Chapter 5 – When the Dark Comes to Light (6/6) [Mellissa Version]
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Caesar began with a wind spell as Marable rushed at her friend, Lana. Jade and I focused on our enemies, Vert and Claudia. Vert took to the air and began his own dark spell, aiming it at Jade. The knight kicked off the floor, leaping into the air in an attempt to cut him down a second time. Claudia turned to the radiant, but I made sure she had to focus on me as I appeared in front of her, colliding my weapon with hers.

Finally, we crashed, and I could feel her darkness coming from her blade. My goal was to subdue her… and find the answers about my mentor and father, Maxwell.

“Let’s have fun elsewhere.”

She teased, vanishing before me. I watched her dance into the endless hole, so I followed her, deeper into the labyrinth.

As I chased her in the shadows, Claudia brought her blade to the side and shot a wave of darkness my way. It rumbled in the cave as the dark energy speared my way. Claudia was tossing waves of dark energy my way, using the 2nd shadow craft I knew well. I cut through, shadow walking right to her. We clashed when I eventually caught her, and the world around us darkened. With each push of our blades, we danced around the waterfalls in the dark.



“Who are you?!”

I demanded as I pulled out my 1st craft. We connected, causing the darkness around us to explode in pressure.

“A student of Maxwell. I was taught the craft for years. I’ve honed these skills my entire life… and then you show up.”

The cavern was our warzone as the darkness only amplified our abilities. Rocks and structures began to shatter as our spells ramped up, doing our best to subdue one another. I brought back my blade and channeled the darkness around me within. Claudia did the same and struck forward, clashing with me.

“Maxwell guided me when I was lost… he was my mentor, and because of him, I have a purpose."

She murmured as she brought her blade back. Her darkness pulsed as her sword went completely black. The world around us went pitch black as she attempted to slice my head off. I ducked and brought my blade around to the side. She lifted her hand and pushed my edge away using the 10th form.

“But then Maxwell vanished, and I was left with his teachings. Where did he go?! Why do you know his crafts?!”

She yelled, bringing her blade back. Silver formed around her greatsword, and I knew what she was doing. So, I did the same. I brought chaos into my blade and unleashed the destructive craft.

“Maxwell found me when I was young and taught me how to live!”

A wave of darkness scattered around, destroying the walls behind us. I melted into the walls, crushing the rocks around me as we both danced in an onyx world. The catacombs broke apart as we used the darkness around us to attack one another.

“Taught you how to live? What the hell are you talking about? Maxwell’s teachings aren’t made for survival. Everything he teaches is for one purpose, and that's to inevitably die."

“What are you talking about? Maxwell stayed with me for years, teaching me how to live.”

I replied.

“Then that isn’t the same person I was taught by. He understood the truth of this world and did everything in his power to prepare me for what’s to come.”

“Truth of the world?”

Her eyes slanted as she smiled.

"When he vanished, it was a surprise to us. He showed no intention of leaving… so we lost a valuable asset because of that. Are you telling me Maxwell vanished to take care of some random dark vessel?”

Claudia began controlling the darkness around us. She was channeling it into her great sword. Using the chaos element, she was amplifying her abilities.

"Maxwell knew how important this moment in time was. I don't believe that he would have left us of his own volition."

In an arc, Claudia slashed, creating a purple wave of energy to shoot my way. With all my might, I deflected it, causing the lock to cut through the wall nearby. The catacombs shook in a tremor of violence. We both channeled the darkness around us in the black space as we faced one another.

“Who are you people?! What is your goal?! Why are you collecting spectrum from victims?!”

“We are a collection of dark vessels who know the truth of this world. We must do what we're doing to be prepared for what's coming."

“What is this, “truth of the world?”

All Claudia did was smile. She closed her eyes. Those beautiful purple, dark eyes faded away momentarily.

“Do you really want to know, Feodora Cicer? If so… then you’d have to give up now and join us. That’s the only way we can reveal the truth to you.”

I held my weapon beside me.

"You want me to work beside you? You kidnap people, possess them, and use the dark arts to harm them. Maxwell didn't teach me to be that way at all…."

