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World Exploration Thread @24

1: Unknown Explorer

This thread is to share and flaunt your discoveries as we explore the vast world of Nightmare Fantasy Online.
Trolls that are of no use will be thrown outside the edge of the world (once we discover it).
NOTE: Current fad is the discovery of locations that awards Composition Element Keystone items.
->950 You have the honor of starting the next thread.


51: Unknown Explorer

"Death Cavern" in the country of Thanakar has been confirmed as a place with the Undead Keystone!

52: Unknown Explorer

"Solar Beach Cave" in Serendipity has the Sand Keystone!

53: Unknown Explorer

->51 Leave it to the country of Death to have the Undead keystone.

54: Unknown Explorer

The "Lost Mecha Fortress" in the Juggernaut country's got the Mechanical Keystone!

55: Unknown Explorer

BIG NEWS!! The "Zevereus Island" sky island close to Boras got the Lightning Keystone!!

56: Unknown Explorer

->54 Mechas in the country of Metal~.

57: Unknown Explorer

->55 Hey, is that true!? Damn, I can't get up there!!

58: Unknown Explorer

->57 There's no airships or whatever yet, so you need wings if you wanna reach that high.

59: Unknown Explorer

Hey, does anyone else think the event-related Haunts has Keystones?

60: Unknown Explorer


61: Unknown Explorer

->59 Why do you think so?

62: Unknown Explorer


63: Unknown Explorer

->59 It feels like there's something with those Haunts, yes.

64: Unknown Explorer

->59 Who knows? But the warning part of the event description did specifically mention the Haunt having a chance of disappearing on us.

65: Unknown Explorer


66: Unknown Explorer

->63 I'd say they're pretty sus the start they're used for events.

67: Unknown Explorer

->65 Shut up already!!

68: Unknown Explorer

->67 NEVER!!

69: Unknown Explorer

Made a list of the possible Haunts that may be used for the event, which country they're located in, and my idea for what Keystone may be there if there is any at all (*** refers to its "numbering"):

  1. Volcanic *** Resort: a beach that circles a huge lake that has a huge, active volcano in the middle that spews volcanic ashes. Octopuses, scorpions, and other random creatures can be found here.
    Located in the Fire country: Homura.
    Possible Keystones: Ash, Sand.
  2. Coral *** Sea: an ocean filled with big paths made of coral. Several land-walking sea monsters will try to assault you with weapons made from damn sharp and hard coral.
    Located in the Water Country: Serendipity.
    Possible Keystones: Ocean, Salt.
  3. Indra *** Skylands: big patches of clouds you can walk on. Lots of lightning- and cloud-based creatures here.
    Located in the Wind country: Boras.
    Possible Keystones: Lightning, Cloud.
  4. Anima  *** Plains: a vast grassland in the middle of the desert region. Filled with animal-type creatures that seem to be non-hostile. However, there seems to be a strange mist that blocks people from going further into the grassland.
    Located in the Earth country: Shambabanana.
    Possible Keystones: Mist, Illusion.
  5. Mirror *** Wonderland: a strange forest filled with mirrors. And it's also filled with monsters that you would think your name is "Alice".
    Located in the Light country: Dograkt.
    Possible Keystones: Mirror, Heretic.
  6. Alberido *** Swamp: large swamp areas filled with venomous insects and any other creature that can survive in that bog of poison.
    Located in the Darkness country: Umbral.
    Possible Keystones: Poison, Swamp.
  7. Pelira *** Glaciar: a glacier area that got huge rivers of magma running through them. Both creatures of Ice and creatures living in the magma can be seen here.
    Located in the Ice country: Givlace.
    Possible Keystones: Magma, Snow, Steam.
  8. Wartorn *** Ruins: big urban areas that look like the remains of an old war. Weapon-based Automatas can be found here.
    Located in the Metal country: Juggernaut.
    Possible Keystones: Mechanical, Gunpowder.
  9. Golhoney *** Forest: a huge forest with rivers of golden honey running through it. Bee-type monsters are dominating here, but you may find (or be found by) a bear or two.
    Located in the Life country: Yggdragia.
    Possible Keystones: Wood, Gold.
  10. Feariff *** Haunted Mansion: big mansions that seem to be connected. Lots of ghost-type creatures and stuff you could find in haunted houses.
    Located in the Death country: Thanakar.
    Possible Keystones: Undead, Curse.

