Chapter 78
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Chapter 78

The Fastest Man Alive

By: BigToFu


Pandora Online    

Topic: Emperor Blake vs. Mephesto Analysis  

In: Boards Places Undisclosed System UPF INFINITY   

Cosmic Surfer (Original Poster) (Wiki Warrior)



Okay, is it me or did he just go all God-Emperor and use a black hole to give the devil a swirly? 



Impossible, black holes don't work that way, you plebe. Black holes are spherical in nature and runs on a 3, 4th and 5th dimensional principles. 



Yeah, well explain how that dude got dunked into it? 



Are we just gonna gloss over that thing bursting out of a FUCKING STAR! Like what the fuck is happening out in space. 



Ha! That foul demon met the might of our glorious Emperor!



Beastmaster and LaserNoob, try being in the same system as they throw around planet-busting powers. We had to evac a whole exploration team and almost lost another when the planet quaked. Not an earthquake, the PLANET QUAKED from the kind of power they were throwing around. Urgh, I need a nap. 


Rus Head Chef:

What a hand job!  Scared to see the tool behind it!



What the fuck is up with that black hole anyway. Blackholes normally break the known laws of physics at it's singularity. This one though, looks like it's breaking all of reality in every direction, not just it's center. 



Then it must also be glorious, granted none of the queens will tell me. 



*Face palm* Rus why would you open that door. 



So who was the moron that caused our Emperor to take on a High Demon or Demon Lord Class which caused a tragic loss of a whole star system? I’m grateful we are not swimming again in Invasion of our homeland or home worlds but someone seriously fucked up. I hope our Intel people find out who and punish them.



Benjamin Blake 


Delighted at the empire's expansion. 

Leaning back in my seat, I sipped at my lemonade and stared out the window as everyone chowed down around me. My Primarchs were mixed in with the Spartans and so were some of Yondu's Ravagers. Speaking of that blue bastard, he was seated a few tables down with Peter eating some vegetarian thing. He's lucky I allowed such sacrilege on my ships. 


Even if I don't believe in such things I didn't begrudge another person wanting to be a grass feeder. His sacrilegious meal aside, I was honestly more interested in Peter and that cosmic aura that slowly revolved around him. He would need training but only after I was finished with my break. 


Taking another sip from my lemonade, I let out a sigh as I watched the lush blues and greens of the planet below. Three new planets and they would all need new names once their relocations were over. Already plans on population expansion needed to be made to take advantage of our 2nd water world and other M-type planets. 


Even now with Sue hunting down any information she could squeeze from my scientists, I wasn't so sure in labeling the jungle world an M-type. It lacked the various biomes. Yet, even if that was the case, it did park a thought of expanding the Savage Lands to the planet. 


Honestly, a plan like that would need to be thoroughly planned out due to the types of Suar-lords and Lycans I would like to transfer over. Sigh, and that's not even including all the crops and herbs to feed the entire empire. With a shake of my head, I decided that it was time to get up. I could worry about all that later, right now it was time to put foot to ass. Wait sorry, training yes, it was time for Peter to learn how to control his powers. 


Walking over to the trash receptacle, I put my tray away before summoning Peter over with a flick of the wrist. 


“Ohh what the hell!” Yondu shouted in surprise as Peter flew out of his chair. Chuckling, I waved off the blue man even as I turned to give Peter the once over. 


“I do believe that it’s time for you to learn how to use your powers,” I spoke even as I gave Peter a little shake. Honestly, he was in his mid to early twenties and looked just as scraggly as Han Solo. 


Peter looked at me with clear confusion on his brows. “What powers? I don't have any powers”


I shrugged, “Yeah, that’s where you’re wrong.” Then I turned to his blue daddy. “You coming because it’s clear you know something, and I would rather we have this chat in a room that can handle combat instead of a chow hall.”


‘Tch, I don't know what you’re talking bout.” Yondu grumbled even as he followed along behind. My reply was just to hum even as I carried Peter along by the scruff of his neck. Catching one of the grav lifts, we got out and I led the way into one of the more spacious gyms. 