I stood my ground, and I pointed my weapon towards her.

"My freedom is connected to your captivity. Maxwell taught me to do whatever I could to live. From what I see, you belong locked up in jail, and I have every intention to get you behind bars."

Claudia sighed.

“Fair enough. It’s strange… we share the same fighting style, but our beliefs are vastly different. Maybe one day you'll see the world the way we do… but for now, I’ll have to subdue you.”

She appeared above me in an instant. Our weapons clashed as we both used the destructive crafts. A purple aura rippled around us, causing the floor to crack. She began channeling the dangerous arts into her blade, and I did the same. The shadows around us turned into spears as we both began shooting them at each other. The underground was crumbling around us as we continued our battle. Water began entering from the craters we were making as we attempted to fire the dark spears at one another.  

Channeling darkness into her legs, she kicked. I defended and sliced back. She deflected and came at me with a heavy strike downwards. When it hit the ground, darkness rose up below me. I jumped, disappearing into the shadows above as the attack rained around me, breaking the statues and structures around us. When I appeared, I brought the darkness from above to collide down on her. A hail of onyx ripped the ground where she stood, and the floor collapsed on her.

In the shadows, we danced in the air. I tossed my blade behind Claudia, and it reappeared, attempting to stab through her. She grabbed it, added the chaos element to it, and threw it back at me. It was shaped strangely, the destructive version of the 7th craft. I was cut on my leg, and when my weapon hit the wall, the darkness around it exploded, causing me to fall to the ground. I caught myself, called my blade back to me, and aimed it at her as she fell.

“You’re fun to play with!”

The devil giggled.

I brought out the destructive craft. An intense wave of darkness formed in my hand, and a giant purple light gathered, leveling the room around us. The night exploded like bombs as the world began to shake like crazy. With every slice, the shadows around me became a weapon as I attempted to overwhelm Claudia. She was doing the same, using the shadows as her playthings. Together we made the world shake as we fell deeper and deeper into the darkness.

“It’s been a while since I had so much fun!”

We both stood to the side and looked at one another. We had to be far down into the earth, far away from the battle above us.



“I don’t get it, Feodora. Wouldn’t you want to be with people… just like you?”

"No, I would rather be alone. Maxwell taught me to live, stay in the shadows."

Claudia laughed hysterically.

“He taught you that?!”

She looked at me sternly.

“You don’t understand anything, do you? Maxwell was a killing machine! His crafts were made to slaughter.”



Darkness rose in her body as she spoke manically. I was horrified by her words.

“I don’t get this. It’s like we’re talking about two different people. Everything he taught me was for the sake of me dying! My purpose is to die!”

Claudia screamed.

I was confused by her words. Her body was taking on darkness, and so was mine. The world began to shake around us. Our weapons flashed purple as we brought our energy into our blades.

“I don't know what you were taught, but enough is enough. It's time to take you in so I can continue my life freely."

It was time. I was far enough away from everyone, and nobody would be hurt if I…began. I closed my eyes as I channeled the darkness around me. My blade began to shine purple, and my vision became purple too. I was… one with the night.




“About time. I can finally taste your blood properly.”

She smirked like a demon.

“Maxwell taught you the shadow crafts… he taught you the destructive crafts… but I was wondering why you weren’t connecting yourself with the darkness inside you.”

Claudia teased as she held her greatsword on her shoulders.

“Because I have to live…  and Maxwell commanded me to do all that I can… to live. By staying in this form, we bring about death.”

She cackled.

“What the hell got into that old coot? My teachings were simple… I'm destined to die, so destroy everything before I do! My job is to set up the path for the future. Because of my death, we will survive.”

Claudia sounded like a mad woman. I had no idea what she was rambling about, so I cast her words aside.

She appeared above me. The darkness in her heart was pure black. One of the main shadow crafts that were hidden within me... It was simple… It was called death. When I connect with death, it drains my life. The longer we stay within this mode, the more complicated our bodies use spectrum, and eventually, we will be consumed. But in this state, our power grows and we’re able to use more extreme spells. 