70: Unknown Explorer

->68 why you-!!

71: Unknown Explorer

That's SOME list!

72: Unknown Explorer

Lol, there's too much stuff written on that thing.

73: Unknown Explorer

->69 this guy's confirmed to be a paparazzi!

74: Unknown Explorer

->73 yes, I am. And so what?

75: Unknown Explorer

There are this many places with Greek letters in them? I can see a connection though.

76: Unknown Explorer

But even if it's just wishful thinking that these places have Keystones...

77: Unknown Explorer

->76 yup. It's worth taking the trip to check.

78: Unknown Explorer

I want a "popularity" Keystone...

79: Unknown Explorer

Fun fact: the resort only lets you use bikini-type armor.

80: Unknown Explorer

->78 who doesn't...

81: Unknown Explorer


82: Unknown Explorer

->79 where are the trains when you need them!?

83: Unknown Explorer


84: Unknown Explorer


85: Unknown Explorer

The worst...

86: Unknown Explorer

Let them get grabbed by an octopus themselves.

87: Unknown Explorer

I'm reflecting. So sorry. Just don't make such a joke even as a joke, please!!

88: Unknown Explorer

This event is gonna be..., eventful. Yet again.

89: Unknown Explorer

Hey, everyone. Something incredible just happened on a different thread!

90: Unknown Explorer

->89 What did?

91: Unknown Explorer

->89 Something's up?

92: Unknown Explorer

->90-91 where should I start...?



The Demon Princess Fanclub Thread @20

1: (Future) Servant of the Princess

This is a personal thread about the player "Demon Princess" Garami.
The Princess may read this thread herself, so be careful what you post here.
As for anything that's simply weird, remember that (big brother) the management also watches.

About the Demon Princess:
Her real player name is Garami, but after a certain event during the first NFO event, she has gained the unofficial nickname "Demon Princess".
Her current race is Dark Udug, according to reliable sources from the demon thread. It is a Demon-type Extra Race, but how she obtained it is a mystery.
She is using a rare sort of equipment including leather armor, a cloak, a mask, a dagger, and various magic items. However, they seem to be "only" rare and not unique items.
As mentioned, her "seemingly" weapon of choice is the dagger, but no one has seen her fight for real yet, so it is uncertain as of now.
She seems to possess abilities to weaken strong enemies from a long distance, which has been confirmed as she weakened the raid boss of the first event from across a whole area.
She's also a possible tamer, as the few observations of her in combat is her taming an octopus-like monster. She is also quite fast on her feet, so she may be an offensive-type Scout-line class owner.

The reason for her popularity is her "adult" beauty for one, even if she is wearing a mask all the time.
The Princess is also the first person to have conquered a Dungeon and even become an owner of one. 
She has also been part of the raiding party that defeated the Atlantirana Library Dungeon, the first-ever discovered area where one can obtain key items to unlock a composition element. 

That's it for now!

->950, Be a loyal servant to the Princess and start the next thread.


444: (Future) Servant of the Princess

Do you guys have some news on the princess yet?

445: (Future) Servant of the Princess

She has been pretty docile after the salt library event.

446: (Future) Servant of the Princess

Maybe she's taking a break?

447: (Future) Servant of the Princess

I know that personal space is a thing and all, but..., it's just not that fun without some flair to the game.

448: (Future) Servant of the Princess

Yeah. Did the princess get tired of the game?

449: (Future) Servant of the Princess

Since party play is getting more important nowadays, most players have gotten busy with getting their [Leadership], [Charisma], and [Cooperation] skills. The princess' supposed to be a tamer, so she may be working on those.

450: (Future) Servant of the Princess

Good point.

451: (Future) Servant of the Princess

->449 Excuse me, but I'm friendless, so I'm clueless here.

452: (Future) Servant of the Princess

->451 (Sad).

453: (Future) Servant of the Princess

Someone give this loner a quick briefing. Not me, as the population on my friend list is the same as the church "whatever-its-name" in Dograkt's tolerance to Dungeons.

