show that she heard him and his ramblings.

Now that school was over, it was time to set my grand plan in motion. A month ago, I had offered to donate some blood to Gwen for her scientific project on genes and their sequences that make us who we are. When I had given my blood, I had also asked her to look for me to see if I also had the X gene.

If this were present in my genes, then it would speed up my plans, and I knew what powers and abilities I was going to get from my uber list of nerd powers.

Did I luck out getting her in my life or what? Someday I'll have to share how I know all my information with her, but until then she is my awesome girlfriend.

And here she comes, walking down the hall looking like a cute little Emma Stone with that blonde pixie cut. Pencil skirt with some checkered sweater, I didn't even know she brought one to school this morning, wait for a second isn't that the sweater I lost during winter break? How in the blue blazes did she get that? She looked at me, smiled with a raised eyebrow and turned to Pete on my left.

"Aye, Pete whatcha doing? Any plans for the weekend?" asked Gwen while completely ignoring me, looming over her, as I was eyeing my lost sweater that just so happens to be in her possession.

"Not much, I am supposed to be helping MJ with that chemistry homework; then I'll probably keep on tinkering with the computer I was building, what about you? What is your plan for the three day weekend," asked Peter trying to stifle his laughter at my antics.

"Well, I plan to help the big lug with the little project he keeps going on and on about how this will change everything forever," Stated Gwen while leaning back onto my chest.

Peter perked up hearing this "Ohh yeah, what project is this?"

"Nothing much I plan to prove that I know the key to access vast unlimited power that can change the cosmic balance as we know it, and it will all be in the hands of a teenage boy. Muahahahaha, and then afterward, a makeout session to end all sessions." I replied to him with a straight face after my evil laugh.

"Yeah, I'll pass thanks for the heads up about your evil plans to rule the world," Peter stated as he closed his locker.

"Cheer up buddy we are about to have a three day weekend, why so glum?" I asked as we walked down the hall to the school's exit.

"Not too sure, just want something new, you know," replied Peter in a bored tone of voice.

"Dude we live in one of the most diverse cities known to man and you're bored, seriously?" I asked him back in an incredulous voice.

"Stop messing with him, he just wants something new to happen in his life, we all believe that high school's a drag on anyone," Stated Gwen as she glares at me.

"Hold it in Ma-Ma bear, I am just asking regular questions here, you know I'm trying to figure out his mood to help fix his mojo," I said while backing away, geez don't kill the guy just asking questions to help solve a problem.

"Don't worry about the big lug, I know you have your eyes on that redhead, don't you blush mister. These things take time, if it turns out she isn't the one for you then that's okay I am positive you will find someone. Okay, Peter so cheer up." Gwen said to him in a cheerful tone.

I turned off to the side and sighed in relief.

"Alright Peter, here is your bus, have a good weekend, and don't do anything I wouldn't do," I said, looking at him holding my hand out for a fist bump.

"Yeah, I think I will I have that new GPU coming in the mail today, so once that's in, I'll start compiling a new code I was working on for looking for information on the web," Peter replied excitedly

"Sounds like a plan man," I replied walking away from the bus stop with Gwen by my side.

"So are you going to tell me about this experiment you have been preparing for?" Gwen asked me as we caught the 129 metro towards Hell's kitchen docks.

Turning around to look at her, I had to mull it over in my mind, how much to share, and what can I share. "What if I was to tell you I might or might not have the key to extra-dimensional energy that's listed as one of the fundamentals of reality itself, but not just reality it's a connective force through all of creation, the multiverse, space, and even time itself.

It's a force that would allow anyone with access, to transcend life and death itself because once one is connected to it, you are more than just what you are. Some of your parts are just rendered a moot point because this force is part of existence itself and when you gain access to it, your fundamental being also becomes part of existence itself also just by proxy. I hum as I finish my little tirade about the speed force.

"See this is the you that I like! Why, can't you show this type of intelligence in school instead of that boring lazy face all the time?" Gwen huffed at me in an exasperated manner.