To be one with the darkness is to be one with death.

The longer I teeter on death… the more likely I will die from it.

“You stay in this form all the time, Claudia! Don’t you get that you’re killing yourself?!”

“I live to die! My goal is to die! Death is my strength unlike yours, Feodora!”

Our blades clashed; the earth around us broke apart as we started using the darkness as our weapons. My arm felt like it was floating as the energy connected within me. I pushed forwards, shooting a purple beam from my strike. The pressure caused my coat to dance in the stale space. Claudia caught it and shot it back. Like a game of tennis, we exploded our darkness at one another, causing the world around us to shake with every deflection.

“Why would Maxwell teach you to be so destructive?!”

I demanded answers.

"Because I've seen the truth of this world! I know my place, and I will do what I need to reach my goals! He taught me that all the murdering I will do is for the greater good of our people!”

She powered her strike and unleashed a massive wave. Rocks lifted up with her power as they became part of her strike. I pulled the chaos element into my body and enhanced the strength of my element. The space around us became unstable as I threw the massive energy back at her. She smiled as the wave came and destroyed everything around her. It was too large for her to avoid, so instead…

She took the brunt of it and stood there with a bloody face. I probably looked no different, but one thing was for sure…

I… wasn’t close to being done with her.

“I never fought another dark vessel… other than Maxwell.”

I admitted.

It was strange… she felt too much like me… but not enough like me. We were like two people with the same strength but from vastly different backgrounds.

“I want to see all that he taught you, Feodora. I want you to use your crafts to the fullest of your abilities.”

I melted into the shadows along with her. Our crafts were destroying the catacombs as we fought. The place was crumbling as we battled back and forth. I channeled darkness into my fist, and she did too. We struck each other, and this continued on.

“It kind of pisses me off, Feodora. Maxwell taught me everything… he taught this soulless girl how to murder… and then vanished.”

Claudia grabbed my neck.

“I was made into a killing machine by him! I live to die! That’s all I care about! My curse won’t allow me to be anything else but someone who wants to kill!”

Claudia squeezed my neck, burrowing her nails into my skin. My breathing was growing labored as I looked into her eyes. The shadows around us rained down as blades cut both of us. My eyes began to shine as the death grew closer. I could hear it… the ringing in my ears. I reached up and grabbed her by the neck too. Blood dripped on my lips as the world around us exploded, causing us to dive deep into the world. We both vanished, got our weapons back, and met in the shadows, striking at one another.

"Soon, you'll realize how blinded you've been. Maxwell didn't teach you how to live; he taught you how to look away from reality!"

She mocked.

“The shadow crafts are weapons made to kill. You’re supposed to use them to kill and gain spectrum. They aren’t there to protect you; they’re made to slaughter others!”

“Are you insane?! It’s like we weren’t even taught by the same person! He gave me laws to live! Without his teachings, I would be dead!"

I saw violet as I stared into her cold eyes.



I felt stronger as we fought. As if shackles were releasing from my body, opening up new heights that I could reach. The world underground rumbled from our fierce strikes. Claudia wasn't holding back and I had no plans too either.

"This is so much fun! It's been a while since I had a chance to spar with someone who feels so much like Maxwell!"

Claudia laughed manically.

In a strange way, the battle was feeling a exciting to me too. With our cold, dark strikes we clashed, trying to best one another. It reminded me of the mock battles I would have with Maxwell as we wore through the forest together, trying to best one another. My heart raced as I clashed blades with Claudia. As the darkness rose around us, I felt a sensation like when I was in the dream from before. A warmth so tender and comforting despite being in a battle with my life on the line. I zeroed in on Claudia and channeled a spell under my breath.


She shadow walked my way and swung at me with her massive blade. I avoided it, but it cut my shoulder. Warm blood hit the floor, and I escaped to the other side of the room.

“What the hell was that?!”

Claudia chided as she lifted the blood off her blade with two fingers. With pleasure to taste my blood.

“What the heck are you doing?”

The vampire giggled as she closed her eyes and enjoyed her meal.