Walking into the locker rooms, I finally let Peter down and had one of the spartans take him and Yondu to get checked in. I wasn’t going to stress that they changed since I wasn’t really feeling like seeing some pasty blue legs. There wasn’t any stopping me from shuddering at such a thought, sigh the things that turn into oversights which were just logical conclusions when viewed at the right angle. 


Everyone loves space travel and wants to be a badass space merc but forget that wearing all those clothes,  armor and such a profession came with its own trade-offs. One of the major ones was the Sun and the vitamin D it provides for the body. Well, the one way most space jockeys got their daily dose was through pills but that doesn’t change the fact it was more of a bodily absorption in nature that kept your body from looking all pale and pasty. 


Ignoring the two as the spartan gave them the run-down on equipment, I went and got myself changed out of my Admiralty clothes and into something for training which came off as more warrior sheek and not paper pusher. While the two were busy, I let out a small sigh as I wiggled my twos in the grass pitch enjoying the feel of soil. 


They called me a mad man, but even they couldn’t complain at how high the morale of the crew stayed once they learned of the available amenities on each of my super-carriers. I might be a super-powered asshole at times, but even I knew to pay attention to the human condition. Paying attention was why real water was offered and recycled on my ships, But also mini-parks could be found with real soil and solar lamps overhead. Even if there was a massive plasteel window to look at the planet down below. You were still allowed that connection as you had real, not artificial grass underneath your feet. 


As the two finished, I let wisps of energy flow from my fingertips illuminating them in a golden and red glow. Bringing my hands together, I then created a baseball for what I knew would scratch a little fatherly bonding urge between him and Yondu. I could already tell that I shouldn't spend too much time over here since a little miss stuck up decided she wanted to tag along. 


Holding the baseball in one hand, I waved the two over even as I ignored the glances that Yondu was shooting my way. Letting out a snort, I just shrugged at the blue man because eventually, Peter would have to know and well. It was better that Peter could defend himself instead of going into Ego’s lair like a scrub and getting wasted. 


I might be running sky high with my Marvel meta combined with my paranoia and setting up pre-emptive traps and backup plans for shit, but I knew eventually something had to give. Someone was going to die soon with the way Marvel dealt with shit and I refused to sit by and let  it be one of mine. 


Quill stepped onto the grass and I threw him the ball of energy to catch, which he did but it of course dissipated in his hands after a second or two. 


Peter stuttered as he looked at the motes of light phasing through his fingers. “What the whaa?” 


I sighed, “Okay, this might be alot worse than I thought.” I muttered because I really didn't think that he would suck that much. Urgh, my own cute kids were able to do this no problem at all back on Earth.


“Ohh, what was that?” Peter asked, looking from me to Yondu and back again. 


In return, I shrugged at him. “It's something simple really.”


The look they both gave me screamed lost, but that was alright. I should have done it like in the military, keep it simple for stupid people.


Clearing my throat, I gathered my thoughts and then began, “We are gonna play catch. Takes quick reaction and energy projection to work.” From there I went into how to project the energy from inside of you to the outside and a few minor things that would be easy for someone at his zero level to do. 


“What?” Peter asked and it was clear that he was lost. Pinching the bridge of my nose, I really couldn't believe that this is the guy who turns into such a badass in both the comics and movies. Damn, this dunder head was really a true underdog to the core. “Okay, I’ll be honest I didn't catch any of that. Was thinking about being He-Man and you being my Sorcerer.”




Yeah, I couldn't help it and gave him the infamous Uchiha grunt because damn. It was clear that no one curbed any of his thinking growing up and the smile from Yondu was enough. 


So instead of dwelling in the bullshit, I shook my head and ignored Hela’s sneer at Peter. Releasing another sigh, I waved a hand. 


“Okay, let's keep things simple.” I told him and watched as he squared his shoulders. “I’ll put the energy together and it's gonna be up to you to feel and stabilize it.”