I couldn't help myself as I laughed at that, I'm talking about powers that can change reality itself, and she is worried about what face I show in school, man she is adorable.

"Well I don't know what you're talking about, but that's some heavy stuff, how can you be sure you know that it is what you believe it to be. Not one to knock you down big lug but I don't believe you're in any AP physics classes." Gwen replied while eyeing me.

"Well to answer your question, I discovered the key to it a while back, but I wasn't so sure my body would be able to handle all that power. Do you remember when I asked you to check if I have the x gene in my genome sequence?" I asked Gwen while we relaxed in the seats of the bus as it chugged along the NYC streets to our destination.

"Okay, I'll bite what's the reason you couldn't use this so-called key unless you knew you had the x gene. After you asked me about it, I had to do my own little research. Did you know Prof. Charles Xavier wrote a theory on human evolution and that we might have new sapient human types walking among us." Gwen asked while looking out the side windows.

"Yeah, I know of the Professor, I actually have a hope of meeting him after this is all complete," I replied

"Oh don't be sly Mr. You didn't answer my original question," Gwen replied as she turned around as she smiled at me.

"Okay, Okay, the big deal about the X gene is that it's mutable on a far higher scale than our normal genes with no risk of cancer. Another big deal about the gene is that when it activates it will give the carrier powers yet these powers come in a random power scale and set. The key will allow me access to the dimensional force, and the x gene will keep it from killing me in the process. I hope that it's going to jump-start my x gene allowing me to gain powers and since my gene would be in a blank state I'll be able to soak it all up." I replied with a grin of my own.

Her face fell instantly "This is Dangerous!" and you want my help with it."

I flinched, yeah maybe I should have kept that part out of it.

"Well no more dangerous than walking down the street in NYC," I replied, trying to calm her down.

"No Ben, that and this is different and you know it." Gwen huffed at me.

"Well Gwen, I gotta try it and if this works it's gonna be like wow, and if it doesn't you can just huff at me with your usual I told you so's" I replied with a pleading tone in my voice. This was my key to the big life, the path to be immortalized in history. Hell I can't be sure I can even do this without her, yeah I am putting the parts of the plan together but she is the biochem genius that's gonna save my ass if I do something stupid.

I guess I gotta go with a bribe. "Come on Gwen if this works that means I'll be able to figure out a way to get you powers also, sharing is caring right?" I asked as softly as I Could while putting my arms around her waist and bringing her closer to me with a pout on my face.

All she could do was let out a little huff at me. And I knew I piqued her interest even if she wouldn't admit it.

"You should know if I figured this out then I would be able to help find you some powers also, right? Maybe some flight, or something flashy, or how about some strength, but I don't think my pretty genius is into getting her hands dirty. How about some telekinesis? Make the beauty and brains a powerhouse no one can mess with how would you like that?" I said to her in her ear. Seeing a smirk played across her lips and yeah I know she is in my corner for the crazy that's about to go down.

We got off at our stop about three blocks down and two blocks across where we needed to be, but that was okay. That's how I wanted it anyway because I had all of the hobos in my corner. I have been visiting out here since my mom allowed me to get on the bus alone.

One of the memories I had before I died besides all my nerd and geek info of the MCU and the DC universe was a movie called John Wick, it showed me the power one can have if they had the hobos and bums behind them. So at a very early age, I came out here on my own to feed them.

There was Alan, an old school Vietnam vet, Terry a millionaire on very tough times, since his wife took everything and then framed him for the rest that's what he says, but who knows with that one. And then there's Phil and a dozen others that like to hang around my warehouse of choice.

They all waved at me as I walked past the warehouse so far nothing seems wrong. I wonder if the items I ordered got here yet.

After I had gotten the positive results that I had the x gene I began my preparations. Since I have been saving up my allowance from way back. I had been using it to feed some of the homeless people around my warehouse. I had saved up a very nice pretty penny, with that I had ordered a box of about three-hundred packs of electro light saline solution with an IV drip and had the guys find a gurney frame for me and I replaced the bed on it.