“I’m learning about you, trying to understand all your fears from the taste of your blood. It’s a curse of mine… having to feed on blood like this.”

I let her continue as my spell was finishing up.

“Your curse.”

Suddenly her eyes shot open. As she did this, I suddenly felt a bit of vertigo and my mind raced around... a strange image popped into my mind but in an instant, it vanished.


Claudia lunged back like I stabbed her in the chest. She held her head and her body started to shake.



Claudia recoiled as she looked back at me. The color was draining from her face, and I didn’t know why. My spell wasn’t even activated yet, but it looked like a rush of fear raced through her mind.


Claudia put her hand on her chest and asked timidly.

“Why did I see a glimpse of this fight… as if I was a third person viewing our battle right now? W-What the hell did you do to me?!”

Confused, she asked. I couldn't let my guard down and stayed focused on her.

“What are you talking about, Claudia?”

I felt a strange sensation too but I wasn't going to get distracted. I pushed out those strange images from my mind and focused back on my enemy. She waited for a moment and shook her head.

“I don’t get it… wait… I can’t see it all the way.  B-But it looks like… a dead body that looks like me? Wh-Why am I seeing this after tasting your blood?!”

Confused, I tilted my head.

“What the hell are you going on about? Enough of this nonsense, Claudia.”

I pointed my blade at her. Clearly, she was distracted, and it was the right time to strike. With the blood coming from my hand, I finished up the spell I was channeling by getting to the ground and writing it out. She realized I was nearly done but it was too late to react.


Claudia screamed, but it was too late. She was caught in the spell of my vampirism. Symbols appeared below her, and in an instant, I focused it all on her. Normally a dark vessel wouldn’t be as affected because of our level 2 resistance to it. But with all my spectrum focused solely on her, I had the power to take her resistance down. Her spectrum instantly drained out of her.

“Arrgg… I was a fool! I should have tasted your blood after you were dead. I-I need to know more! Give me your blood!”

The ravings of a mad woman… That was all it was as I approached her with my blade out.

“You will be arrested, and I will sit down with you and pull everything I want out of you. I don’t care what the knights do to you, Claudia, but I want my answers about Maxwell.”

The world turned a harsh purple as the spell increased, draining her spectrum faster. At this rate, she was bound to pass out from spectrum sickness. But surprisingly she held on longer than I expected.

“Something’s wrong… the symbol is ignoring me! It’s like I don’t speak the same language as language as it. No… it’s like you’re using a specialized vampirism.”

I stood over her and put out my hand. The strength of the spell intensified, and all of her spectrum channeled into my vampirism symbol for me to use. I could see Claudia drifting in and out.

“Wait… listen…”

She begged.

“Too late. You’re too dangerous to keep playing games with. I’m not one who really cares much for people, but you threaten what Maxwell wanted from me, Claudia. I can’t… let you roam around doing as you please any longer.”


On her knees and hands, she trembled.

“Fee… wait. L-Listen to me...”



Claudia pleaded.


A strange memory replayed in my head. I wasn't sure if it was real or not but it was a younger me.

I was holding hands with someone and we were running. I remember crying... and my feet being cold... but that was it.



I was loosing concentration so I shook my head, pushing away that strange thought. When I focused back on Claudia, I saw a light tear fall from her eye to my surprise.

“I don’t know… but I remember something… or someone named... Fee.”

She lifted her head up and our eyes met.

"Somethings wrong?! Why would I see something like that... when I tasted YOUR blood! It's a trick! You're a trickster, Feodora!"

I couldn't even begin to understand what she was going on about.

"I'm not supposed to die! It's a lie! You're a trickster trying to deceive me!"

I put my hand on my hip.

"What the hell are you talking about already?! You've been going on about death this entire time! You know what, it doesn't matter. You can have your crazy episode in prison!"

“Give me your blood, Feodora! Let me… let me taste more of it! I need it! Something isn't right and I-”

I stepped away in disgust. Claudia's lunatic-like behavior made me recoil as she sprouted nonsense.