Creating the ball of energy again, I then tossed it to Yondu. “Right now, I’m stabilizing it. Now Yondu throws it to Quill, and Peter you feel the energy and keep it stable.”


“Hey, why did you throw it at Yondu first?” Peter asked with an affronted look on his face.


My reply started with a grunt, “Because he's your daddy, I figured since he taught you about space ships, took you in and brought you to your first skin house.” I shrugged at the smile Yondu shot Peter as he shuddered at the memory and how awkward I was making things for him.  


Yondu turned and gave Peter that snaggle smile of his, “Come on boy, you got dis.”


Gotta admit, it was a fucking shit show and a half.  Yondu was doing that weird underhand throw as if he was throwing to a infant and Peter just kept fucking it all up. There honestly was no hiding the grimace on my face and I was really thinking that my time could be better spent somewhere else. 


All of that changed though after like the sixth failed attempt at playing catch with super powered energy manipulation styled dynamics. I stayed rooted in my spot, back against the plasteel wall as Yondu called Peter closer to his location. Of course being the bastard that I was, I listened in.  


“Look boy, you need to stop trying so hard now, it aint that hard.”  Yondu spoke with a hand on Peter’s shoulder. 


Peter of course scoffed at him, “Easy for you to say.”


Yondu’s response was to do what all frustrated parents do when their kids sass the hell out of them or raise the frustration levels so high. All it would take to vent was one good smack, but instead Yondu gripped the air with a claw of frustration that I understood all too well. 


“Liten boy, this right here is ya yakka arrow, ya dig. And when I use my arrow, I don't use my head. I use my heart.” Yondu replied as he tapped a fist against Peter’s chest. “Remember those shooting lessons when you were a squirt, don’t think it, feel it.” 


Well, I’ll be damn, the man actually gave some good fucking advice.


Then walking a little bit away, Yondu turned around to face Quill once more. “Now, come on boy, show me ya got heart.”  The blue man gave me a look and I acquiesced by tossing a lazy overhand energy sphere for him to catch. 


Standing at the side, I watched as Yondu talked Peter through it again before throwing the ball with a slow under hand. It honestly looked like going to your kids' very first pewee sport and I chuckled at the thought of Yondu getting into a shouting match with some soccer mom over a foul. 


This time Peter actually caught the ball as he certainly did something right since it didn't dissolve into motes of light. 


"ohh! Ohh! " 


"Dats right boy!" 


"Hahaha! I did it!" Peter shouted with clear excitement on his face. 


The excitement didn't last as Peter went to throw it back, but he forgot before the ball even got half way to Yondu, it destabilized. Had to admit that I wasn't expecting him to pick it up that quickly, well maybe after doing this for a day or two, not within the same day, but that's alright. I could definitely work with this. 


Yondu turned towards me with a grin, “That's my boy right there.” 


Shaking my head at them, I just tossed over another one of the energy spheres which allowed them to get back at it. Raising a hand, I waved over one of my spartans and gave her commands to help the two jack rabbits. Shaking my head and walking away from the two. I stopped by the weapons rack and grabbed two of the weighted training swords with blunted edges. 


Twisting around, I threw it towards the left side of the room. The training blade spun four times before it was snatched out of the air by its pummel. Nodding at the lurker, I turned and made my way towards one of the sparring rings.


Standing in a loose stance, I had the point of my sword lightly resting on the soil of the arena as I waited, muscles coiled for action. As Hela stepped onto the field, battle grade shields shimmered to life to keep what ever happened here inside of the arena from affecting everything outside.  


Shifting weight from one foot to the next, I smiled at her, “Lets see what other skills you have other than lurking in the shadows.”


Instead of speaking, Hela returned my smirk with lidded eyes even as she gave the practice sword a few swings. “Yes, let's test your metal…” Then within the span of a blink, Hela was on me, sword aimed at my neck. 