454: (Future) Servant of the Princess

[Leadership] = gives you more LP to use.
[Charisma] = lowers LP required to recruit people.
[Cooperation] = lowers LP required for people to recruit you into their groups.

455: (Future) Servant of the Princess

->453 Who are you calling a loner!?

456: (Future) Servant of the Princess

->454 Ah, and thanks.

457: (Future) Servant of the Princess

->454 A nice summarization.

458: (Future) Servant of the Princess

Then there are skills like [Encouragement] that boosts allies' stats and [Order] that improves the ability to direct people.

459: (Future) Servant of the Princess

->458 How does the last one even work?

460: Garami

Request: come to the Dungeon called the Darkland Fort. It's located in the Darkland Plains area. 
Reward: free tickets to special facilities located on the 2nd floor.

461: (Future) Servant of the Princess

->459 Like switching from shouting orders to making them clear enough as if you were hearing them from headphones you're wearing.

462: (Future) Servant of the Princess

I see..., huh?

463: (Future) Servant of the Princess

Th-th-th-th-th-the PRINCESS!?

464: (Future) Servant of the Princess


465: (Future) Servant of the Princess

"Darkland Fort"..., what's that all about?

466: Garami

->465 It's my place. Need some field data on how to enhance the place's defense.

467: (Future) Servant of the Princess


468: (Future) Servant of the Princess

Wait, wait, WAIT!!! I can't attack the princess' home!!

469: (Future) Servant of the Princess

It's blasphemy!!

470: (Future) Servant of the Princess


471: (Future) Servant of the Princess


472: Garami

->468-471 It's fine up to the 3rd floor. I'll post a summarization in a sec.
->471 Are you talking to me?

473: (Future) Servant of the Princess

->472 Ah, okay.

474: (Future) Servant of the Princess

->473 Too casual!!

475: (Future) Servant of the Princess

Number 471 just wrote his death sentence. 

476: (Future) Servant of the Princess

->474 I mean, she suddenly appeared all of a sudden...

477: (Future) Servant of the Princess

->475 I-I'M INNOCENT!!

478: Garami

The Darkland Fort is located somewhere in the middle of the Darkland Plains.
There's a special registration device located on the 1st floor that lets you return to your Player Rooms, but if you try to go somewhere else than right back to the Dungeon when you leave the room (excluding logging out of the game), you have to walk the long way back to the Plains from the nearest spawning point.
Half of the 2nd floor is filled with various enjoyment facilities like a café or a casino. A special ticket system is implemented in the Dungeon, which you can obtain from Treasure Chests, both normal ones, and special ticket-limited ones.
There's a "Return Circle" placed right before the second half of the 3rd floor which can bring you back to the entrance. 
The casino has special entrances on all floors that can take you to the casino, but you will leave through the same entrance as you came from no matter what. 
More facilities could be added if the Dungeon's level goes up, so please die for my-, I mean, for the Fort's sake~.
Also, anyone who goes past the "return area" on the 3rd floor will be designated as true enemies of the Dungeon and their names will be posted here.

479: (Future) Servant of the Princess

->477 The princess is the one to decide that!

480: (Future) Servant of the Princess

->478 YAHOOOO!!

481: (Future) Servant of the Princess


482: (Future) Servant of the Princess

->478 It's also time to see if there is indeed a title for dying a certain number of times.

483: Garami

->479 Yes, he's guilty.

484: (Future) Servant of the Princess


485: (Future) Servant of the Princess


486: Garami

->485 No.

487: (Future) Servant of the Princess

Guess the first offering for the princess' Dungeon has been decided. Not sure if it's healthy for it to "eat"...

488: Garami

->487 I like junk food, so no biggie.

489: (Future) Servant of the Princess

Aaaaaand 485's dead and buried. 

490: Garami

The next 485 will do better.

491: (Future) Servant of the Princess

The princess' RUTHLESS!

492: (Future) Servant of the Princess

I like it.

493: (Future) Servant of the Princess

Me too.

494: (Future) Servant of the Princess

In that case, me as well.

495: (Future) Servant of the Princess

You guys...