“Yeah... Maybe later… after Jade puts you in prison, Claudia. But I won't make any promises.”

I started to strengthen the vampirism, attempting to put her to sleep when the cavern around us started shaking.


I was caught off guard by the sudden impact.

My bones rattled when I heard a low grow emerging from below. My concentration broke and Claudia didn’t waste the chance.

“Vert… it’s too soon! I… I guess he’s about to lose to that Radiant!”

Claudia said.

With all of her energy, she channeled darkness within her. I tried to get my balance back but the earthquake was too much and I fell over. With a massive amount of spectrum energy, Claudia broke my vampirism spell.

“Ahhh… ahhh…”

She panted. It took the last of her strength to break free. I could see she was physically drained.

“Fuck… I don’t have the energy to help Vert. But I have to… try.”

Claudia looked up towards the battle between the other three.

“We’ll have to continue this another day, Feodora… My idiot partner is about to get himself killed.”

She complained as she melted away.

“No, you don’t!”

I gave chase through the darkness. She was aiming upwards towards the throne room we were in before. In an instant, we reached it. Her blade collided with Jade, who was in the middle of a fight with Vert.

“There you are, Claudia! Jade is pretty tough!”

Jade kicked Claudia off of her and aimed her attention back at Vert.



He chuckled, flying away on his disk. I could tell the kid was already on his last breath. In comparison, he was no match for the knight. Jade brought the holy spell to her chest and fired a bright ray his way. The disk reflected the light, scattering it back towards them in a beam of bright light.

I looked over to see Lana still in her fight with Marable. She held out well enough as Abigail kept up her battle with Caesar. Her servant would strike her, and she’d guard using multiple elements as her shield. If anything, the goddess was just holding him off until Jade took down Vert.

“Claudia, I had to release the beast! The process has started.”

Vert said.

“Yeah… don’t worry. I understand.”

Claudia replied.

Her energy was drained and there would be no way she’d be up for battle. This was the perfect chance to take them both out.

“Alright, enough games! Lana, get behind me!”

Abigail cried before lifting up her hands. Earth and water channeled around her, and many weeds started to form underneath her. Abigail wrapped Caesar with vines along with Marable. With her powerful spell, their goddess effectively trapped them from moving. We all focused on Vert and Claudia as Vert continued to control missing people's chanting.

“I have Caesar and Marable under control, Jade; take out that Radiant!”


Jade brought back her blade. It flared a robust red like a giant ball of fire erupted on her sword.

“You’re mine, kid!”

Jade screamed. The power of her spell began to build up. Claudia, realizing the power of Jade’s soon attack, got out of the way before she could strike. Jade slashed her sword to the ground, creating a shockwave of the spell to raise from the ground. A wave of light and fire blasted towards the Radiant, kicking him off his disk device. Like a ragdoll, he fell and hit his back to the ground. All of the missing people chanting stopped instantly as they fell to the floor too. I could hear glass breaking, indicating that the symbols of their bodies were shattering.

“Dang it, Vert!”

Claudia scorned. She channeled darkness into the ground, and the cave began to shake. A horrible scream cried out as we could feel something enormous crawl out from underneath us. Jade rushed over, grabbed Vert by the neck, and placed handcuffs on him. Claudia backed up from the rest of us and pointed towards me.

“Another day, Feodora! I’ll feed on more of your blood someday! I need to know who the hell you are!”

She vanished, leaving her partner behind. I planned to go after her, but a large head appeared out of the circular hole. It was a great wolf that had bright golden eyes. Its paws rested on the edges as its body tried to force itself out of the hole. Its body was massive, but what surprised me most was the white strings attached to it. It was as if someone was controlling the beast like a puppet.


"It's too late. It's awake and ready to go!"

Vert mocked, earning a hit on the back of the head by the knight.

"Jade, he's not going anywhere. Throw him to the side, and let's deal with this."

Abigail commanded. I rushed over to the three of them. Jade stood in front; I was beside her. Lana was in the back, and Abigail was on the side.

