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“I’m quite surprised Arin-senpai when her, Miyu and Darling are childhood friends. I have yet to get used to her being affectionate to Darling. Maya, Miku, Erica-senpai, Bea-senpai, Yumi-senpai, July-senpai, and Lynne-senpai too.”

‘That can’t be helped. Who am I say to no to my true soulmates? I love them.’

“[Nihongo: Asuka-chan, I told you before, Arin-nee is not just my cousin but also one of my big sisters while Miyu-chan is like my little sister too. We grew up together. It’s our way of showing off our love and affection towards Manny.]”

“Ehe, sorry Kathie, I forgot that. When we first met and hit off as friends back then, 5 years ago, you mentioned the other childhood friend besides Erica-senpai.”

“That’s right. He’s our beloved true soulmate. I take pride in him as his childhood friend because of his topnotch marksmanship, cooking, drawing, much more.”

“That makes me wish to hear about those stories. Do you mind, Kathie?”

“Of course, I will! Me, Maho-chan, and everyone in our group who were his childhood friends will tell theirs. You’re part of our big family.”

“Thank you, Kathie.”

‘Let’s see…things lately after I received the system, have anomalies and weird shit happening in the world itself. First, we had utopianists, commies dying and captured almost every day and minute because of their affiliation with late Francis Foppe, NDP, and the radicals, and going retard with #ComradeFrancisFoppeLives or deny crap that had them finished off like rats. Second, for November, we’ll be competing against each other like intramurals. Third, for December, we got a Foundation Week that’ll have concert and typical battle of the bands made up of students here in our school. For us, the individuals picked by ‘them’, we even have this training in otherworld that’ll serve as our training area for our next life besides sharpening my edge and knowing what is what. I only hope there’s no crazy old timer or uptimer commie like that previous timeline alternate history website featuring a fucking US marine who was a Neo Nazi bastard because if there was one, let alone a Ku Klax Klan member who had a military training, in the future, I’ll have to increase my training alongside my girls, and tell my colleagues from the Hounds about ways of dealing those dangerous undesirables.’  I thought, thinking about the text message from the Silver Hound Commandant himself, I received this morning, regarding the security especially VIAUC and Ashton because these two schools besides part of world history had events, and the supposed planned assassination of one of my school’s alum, Alexa-senpai, by a late executed Neo Nazi filth, and events I got updated by my colleague, my clan, and Esteri-nee.

‘Still, I would rather have uptimer and downtimer Arthurists to chat and talk of our respective beliefs about our ideologies having relation to immigration and the future than to see some ignorant buffoons yapping about communism and Karl Marx. The [New Society] did have a good impression towards the Iron Duke after the First Filipino Count visited him. They say man’s a good man for Britain at those times and our vision, besides the fact he ended of Sati practice in India, removal of the middle man system, destroying the illegal oath-based secret unofficial religious paramilitary orders in the UK via the usage of the would-be the British Royal Gendarmerie, the emancipation laws passed in Britain earlier, prevented the crazies, and the commie Irish terrorist group, Irish Republican Army, the IRA,  a terror group who wanted an Irish independence and republicanism, by planting the minds of the British people, the [Arthurianism] ideology, which to this day being compared to Malaya National Identity. Very good man indeed for pushing the first War on Poverty which the Imperial States helped for the unemployed veterans by having them settle here to lessen the burden. Heh, I still remember those non-Briton players saying he’s overpowered and unbalanced in that simulation war game as a general. Say much what those guys in their mind about that man overpowered in games but unlike the previous timeline counterpart, he’s a fucking polymath and a good general who introduced the Baker guns much earlier.’

“Fucking gosh! He’s overpowered both as a general and politician! What’s with this Napoleonic Era Mode DLC!?”

“I know. Also, watch your language and tone of your voice. We got parents with their minor children here looking at you.”

“Errr…sorry. Gamer moment of me not a Brit. I do admit that [Arthurianism] idea of his is legit and very relevant though. He employed Ezekiel Baker, the Father of British Guns, for his clan-owned corporation.”

“Very true. That can’t be helped since the Iron Duke thought ahead of the future and the next generation since that’s what [Arthurianism] all about in a nutshell. Malaya too besides the Iron Lady of Malaya such as one of the [Paladins].”

“No, not fair! Why can’t our country have—"

“History, my friend. I will not play as the Spanish Empire though because of that Criminal King and the Absolutists.”

“I agree. The Napoleonic War for Spain was a bad ending. Besides looking at the debuff traits he, Governor-General de Folgueras, the other Governor-Generals, and the politicians, have, the roster for the Spanish Empire faction was way too fucked up.”

“Yeah, I feel sorry to the Spanish players or players who’ll be playing as Spain in their playthrough, be it modded or not. There’s no question Ferdinand VII of Spain was Spain’s worst king.”


  • ??? smiles at the wholesome moment.
  • ??? encourages you to be like one of your ancestors, Sir Kyle I, in punishing the wrongdoers just like when he and New Society taught those absolutists and racists a lesson in law should that expected day of ISOT arrive. She adds, she watched your ancestor in putting the corrupt priests and tycoons submitted to death penalty way back then after the revolution. She also watched the 1st Duke of Wellington, as the general, punished heavily the ‘old school’ subordinates back in the man’s day before and after the Napoleonic Era as the prime minister to the other old school British MPs.
  • ??? informs you and your party that the other world you’ll be reincarnating at also has black-hearted adventurers and individuals. She also reminds you the training world gifted as part of the system will serve as a practice and experience.


