Freedom of Speech
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There once was a land

Surrounded by sand

And beyond that sea

Where speech was free

And easy

They plastered it to their walls

And gave thunderous applause

You can say anything you want

They chanted it like a taunt

Like and share

They did without a care

But some things were impolite

It simply was not right

To ever argue

Yes, that was the one thing you

Must never, ever, ever, never do

It embarrassed those who cared

It made them weep and feel scared

It was inappropriate

And downright inordinate

To barge onto someone’s wall

And tell them all

That they’re wrong

Oh what a scandalous act

To act so strong

And deny another’s fact

Everyone was entitled to their opinion

And that meant displaying without question

They couldn’t talk about it in the street

They couldn’t talk about it in a bus seat

Nor at the dinner table

Pray good lord no one be that unstable

They couldn’t talk about it in the car

Couldn’t talk about it near or far

No, it was only listen, like, and share

That’s how you show you care

You could watch it on the tele

While snacking on peanut butter and jelly

But you couldn’t ever argue it with another

Lest you worry your mother

And behind the scene

Boosting the meme

Lay the agents of nations

Manufacturing the creations

That the peasants all liked and shared

To show that they cared

and no one dared

To ever contradict

And so they fell into little circles

Puddles full of turtles

Hiding in shells

Of the same stories and tells

Each believing it’s own version of fact

And never bothering to interact

With those outside

And the agents who confided

The flow of data to each pond

Did so in a measured abscond

So that by the time election came round

They’d designed its results so as to not confound

This group programmed to vote for him

That group programmed to vote for them

And then these will vote for her

And in the end this will occur

And at long last

Many years passed

And the rich, who paid the agents

Grew richer ever since

There was an old legend

Among the ancient leftists of old

A prophecy had been foretold

that when the poor had nothing left but starvation

They would eat the rich of every nation

But as the day of reckoning came true

It turned out something else was on the menu

The Rich’s machines had rendered no other use

For the unemployed masses, running loose

So, they passed a law

Enabling the maw

The poor would sell themselves for meat

So, their friends could find a seat

At the dinner table

Where no one, absolutely no one dared talk politics.