"It's massive, and if we allow it to get free, we can say goodbye to the Cero Village. Keep it down here and eliminate it before it escapes!”


We all chanted.

“Lana, provide some platforms so Jade and Feodora can reach the beast’s head. I’ll provide support and make sure the possessed victims aren’t harmed in the fight.”

"Y-Yes, sis."

The earth vessel agreed as she did just that. Platforms raised in the air as Jade and I used them to rush at the giant wolf stuck in the ground. It began channeling a massive wind spell. Abigail combated this with an anti-spectrum shield, protecting the passed-out people below us.

“Follow my lead, Feodora!”

The knight commander said. I stayed behind her as her body began to glow a holy tone. I channeled my own element within me. She struck first, cutting at the beast's mouth. I followed, slicing at its jaw. The beast cried in pain as we relentlessly continued our assault on it.

Golden eyes started to form around its body as it began channeling a large spell our way. Its body moved strangely as the white strings around it made it look like a puppet. Suddenly, it shot a fierce wind spell our way. Abigail thankfully countered it, using her anti-spectrum shield. The loose spectrum destroyed the walls around us, showing how strong it truly was.

The giant wolf cried, and one of its bright golden eyes turned a sharp red. It reminded me of the last overgrown beast in the ancient ruins. That had to be its weakness. That singular red eye... was the key to this battle.

"It's red eye. If we take it out, we'll destroy it for sure."

I pointed at the beast. Everyone acknowledged me as they all chanted in agreement.

I channeled my darkness alongside my destructive craft. Jade stood beside me as she began mixing her fire and holy elements together. Together, we added the chaos element into our final strike.

"Hold up, you two!"

The goddess added, feeding a booster spell into us. The power went into our weapons as we both brought our spell back. The beast began charging another powerful range, attempting to combat our strike, but Jade and I stood our ground.




We both cried, releasing the dark and light spells towards the beast’s eyes. A wave of purple and white mixed together, aiming right at the creature’s red-eye. The power caused the world to shake as we intensified our spells.

Lana shielded the passed-out people with an earth wall, ensuring they weren't harmed in the blast. The pressure of our attack caused the world to rumble.

I channeled the vampirism spectrum into my blade, only adding to the devastating spell. All of Claudia’s energy was in my attack, destroying the walls of the cavern.


Jade was astounded by the level of energy that suddenly came from my attack. Even I was a bit surprised, but it felt right as if I have been controlling this energy since the day I was born.

The beast cried a horrid wail, causing the world to shake from its cry. With our merged attack, eliminating it in an instant. The white strings snapped, and the beast turned to white dust as it scattered around the sanctuary…

“Ah… it’s beautiful.”

Vert mocked as he kicked about, still in chains. Abigail walked over and kicked him on the side of his head, knocking him out. She then continued to beat on him with her feet. I could hear him groan as she kicked and stepped on him. Jade sighed as she walked over and took Abigail in her arms.

“Why did you do that, Abigail?”

Jade complained.

“It’s because this kid hurt my family. I… at least needed a good hit on him myself.”

She stomped on Vert’s stomach. I… realized that I never wanted to be on the end of Abigail’s rage seeing that abuse.

“Marable, Caesar!”

Lana rushed over to the two, still being held down by vines. After a moment, they came to, still weak from spectrum sickness.

“We have a lot to clean up here. Claudia is still on the run, but at least we have one culprit… Did she mention anything, Feodora?"

Jade turned to me.

“She mentioned that there’s more of them… doing the same things. She wouldn’t go into what their true goals were, but I can believe that this won’t be the last time she’d do something like this.”

Jade sighed.

"Well, for the time being, let’s get back to Radiant City. That way I can interrogate Vert and try and figure out what their true aim for all of this is."

She looked at where the beast was.

“Those strings…”

Jade mumbled.

“The strings coming out of the wolf beast?”

I asked.

“Yeah… If I’m not mistaken… whatever those dark vessels are planning, they are playing a dangerous game if they are doing… what I think they are."

The knight paused then turned back to me.

“You used vampirism on Claudia, didn’t you?”

I put one hand on my hip.