‘How legit…and annoying to deal those pieces of shit in front. Might as well pull a Hound on those nameless scoundrels and their connections before they do a crazy shit.’ While walking on the way to the classroom and holding hands with my secret imouto and lover, Priscilla, while aware Asuka, Maho, and Kathie beside us, smiling, I turned my head to her, Priscilla, who then smiled brightly with love and affection.

Priscilla really was cute as always like Utaha and Maya. Nothing beats to have younger paramour and a fiancée who enjoys marksmanship the same way as I do. Aiko, too, if that young kenjutsu practitioner were to be in person than doing her training and studies at our home in Neo Londonium, that I’m sure it’ll be livelier with Utaha and Miyu.

“[Norman: Darling-nii,]” happily said Priscilla in Norman, one of the languages revived by the Duke of Wellington, the Iron Duke, the Prime Minister, with the assistance of [New Society] and the Philippine government, who helped and invested my country after the independence and improved the relations between our countries, that became one of the available learnable languages in every school here with us in our clan learned the language itself to suit our “polyglot skillset trait” and agenda besides the expectation of our ancestors learned it, as she go ahead in whisper.“[Norman: I got a glimpse thanks to Ate Ashe.]”

‘Very fair for our school having numerous grades and students in putting up flag ceremony. At least the previously won classes, the former hosts, will get their turn once the entire cycle is complete. It’ll be long though because of numbers and one of the alums was the Iron Lady herself, famous figures, famous tycoons, and descendants and relatives of the Iron Duke…some marketing materials history has.’ I thought, remembering our country’s prime minister, the Iron Lady, not the another modern-day Iron Lady, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, who like in the previous counterpart was the Deputy Prime Minister and hold ministerial positions under her belt and tenure as a MP, the first Iron Lady of Malaya, Marybelle Liu, who spoke out against the silliness and uselessness of the ‘different version’ of appeasement crap and exposing the Mad Austrian Painter and his nerfed Nazi Circus, and fairly talented figures related to the 1st Duke of Wellington who studied in our school, before smiling back at Priscilla and reply her in Japanese for them to understand it since Asuka and Maho recently started learning Norman. “[Nihongo: Ah, yes, Priscilla-chan. Things that’ll be revealed in first homeroom period by Misa-sensei. Fair game.]”

From my remark, the inward reactions of Asuka, Maho, and Kathie, were of pleasant ones. They were aware of it after Tita Michelle and Ashe revealed it to us after the usual morning jogging routine.

[Kathie: Good thing I memorized those parts. Gonna thank Mama and Papa for teaching me those and explaining the Malaya National Identity.]

[Asuka: At least I know it’ll be our turn. I have to learn the anthems though since I’ll be marrying with our Darling.]

[Maho: This brings me back when we were at Ashton with Akari, Kristen-nee, and Kyoko-nee.]

‘Same Maho. We’re with our friends from Ashton during those days.’

Going inside our home base, 1-1 classroom, seconds later, we were greeted with a sight of Kotori, Sayuri, Alex, and Ekaterina, talking about anime that turned into talking of Foundation Week while our co-adviser, Misa-sensei, who was at the teacher’s table, with her tablet, doing things with it as she typed and scroll down her tablet.

Sporting a smile while our classmates who arrived earlier than us, chatter in low tone, the hibernate-haired sensei, our class co-adviser, looking up, greeted us a good morning.

“Good morning, Manny, Priscilla, Maho, Kathie, Asuka.”

“Good morning, Misa-sensei.” I answered back for our small group, with some respect since she’s our teacher and class adviser, that made my lovely girls smile, as I went on with some small joke. “Today’s a nice weather for Varela, isn’t it?”

Misa-sensei smiled. “Yep, Manny. With the sakura trees planted in our school and outside, it gives me a nice pleasant mood. Nothing beats enjoying the cold while drinking coffee.”

“[Nihongo: I agree, sensei.]” added Kathie in Japanese, that had me smile. “Varela’s breeze also makes me feel energized besides practicing at Artemis.”

“There’s a reason why Varela and similar areas were picked by the athletes, the military, and law enforcement, that is, training.” Said Misa-sensei.

[Asuka: Some weather Varela has. Good location for jogging too.]

[Maho: Yeah, some hot choco I drunk this early morning suits the climate.]

[Priscilla: Nothing wrong at all. It’s always like that.]

Looking at Kathie, I could see this white-haired smiling confidently. She truly was a match for me in archery category. Some girls in the Archery Club and those beginners and first timers, according to Maya and Lily, seek her out for first timers if not always besides Addie-senpai for the crossbow category.

Smiling back from their responses and exchange, we settle down our things first on our respective assigned seats where we, in a few moments, got greeted by Alex, Sayuri, Kotori, and Ekaterina, a good morning, in time for me to notice Rie’s arrival who then smiled at my gaze as she went ahead to take her assigned seat.