13.I Agree
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She looks so smug. Does she think that just because her relationship is better Michael will be interested in her romantically? No! I have spent my entire life learning how to be a lady. What is Michael thinking? She has no place here. I am just counting down the days until she leaves. 

“It is good to see you.” I refuse to admit that she looks pretty in dresses. I have worked my hardest to ensure that her stay here is hell. All the maids have followed my instructions to the letter. Cold meals, rather small meals, unkempt clothes, cold bath water. 

Luca has told me that my methods weren’t going to win Michael over but I don’t care. I already have a bad relationship with him, how can it get any worse?  “Do not mind me, I am merely reading a letter from my father.” 

“Ah, the chancellor. Interesting fellow, he has done much for the country.” 

“You do not dislike him?” I narrow my eyes on her. She has disliked me from the start and so I assumed she didn’t like my father. She is on Michael’s side. “I find that surprising.” 

“He and Samuel, the previous emperor, did much for country. The country was... a backwater place in terms of technological advancement.” I nod my head. From what I can tell this is true but if she thinks my father is doing good why is she helping Michael? “He is too powerful. Only the crown should hold all that power, every time power has escaped the crown’s grasp Arria has fallen into disaster after disaster.” 

“I agree.” 

“Oh?” She doubts me but she doesn’t understand. My children are destined for the throne, why would I support a position having more power than them? All I want is for my father to be safe and sound after he is taken down a notch. “Let us make a deal.” 

“A deal?” 

“Yes, a deal. You stop these petty attacks and I will give you some information on Michael.” She smiles at me. While it is tempting to just spit on her the information is too good. I nod my head in response. “Perfect. Do you know why Michael hates your father?” 


“From what I have gathered it is because he beat him. Something about beating the devil out of him. If it was just him seizing power then I doubt Michael would have cared.” I know dad was religious but him and Michael’s father were friends. Beat the devil out of his friend’s son? “Oh... have you ever asked Michael on his relationship with his father?” 


“Well... it is important to understand him as a person. You should go ask him.” She just grabs her cup and begins drinking her tea. She is not lady-like but that isn’t important at the moment. 

I get up and rush to his study. I have never thought to ask him about his past but all sorts of scenarios are playing out in my head and each is worse than the last. Luca looks like he is about to stop me but I glare at him before entering the study. 

“Yes?” Michael looks up and I realize that I didn’t really think about what I would say or ask when I was face to face with him. Why would he tell me about his father? I swallow but Michael just continues to look at me. 

“I- I was wondering about your father.” 

“Hm? He was the devil.” He says before looking back at his paper work. He just casually told me his father was the devil. Does he want to elaborate on that? Before I can say anything more he continues. “He openly disliked me but since he didn’t sire any more children and I was his only heir he couldn’t just kill me. He did occasionally beat me. I was glad when the old bastard kicked the bucket.” 

“Why? Why did he hate you?” 

“He blamed me for my mother’s death. She died giving birth to me and he was madly in love with her.” I feel tears threaten to fall down my face. I can’t imagine what it was like growing up hated by everybody he knows. “Of course, I never really understood it growing up but now that I have read his diary, I understand...” 

He continues on but I can’t register the rest. I simply mindlessly walk over to him and hug him. He shuts up and is completely still. I might be crying because I can’t see anything. My entire vision has become blurry. 

Even if the whole world hates him, I will be there for him. Even if I am the only one to love him, I am willing to take the burden. More than willing, I want to. 


While Isabella is hugging me, I can only see an image from my past. A woman with long White hair and Red eyes standing in a field of roses. She smiles at me warmly before handing me a rose. 

“Why hello, my name is Rosa De Alle.”

A/N: Welp, I was completely freaking out. We had no internet connection when I woke up today and since everything was on my computer I couldn't get the chapter stuff. Was literally planning to bring my laptop to the college and upload it there. Which would have totally sucked cause I do a quite a bit of walking to get there.

This might be the only chapter today since I both work and have classes, if I do finish a second chapter later on today I will totally post it. As for the past events... I think I have given you guys enough pieces that you know what happened to Michael while he was growing up. For any one of you guys wondering about my naming scheme I have one explanation:

I totally suck at names! The theme is medieval names but all the emperor's have names from archangels, kinda fitting for their theme. Can you guys guess the first emperor's name? We learn it next chapter.