With a half step backward, the sword whiffed past my neck. Stepping into her personal space, I gave her a smirk before delivering an open palm kidney strike so nasty it sent her reeling. Hela took two steps back even as her sword arm came up to smash me in the head with the pommel of the sword. 


Rolling my eyes at her blatant attempt to cause malicious harm, I dodged around that and then raised my own blade to block as she performed a smooth S-styled change upon me, now it was on. From the left, block, the right block, parry the overhead and then shoulder check her once she stepped into my personal space. 


I let out a solid ‘HA!’ at her attempt to get in close, then showed her the difference in strength as I sent her flying into the boundary walls. Her hair was cast about wildly and she was clearly hurting from that, but the shift in stance once more spoke of her not wanting to face once more in a bout of strength. 


“RRRRAAAGGGHHH!!” Hela bellowed even as her after image vanished fifty feet away from me. Side-stepping the slash, I brought my free hand around once more to punish the opening, but found a green blade trying to pierce my palm. 


With a snort, the summoned dagger was slapped away from between us. Twisting my own blade around, I locked against Hela’s, then raised a leg to stop the cheap shot. Pushing her away, I brought my sword back around and sparks flew as we traded blows for a time. 


For Hela and I, it was clear that I wasn't as proficient with the blade as she was. Yet, even as she summoned another blade and started to go at me with dual style, I kept her at bay with just my speed and learning curve alone. Keeping just outside of my reach, Hela danced around me with a flurry of blows, none ever truly connecting.


Bringing my sword up once more to block, Hela surprised me by vanishing the summoned blade in hand. Then with a step lunge, she came in hard with the practice sword aimed at my throat. The blade was mere millimeters from my throat, her eyes glinted hard in savage glee with anticipation of my defeat. 


She wasn't prepared for the arm that snaked through her defense, gripping her by the throat. I slammed Hela into the far wall of the training room, the boundary shields shattering never being able to withstand a true fraction of my powers. 


“You will cease your attempts upon my life,” I growled at her as we hovered twenty feet in the air and I kept her pinned against the wall. Instead of replying, a leg flew upwards aiming for my chin with the heel. Pulling back just enough to make sure she neither smashed my nuts nor face in, I grabbed Hela’s calf and followed it along before pushing the leg next to her head. 


Removing my hand from her throat, I caught both hands and pinned them above her head. Instead of holding her by the wrist, I smacked the two blades from her hands before entwining our fingers. It was clear that she had no clue what lewd hand-holding was even as she snarled at me. 


“Unhand me you savage.” 


Quirking a brow, I smirked at her, “No, I don't think I will.”


Hela growled once more even as she flexed her powers which caused some of the metal to buckle underneath the pressure. “You will pay for this.”




“The only one that's going to pay for anything will be you with that ass of yours if you keep acting this way,” I replied even as I grind myself against her. “You can either calm the fuck down or find yourself back on that planet. The deal was a soul for a soul, but that doesn’t mean I have to deal with your ungrateful ass.” I growled back as I released Hela and took a step back. “I don’t need you or the link to Asgard that you come with.”


A hand went to message her throat even as she took a defensive stance and posture. “You would throw away such a powerful ally?”


Rolling my eyes, I turned to walk away, “We’re not allied, and I don’t need Asgard.” 


Walking out, I never looked back as I hit the showers, once I was cleaned, I then found myself in my office at a terminal looking over ultrasound images. Raven’s and Sue’s pregnancy was rapidly progressing and I can’t lie and say that I wasn't surprised. 


Sue was having a set of twins while Raven was having a boy, not just any boy. No, Raven was having a baby boy that she wanted to name Kurt. For a moment in time, my brain blue screened and then took far too long if I wanted to be honest on rebooting. Then once I had gotten over my initial shock, I remembered that a Kurt didn't exist in this universe and I couldn't find one anywhere across Germany with blue skin that could teleport. The reason why I didn’t find him was that I was about to be his daddy. 