I obtained the fluids my body was going to need, I had the x gene to bond with the speed force, and I had people to look over me while I communed with existence itself.

I was getting nervous, and my adrenaline was flowing because I knew that this was going to change everything. It had to work because if it didn't I was going to lose my shit. Besides the spider bites and let's be honest I don't even know if that's going to work with my genetic makeup, this is the easiest power to receive. You want chi you gotta plunge your hands inside the heart of a dragon, that and I have no way to make it to the Kun lun so that's out.

Save DR. Sterns and get the Hulk formula, yeah that's not gonna work cause I dont have the gamma gene to survive that exposure. How am I going to get behind and rescue the man with all the military around? So yeah that's a no go. And there is no way I can get my hands on Extremis virus for bodily improvements cause that would overheat me and make a man go boom real quick, and I have no clue how to get to AIM HQ.

So now here I am in a semi-abandoned warehouse surrounded by the hobos that I adopted and fed and they helped me by keeping this place clean from time to time.

"Okay guys move the bed over to that wall away from the skylight, and get the fire extinguishers ready, there is a good chance I'll cook before I recover if this works," I yelled out giving orders to my people. "Alan, do you mind looking after Gwen for me. She's the doc and you're her second in command, please, and thanks."

"Alrighty, then it's showtime!" I spoke hyping myself up for what comes next. I kissed Gwen and watched as she ran over to the rest of the group.

Alright I got this… yeah, I totally got this….. Then I spoke the words that every DC nerd and geek would know because how significant the equation is because for all those in the know it's the key to the speed force. For total access and this is going to change my life forever.

"3X2(9YZ)4A" Everything changed as my body felt as if something was slotted into my very being. I was frozen on the spot everything was silent but not just silent nothing was moving not even the particles in the air. Then a bolt of lightning came crashing down smacking me right in the chest over my heart and fuck did it feel like a jolt of the best espresso, around 100 million volts of nothing but pure pure energy from the speed force just for me. My very existence became painful. I didn't know where the pain ended and I started.

My entire nerves felt like they were on fire, but held on; I refused to go out like this after going this far. I refuse for my second chance to just end this way. I refuse it and I wouldn't accept anything other than success. Then everything went white.

"Hurry, Hurry get those fire extinguishers in there, I guess this is gonna work out for the kid after all" Allen stated while walking over to take a look at his little friend that's just far too stubborn for his own good. If this all goes sideways what's he gonna tell the kids parents?

"I didn't believe him when he said that he had a key, I thought it was just another of his little stories to get out of doing homework," Gwen whispered from her spot as she watched Ben being picked up from the ground he was laying on after being struck by lightning. How was he struck by lightning, the sky was clear, no static was in the air, how just how did it come to this. Gwen wondered and just how much more does he hide behind his goofy grin of his.

X Mansion

"Hmm!" A man in a silver wheelchair suddenly exclaimed in pain, his charcoal suit ruffled as he ripped the metallic helm from his head. Putting his bald head on display for all to see.

"Is everything alright professor?" Asked the lady who stood behind the control panel. Her shoulder-length white hair sways with each movement of her hips.

"Ororo, dear. Cerebro just sensed a very powerful new mutant manifesting his powers. It was just a moment, but I am certain that this individual is an omega class mutant, or possibly beyond. And that mutant is here in New York.

"They might be scared or worse, in danger right now. They probably won't have any control over their powers and that could result in disaster."

"Indeed Ororo, inform Logan. When the signature shows up again we will go and locate this mutant. I am hopeful he or she is still alive.

Ororo nodded to the professor's words, leaving to go update Logan on the situation. Another powerful mutant and one that could be omega class or beyond was as rare as they came. If they ever did.

