15.The Peace Shall End
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“Nathaniel Hudson, what is your take on the siege?” William Asherton asks me. I just look up at the mess of a castle. The Arrian’s have tried to improve on the design but the windows are too large, the walls are too narrow and the wall is rather short. They were clearly designed to make it so the native Rien population would have a hard time rebelling. 

“Despite them digging trenches we still have the advantage. It won’t take much to knock down the walls and enter inside. I give it about a month... no make that two, the Arrians will refuse to surrender.” William nods his head at my assessment. I feel glad to have pleased him. 

The place should hardly be considered a castle. It seems more like a palace built for scenic view rather than projecting power. No wonder the Arrians took the area in such a short time. After the battle I wouldn’t mind heading out to the lake and taking a swim. 

“I cannot wait to remove the Arrian flag from the castle.” The problem isn’t taking back Aveven, it is taking Arria. Each Arrian castle within the Fialiano was designed to put the defender at a great advantage. Almost as if the Arrian’s had sculpted them into the mountains themselves. “I do have to question their leadership, I thought Arrian’s had the best military in the world?” 

“They haven’t properly studied Arrian military thought and strategies. In comparison I have.” I look at him in surprise. Those books I was reading were Arrian? But they were too logical, they lacked any kind of fanaticism. “Traditional Arrian warfare breaks down to one idea, slowly wear down your opponent. Minimize personal loses while maximizing the amount the enemy loses.” 

“Haha!” I laugh at the irony. They are losing to their own tactics! I cannot wait to return home in victory. “Then we shall continue to starve them out. They can hardly have any amount of food stored away since they only recently took over the land.” 

“I agree, food or supplies matter little. We must conserve our manpower since we are so far away from home.” We cannot risk breaks in unity by mixing in Aveven troops. William takes a drink out of his water flask. His jewel like eyes oversee more than the simple castle. I see him planning out the future. 

Victory is assured so long as we follow him. The previous Emperors were too stuck up and noble, William seems more like a soldier than an emperor to me. But that doesn’t matter, his identity doesn’t matter. I would follow him to wherever he leads me. 

“How is your son and daughter doing, have they sent you a letter?” 

“Ha, I think my son may hate me.” I frown, I hardly ever hear William sigh. How could his own son hate him? William clearly cared about his family, what could have caused the rift? “I was never very good at paperwork. He seems to think I have abandoned him and perhaps I have.” 

“Do not fear, you are doing the noble task of defending from Arrian imperialism.” No longer will Arria simply be able to impose their will upon the Alton countries. Though I would be willing to let them kick the Aveven king down a notch. 

Fucking bootlicker. 

“You don’t seem to understand Arria.” 

“What is there to understand?” 

“I will give you some books to read on their foundation when we get back. It is a very interesting history.” I narrow my eyes. Interesting, as far as I know somebody came down and they worship him as god. Not much to be said. “Initial Arrian history has little to do with outside forces, it came about in an attempt to secure borders, natural resources, and a sense of nationalism. For a long time the people of Arria lived under the Yanzhou dynasty.” 

“How does that have anything to do with what we are dealing with? That was a long time ago.” 

“The people who live here are Rien. As far as Arria is concerned they are merely helping their brother culture fight off the yolk of oppression.” I snort in response. There cannot be any sort of noble intentions behind this war. At least not from the Arrians. Bunch of war fanatics, the lot. “It seems I still have a lot to teach you. Do not worry, with time you will come to understand what I am saying.” 

I bow in response. William has never been wrong before and I do not think he is going to start now. I will begin to prepare the trebuchets, from tomorrow onwards the peace within Vino shall end. 

A/N: So, what is your guy's opinions on William? How well do you think he will do against Arria in the war? I am not really being secretive about it I guess, you can look at earlier chapters to understand what happens. I just hope that you guys are interested in how it happens.

On a side note: I mentioned that my brother is biased in favor of the Allonians. This is because he is writing a book based in Allonia. It is more of a comedic story but does have some intrigue. I suggest you guys try reading if it sounds interesting. Though he will probably only upload once a week.

Title of the book is The Traitor in the Palace.