There was no way to mistake that tail in the ultrasound at all. Now, that was a conversation I could have not had with Rave. No way in hell was I about to toss her away with my kid. Shit, not when that kid was about to be a super-powered teleporter. He was going to be far more trouble than I could ever imagine and a downright nightmare anywhere that wasn't in my Empire.  


If Raven's naming convention threw me for a loop, Sue tossed my expectations out the damn window when I found out that she was not only having twins but had already decided on names for the boy and girl. 


Sitting in front of the holo-image, I couldn't help but ask, “WHY!?”


“What do you mean why?” Sue asked with a huff even as one hand rubbed over her swollen stomach. “The names are cute and your mother agrees with me. Plus, I thought you would like the name Franklin, Ben and Johnny like it and it's the same name as your grandfather. And there is nothing wrong with naming our daughter Valeria.”


There were moments in which I wondered what my life has become, especially now as I was about to become the father of Powerhouse and Brainstorm. I honestly never saw this shit coming, and I knew that Marvel was getting a real kick out of this. How do I even explain that we were about to have a super baby on the omega scale with a super genius level twin? 


Really the super baby was the easiest of the two to deal with, it was the super genius one that I was more worried about. If she grew up and got into pranking, the kinda hell she could unleash would just straight up be biblical. Powers come and go, but smarts… smarts could break reality. 


Holding up two hands in surrender, I made calming motions, “I didn't say that I didn't like it, I was just asking why is all?”


“Don’t mind him, Sue, he is being weird,” Mystique spoke with a sniff. “He asked me the same foolish question with a look of surprise when I told him about little Kurt.” 


Okay, now I had to pinch the bridge of my nose because it was clear that they were waiting for me to fall into this trap.


“Alright, alright, the names are fine,” I replied with a huff and acted as if I didn’t notice either of their smiles. “Anyway, before we were sidetracked, can I count on you to get the biomes and ecosystem cataloged once we return to the SOL system?”


“You don’t even need to ask,” Sue replied with a smile even though she didn’t push away the ultrasound pictures.


“Alright, I’ll see you both in five hours,” I replied before saying my goodbyes and closing down my terminal. Getting out of my office, I went to the bridge so I could take in the situation. Stepping out of the elevators, I waved the two guards away as I stepped into the CIC.


Instead of talking with Laskey, I went around and did my own data gathering to get a handle on the situation before he could either drip feed it or filter what I wanted to know. From what I could gather, two out of the three planets were properly covered with the shroud lances and ready for teleportation. From what I could tell, the third planet was only a quarter of the way covered and at the pace we were going. They would be done in less than three hours allowing us a free hour to run a test before teleporting everything to their destinations. 


Since I didn't need to micromanage the Captain, I turned to leave even as I left parting words to keep me posted. Checking my omni, I found the Primarch that I was looking for, Elijah. I could only sigh, because I don’t even know where we went wrong with him. Elijah was way into the whole God-Emperor of mankind bit since he somehow got his hands on Warhammer lore. That was alright until Johnny and Tony decided to corrupt him.  


It also doesn’t help that he kept spouting crap about getting the heavy flamer and purging them in holy fire. I was really starting to put my mind to finding either a brood colony or one of their hive worlds. Coming to a stop outside of one of the gyms, I could already hear him. 


“And then I said Demon, ass or tits,” Elijah’s bombastic voice came through reinforced bulkhead doors. “And by the grace of the EMPEROR himself…. that little bastard said FEET!!


I pinched the bridge of my nose, really Stan Lee, where did I go wrong with this one. 


Author's Note :


Trying something new with a little PHO light which would be Pandora Online.

Also, damn Hela, what you doing girl. 

Super babies, Ben’s gonna need a lot of help with that one. 

New Primarch is in the house and he is sure going to be an interesting one. Tony and Johnny corrupted him by the flesh. He has seen the holy ways and shall not be swayed. 


Sooooo, three brand new planets, any names? Leave a comment below. 

We have an M-type jungle world. 

Another water world

And finally an Ice world