Fly Away, O’ Sparrow – Part 4
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“Hmmph… snot bastard! If that’s how its, I shall foil the fruit of your hard work!” Lei charged with her hair and nails thrusting right at Sophia. Meanwhile Sophia could only look. She didn’t have time to yell in front of incoming death…

Suddenly a man shouted, “I'm still around!" His Crescent Firebolt almost severed Lei’s both hands, even her body.

Unwilling to incur any loss, Lei was forced to divert her attack towards Sophia, to block that fire attack with an ice shield. The firebolt made a little scratch upon Goddess Lei's blueish skin, pushing her several paces back.

A man with his fire-charged sword pointed. His body was adorned in thick, flaming aura. When he entered attacking distance, he began to swung his sword to all directions furiously, with the patterns of his move, Phoenix Fire Wings.

Nepathya evaded and blocked Reyl’s attack with her ice shield and needle hair. And then she kept a distance and said, “Reyl, you recover very fast. Is that your love for Sophia that ignited your spirit? It’s no use, young man, since you will meet your end in my hands. Consider it a honor for the four of you to be the offering for the rise of the Goddess of the New Era.”

On the other hand, the man who was recently recovered from Crylionel’s influence instead increased his speed and spirit. He moved like a dancing phoenix.

“I have heard everything during your transformation. Even if you have freed me from that cursed pendant, I still won’t let your plan goes through!’ Reyl kept swinging his sword repeatedly on Goddess Lei’s left hip. Once again, blue blood sprayed.

Ignoring her own pain, Nei kept stabbing her nails and hair on her foe. Reyl thudded far away and slumped on the crystal floor.

Just then, the goddess looked at her surroundings. Then  she looked up to the ceiling while forcing a laugh. “Is there none of you who can stand against me? Where is your previous confidence? You four are a bunch of boasters! Let alone be my generals, you don’t deserve to be my hair lices! And just like lices I will crush you one by one!”

 “Oh great, now we’re lices. For your information, half-assed goddess! As long as they’re still breathing, even lices can bite deep!"

Aghast, Lei turned her gaze towards the source of that insolent voice. Declan the cleric has already stood up, he glared back while pointing his trident. Sophia followed suit on the other side. The more she was underestimated, the more it motivates her. Her stare was fiery.

“Do not underestimate youthful spirit. The more you push us, the more you torment us, the stronger we will become,” Maven responded. Her daggers were ready at hand.

Even Reyl stood up again. Once again, the thick fire aura was wrapping over his body.

“Is that so?” mocked The Heir of Frei Val’shka, her crystal eye glowed sharply. “Then I shall destroy you, so you will die like that frost dragon. Feel the strongest among the strongest of spells, the spell that once brought an end to the world, Frozen Doomsday!”

As she said that, Lei's entire hair up to her scalp began to look like a blue sun in the middle of the day. Her both hands were extended. From the crystal walls emanated the energy wave that gathered around her hair and nails.

Understanding the signs, Declan immediately turned around running towards Rytsaried's hardened body. He shouted, “Quick, guys! We must hold her down here! Let's join our forces!"

Sophia shouted back, “Why here? Should we just flee towards a safe distance?" She was standing beside Declan.

Reyl positioned himself beside the cleric. “No, Sophia. If we run, she’ll chase after us. We will endanger Bangor and Tobar who were still dealing with other enemies. Let’s follow Declan’s way!”

“You’re right! Channel your energy into me. Let’s hope this tactic will succeed.” Declan nodded.

Maven’s two hands were put on Declan's shoulders. “Everything will depend on you now, Dec!”

A streak of green energy flowed out of Maven’s body, entering through Declan’s shoulders. So did Reyl’s red streak and Sophia’s blue. The stream of white energy became larger and larger. The cleric’s hair was undone of its tie, unraveled and fluttering as if being swept by a great storm. Declan held onto his magical trident in perpendicular against Rytsaried’s stiff back. His face was tence and his eyes were popping out.

 “J O K L G A E A N O S !”  The goddess casted her spell.

At the same time, Declan shouted, “Summa Omnigalatr!” A dome of clear light encompassed over the four warriors.

Meanwhile on the other hand, the power of divine ice in the shape of a giant energy sphere were raised high above Lei's hands. The vortex accelerated and then exploded, accompanied by a massive boom. Not only that, the explosion also spread high speed shock wave across the chamber, carving new craters upon the crystal walls already broken in the previous great battles. The ground shook like a quake, even the giant corpse of Rytsaried got shredded and beheaded.

As the wave of the ice explosion collided with Absolute Protective Field, the cracking sound could be heard.

“Uugh… I must... hold it back! Use... more strength!” Declan’s hands were shaking greatly, trying to keep his trident straight. The veins in his face could be faintly seen.

On the other hand, shockwave after shockwave stroke repeatedly and continuously. The cracking sound grew more often and louder…

“I’m set, guys!” Maven tightened her grip upon Declan’s shoulder. She trampled on the ground as hard as she could.

The Absolute Protective Field spell finally crumbled, accompanied by loud cracking of shattering crystal. Only the heroes' respective protective auras remained as the last defense against the attacking divine power.

Strangely enough, Maven suddenly vanished. Has she been consumed by destructive energy?

The next moment, a rain of thrusts landed all over Lei’s body. It disrupted her magic, which turned into explosion that catapulted herself backwards. Just then, Maven showed herself again. She landed on her knees on the ground. Apparently Maven used the forbidden technique that she had stolen from the Viperwolves, the Shadowless Wolf.

Seeing the goddess still standing, Reyl shouted, “Everyone, counter attack!”