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Ankh: The Vadisian Religion crest representing light, faith, goodness and love. The figure is similar to Vadis who extends his hands, embracing anyone who comes into the Way of Light. The mark and term are derived from ancient Ankhra civilization and religion during the Age of Ancients.

Arcadia: The empire on the west of Aurelia Continent, with Myrcalia as its capital city.

Bank, Melchior: An organization dealing in stashing money and goods in every city, with a continent-wide network. It applies magic and becomes the root of modern banking. Uniquely, this bank uses magic so the client can access his account in all the branches. The founder is Melchior Weinervalt, a legendary wizard and alchemist.

Baron: The lowest noble rank, usually held by mayors or landlords in feudal government system.

Monastery, St. Ambrosius’: A large monastery transformed from a castle, built on top of a hill on the center of Redne as a center of worship, orphanage and the center of Vadisian Religion pioneered by Saint Ambrosius.

Bouvignon: An honorable noble house in Redne.

Centaur: Half-man, half-horse creatures living in forests or mountains.

Crylionel: The Ice Spirit Necklace, a present from Sophia to her boyfriend, Reyl. The necklace has magical powers to warm the body in the cold, cool the body in the heat, protection from ice and fire spells, also a mysterious power.

Elf: A human-like magic race, distinguishable by their pointy ears. Elves can live for centuries with a preserved youth, but not immortal. Generally, elves are very agile and use magic to do many things. The elf race has several sub-races including wood elf, high elf, night elf, dark elf, wind elf and water elf.

Escudia: A kingdom in the western peninsula of Aurelia Continent. Its name is derived from one of the most legendary and precious commodity of that land, that is the rare metal called Escudo, or in another name, Mythril.

Gavial: Anthropomorphic crocodiles who can use weapons fairly masterfully. They usually live on marshlands. A number of them also live around Mordsgard Caverns.

Golem, Crystal: The Crystal Palace guardians, human-like crystal puppets animated by human souls embedded in them.

Golem, Obsidian: Also called the "black rock men", the black  crystal puppets with intelligence and conscience, not zombies. 

Gracia Vadis: A three-pronged spear or trident, one of the superior weapons for Vadisian clerics, priests or healers. It helps strengthen healing magic, protection magic and contains the holy energy to strengthen the attack or defense skills appropriate to this.

Guild: A party or organization or company that represents certain kind of people. For example, there are guilds for hunters, thieves, mages, merchants, craftsmen etc, formed for business or a certain cause.

Halethia: A kingdom on the eastern Aurelia Continent, a part of Regia Confederation. Its capital is Lu Vazr.

Handelburg: A trading town in Borgia Kingdom, near the eastern border of Arcadia Empire.

Harpy: Creatures with the size of a human child, with the head and upper body of a woman and wings and lower body of a bird. They can fly very fast and their talons can rip flesh and break bones.

Hornet: A hornet is a giant bee. Beware of its spear-like sting.

Imp: An imp is a bat-winged monkey-like devil with a long, beak-like snout. It hops instead of walking, a poor flyer yet very ferocious. There are several kinds of imps, the most notorious one being the infernal imps with fire-colored skins. 

Joklfrey: The White Forest in Val'shka which is covered in snow all year long.

Joldin: One of the three deified by the dwarves of Grad. Joldin is the god of prosperity and fortune. Two other deitifed heroes are Ulric the god of war and Thurlam the god of power.

Catacombs: The underground graves or caverns used to store corpses, preserved or not.

Crystal, Alluvium: Color: white. Whoever touches this crystal will be quickly healed from wounds and diseases.

Crystal, Archivelium: Color: seven colors of a rainbow. This crystal is forged along with metals to strengthen and/or lighten those metals, also is reinforced with other materials.

Crystal, Arsenium: Color: orange. Poisons the holder.

Crystal, Crylium: Color: blue. Has various magical powers. See "Crylionel Necklace".

Crystal, Cumlaudium: Color: purple. When holding it, the holder becomes incredibly brilliant instantly.

Crystal, Goleminum: Color: red. This crystal can animate the inanimate object by filling it with human soul. That new creature, the golem thus uses Golemium as its eye and heart.

Crystal, Gravitium: Color: pink. A levitation crystal, it defies gravity. Generally used as a moving platform, it can be enchanted into a vehicle.

Crystal, Halizeum: Color: green. A magic crystal that is an antidote of almost all poisons.

Crystal, Malevium: Color: aquamarine. A magical crystal that can transfer energy and life force, created by Frei Val'shka as a device for her ressurection into a new body.

Crystal, Thaumaturvium: Color: yellow. With blood as a mixture material, this crystal can turn any creature into a monster with physical features derived from the blood absorbed into that crystal. Most likely Udmelekh is one of the results of Thaumaturvium transformation.

Dwarf: A short humanoid race, they usually grow bushy beards so they don't look too chubby or stupid. Their little, bulky body and rather slow movement is compensated with an extraordinary physical stamina and endurance.

Evil Eyes: A monster with the shape of a giant eyeball more than ten times larger than a human's eye. a pair of tiny bat wings on top of its body makes it fly slow. Its attack is to shoot a destructive black ray bolt at its target.

Minotaur: Also called Taurens, they have a human body and a bull or a cow's head. They have a slight superiority in terms of power and intelligence compared to humans.