Benjamin Blake

I didn't know where I was, but everything felt so familiar. It looked like a representation of the city, "Are these my memories?" I asked out loud. Then I felt it, a surge of energy so damn powerful my mind felt like it was going to be ripped in half. The lighting and its power came in waves and colors. Reds, Blacks, Greens, and Blues all manner of lightning came and forced their way into my body. All with one purpose to fill me with power, yet all that power was also ripping me apart.

I refuse to just die. I came this far. I used everything I had, I refuse to just die because my body can't handle it all.

With my refusal to die came my anger roaring to life. Then I grabbed the bolts, and then reality twisted. I could see everything inside and then reality morphed into any and all shapes that I wanted; the power was so intoxicating, but this is not what I wanted. I was in a mindscape not the outside. All this power had me trapped and it was trying to have its way with me.

And I refused it, this was summoned to do my bidding not the other way around. With green and black in one hand with red and blue in the other. I forced everything within my being, this was my mindscape no one had more power than me in my own mind. I was the alpha and the omega here and no shitty lighting bolt was going to rule me.

I forced it all into my core and my x gene came roaring to life and at that moment I knew I was going to win. Yet this was a fight that was not going to be over any time soon

Phantom pains started to assault my senses, but I held on, I would not lose this fight today. And as I fought and held on red and gold electricity arcs came forth from my body in my mind. It was working, my body was being re-made on a molecular level to allow the speed force to co-exist within my cells.

My muscles, my tendons, and my bones were all being rebuilt to use said powers. Just like that all that pain, all that power died down and I finally felt at peace.

When I woke up I was on the gurney facing the skylight. "Urgh, did anyone get the plates of the car that ran me over?" I groaned out for anyone to hear me.

I heard shuffling over on my right side as I sat up. Next thing I know I was being embraced by Gwen who had tears in her eyes. "Come on now Gwen I told you I was only going to be out for a little bit, didn't I?" I replied as she started to squeeze me tighter.

"Yeah, well kid, you were out for two days while you were all glowy, and such." answered Allen while slamming a ham sided hand onto my back.

"Oh well that's too bad then, I thought I was going to be out for much longer," I stated as I patted Gwen on her back.

"Please don't do that again, please don't do that again, the next time you do I'll kill ya for it you big lug." Gwen cried out at me as she had gotten over her own little tiff.

While they droned on and on in my ears about safety, I was juiced. I had just gotten dosed with one hundred million volts of lightning. And I was raring to go, my mind was buzzing with new ideas and thoughts I never knew possible. Just looking at a far off building I knew the velocity to go if I wanted to run straight up its surface. So much power at my fingertips and I could not wait just to cut loose and tell the world, I am here bitches! No one can catch the fastest man alive.

Yet the only thing in my way was an upset girlfriend named Gwen, and since this is the last day of our three day weekend, it's time to go out on a date. Man, I hope they have a cheesy comedy or a chick flick or anything to help get her off my case, but let's try something I always believe the Flash from the comics could do but never touched upon. I held up my hand and started to channel the speed force through it.

At first, my hand started to buzz like I was after phasing, but that wasn't what I wanted. I was going for something of a finer quality, something that was going to be my ultimate cheat. My body was getting used to being connected to the speed force, but the force gave me an aura around my body.

I was generating the aura on a subconscious level, this was one of the signs it was protecting me. Yet I had plans for this aura my body was slowly healing but if I was to channel the speed energy into my body, I should, in theory, speed up my healing.

Since I was just a regular human a while ago, my superhuman durability hasn't kicked in yet but with me channeling the energy I am positive I can accelerate my healing by a factor of 5 for my normal cell, which will, in turn, keep them in peak efficiency allowing me to avoid natural cellular atrophy.

See, that's what I'm talking about. I just thought of a way to heal my body faster and with perfect recall combined with my now enhanced mental process and the answer came to me without me even trying.

Let's take Gwen to the movies first chance I get. I am going running across the Brooklyn bridge at full speed then jump off the top.

Since am starting something fresh.

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Let's Keep Hope Alive.

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