“Yeah, I did. I planned to use it and give her spectrum sickness, making it easier for us to take her in.”

With a finger to her mouth, she questioned.

“You were able to use her power alongside your own when battling that beast. What a… crazy amount of spectrum you dished out in one blow. I’m starting to see how dangerous a level 2 dark vessel can be.”

Jade smirked.


“Glad that you’re on my side, right? But I wonder… how would it be to clash swords with you?”

Jade suddenly put her finger on my chest and pushed it gently.

“That blur within you… holds the secret to a lot of things I bet. I knew the key to victory… was going to be found within you.”



"Key to victory?"

I asked but she didn't say anything else. With that, Jade stepped back and walked away.

I watched as she elegantly made her way out of the cave, leaving me stumped by her words. I think for the first time ever...

I saw a feminine side to Jade Opal....



After helping out the village, we and the rest of the Barons set off back home with Vert as our prisoner. The group became that much larger as we all ventured back home. The group was a little too big for me, so I found myself lagging behind in most cases. After a day, we made it back to Radiant City. A group of Barons was there to see Lana and Abigail when they arrived. They all cheered as their goddess returned, keeping her promise.


A woman with bright hair and shining armor met us at the gates. She had these strong silver eyes that radiated her presence. As she walked towards us, her armor clicked. She reminded me of royalty you only see in the stories. She had a collection of knights with her, and I wasn't sure who she was.



“Feodora, this is Elizera, the head of the knights. She's my boss, and I'll soon have her position.”

She felt strong and exuded a powerful aura. She walked over to the cage holding our captive, Vert.

“So, this is the Radiant who has been causing so many problems around Radiant City?”

With her finger on her lip, she nodded.

“Fantastic work, Jade. Will you help me with the interrogation?”

“Yes, Elizera.”

Jade grabbed Vert from the cage and roughhoused him a bit. He wasn't getting out of this, and it brought a smile to my face seeing his arrogant self being pushed around.

"Hey, stop tugging me around already…."

Vert complained. A few knights ran over and took him captive.

Jade turned to me.

"Feodora Cicer, from today onwards, you are free from duty. You’ll be paid for all the work you’ve done for the knights as appreciation.”

The knight announced.

“Huh? You don’t need me anymore? What about Claudia? She's still out there…."

Jade put her hand on her hip.

“If I do need your help, would you be willing to? I’m not going to force you as you’ve done enough for us already. It’s all up to you from here on. We’ll pay handsomely if we can use you as a consultant from time to time.”

I waited for a moment. I did need money… and I still had many questions for Claudia if I ever saw her again… So, I nodded.

"Sure… If you need me, Jade, I'll be there. I didn’t get all the answers I wanted from her… So, if you suspect her to be involved in something, I’ll be there.”

The knight smirked.

“Good. Abigail, I’ll need you to make a statement at the knight’s station too.”

The goddess shrugged. Clearly, she wasn’t enthusiastic about doing that.

"Fine, I'm exhausted, though. I much rather just go home and rest."

Abigail complained.

“What will you be doing from here on, Jade?”

The knight crossed her arms.

“I was assigned to give Yuu Yuu a rundown on how the knights do patrols. But I’m too busy to actually do that… so Eve Seed is going to do it for me.”

I thought about Yuuna and her spirit friend behind her.

“So… Eve going to have to babysit her?”

Jade shrugged.

“Yeah, that’s just what I have to do. It’ll keep her on a short leash and teach her how to properly work. A lot of times she just runs off into the forest to go play alone. I think having Eve will straighten her up.”

The knight sighed deeply.

“Who knows, maybe she’ll open up to her. What about you, Feodora? Are you going back home?”

I nodded.

“Yeah. I don’t have any business in the Radiant City for now.”

The knight pounded.

“Hey… it’s not my place again but…”

Jade sighed deeply.

“Just think about it… you know… Mellissa.”


With a wave, Jade went on to meet up with Elizera.

Her name had been going through my mind a lot. Jade didn’t have to remind me to think about her…

I was already thinking about what I said to....