Mordsgard: A mountain range in southeast Halethia, with two legendary sites, the Griffin Cliff and the Cave of Monsters.

Frost Dragon: The blueish-white dragon with sparkling ice-crystal-like scales. It is a bit larger than Udmelekh, and can shoot a massive frost wave from its mouth. Its tremendous power earned it the nickname, "Queen of the White Forest".

Parthenia: A republic in the south-eastern Aurelia peninsula. Parthenia is a center of civilization, culture, science and education. Its capital city is Kyrios.

Phoenix: An immortal bird which uses the fire elemental energy that envelopes its whole body while attacking or angry, or in some cases, all the time. Phoenix is considered immortal because if it dies, it was spontaneously combusted into ash and a phoenix fledgling will be born from that ash.

Redne: A city on the eastern part of Arcadia Empire, near the border with Borgia. Redne is one of the centers of Vadisian Religion in the Continent of Aurelia.

Rosary, Saint Ambrosius’: A sacred relic with the form of ankh, the crest of Vadisian Religion. It is said to have magical powers to protect the wearer from devils and the undead and forces the wearer to tell the truth whenever asked.

Satyr: A creature with human head and torso, plus the lower body and feet of a goat. It can be very cheerful but also very agressive and lustful.

Dire Wolf: A rabid, larger-than normal wolf with all-white fur. If not dwelling in cold-climate places, its fur is not white and not very thick.

Currency System: As per convention, the Continent of Aurelia adopts a single, unified currency system called Geine, derived from the name of one of the greatest heroes in Everna, Lesnar Geine. The forms are in coins minted in Valanis, which are distributed among all kingdoms and empires in Aurelia. The currency unit names are: zenny for bronze coin worth one geine each, florin for silver coin worth ten geines each, crown for gold coin worth one hundred geines each, galleon for platinum coin worth one thousand geines each, arthium for crystal plate worth ten thousand geines each.

Cleric: A job that is a combination between a priest, a healer and a warrior. Specializes in healing and protection magic, as well as martial arts.

Viperwolves: This gang consists of robbers, thieves, bandits and assassins. Based in Redne, the Viperwolves are notoriously known for their cruelty, toughness and cunning. They almost never let their victims alive.

Wendigo: A humanoid monster with thick fur all over its body and a neckless head that is as if buried into its shoulders. Its fur is like a stab-proof vest that can also absorb blows and deflects ice and water magic spells.

Yggdrasil: The tree of life, the source of supernatural energy of nature rooted at the center of Evanesta, Thyrine.

Zaburyvostok: The crystal mine that transforms into the Eternal Crystal Palace, the former stronghold of the Ice Goddess, Frei Val'shka.

Zerumata: The giant eye monster that can shoot a sharp ray from its single eye. It has rows of long, dagger-like claws on its hands and feet.

Undead: The undead is a classification of creatures of death and darkness including zombies, skeletons, ghosts, etc. whose spirits dwell inside natural bodies, whether intact, rotting or just skeletons, or spirits that haunt.


Cast of Characters


Maven Istravel

As a very young orphan elf girl raised among humans, her behavior doesn’t differ from the girls her age. She is cheerful quick, naïve, and tends to be sensitive. She cries when she wants to cry, laugh when she wants to laugh, even shows courage when situation calls for it.


Reyl Adelant

Reyl is a teen who is becoming an adult, forged by his struggle as an independent travelling merchant. He looks at the world coldly, without much willingness to interact with people even though he possesses the appropriate charisma and attractiveness for it.


Sophia Wellss

Comfortable with a handsome lover and a capable magic instructor, this witch girl chooses to spend most of her time to learn from her teacher, Nepathya Lei rather than building a firmer relationship with Reyl.


Declan Pervius

Truth be told, Declan doesn’t mind to be always thought as a ‘brother’ by Maven when they are once raised together in Saint Ambrosius Monastery. However, after they part ways for years and meet again, Declan begins to grow an attraction for Maven, his foster sister.


Nepathya Lei

Lei is a woman who has to give up her beauty due to an accident. She then becomes a magic instructor for Sophia, for seeing a great potential in that girl. Strangely enough, Lei sometimes seems to be obsessed to match Reyl with Sophia.


Nigel DiMessina

Nigel is a wandering cleric who later stays in Saint Ambrosius Monastery to raise and teach Maven. It turns out that his most gifted student is Declan.


Calhoun Cavendier

Like a wolf, Calhoun, the leader of the Viperwolves appears and almost always behaves wildly. Only his love for his wife, Theana LaSalle that enables him to restrain himself as a foster father for Maven.


Theana LaSalle

Femme Fatale, a fighter and vice leader of the Viperwolves has long been craving to become a mother, because she doesn’t had any child with her husband, Calhoun. Eventually, Theana showered her motherly feelings upon Maven, without forgetting to educate Maven harshly like a professional bandit she is.


Croac le Toadt

The resemblance of Croac’s appearance to a frog, as well as his occasionally harsh behavior gives the impression that this mayor of Redne is a cruel tyrant. In fact he is a father and a husband who strives to do his role in the best way he can.


The Author and a Word of Thanks

Andry Chang is a pilgrim in authorship since 2005. Aside from his everyday life as an entrepreneur, a husband and a father of one, he always makes time to write, draw or developing games. He continues to hone his skills and never gives up, resulting in his published multimedia works.

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