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I hurriedly  jogged to keep up with the duo 

even they seemed to be walking at a leisurely pace they were moving really fast 

as I moved I noticed the changes in my body 

the first obvious thing was my heartbeat which drummer with the tenacity of  a thousand suns

at least that is what it felt like to me it was beating like some were banging on a drum with animal like ferocity 

my breathing became easier  as well even though I was jogging I barely felt the strain

 but I could  feel sweat forming on my brow I looked behind me and realized that 

it was black in colour and reeked 

like the sewers under my former hometown in another world 

my muscles were now fine toned like one of those Greek sculptures I had seen around 

 and even it was dark I was able to see as clearly as if it was daytime 

as I walked I tried to think about what was going on but my brain was too slow for me to comprehend

what was happening to me? 

I shook it off I couldn't think about it right now, I wanted to enjoy the moment for as long as possible so I would forget I had ever experienced that pain 

I tried to open my acupoints and the coll breeze like energy filled me making me stronger faster and sharper 

I began to look around to distract myself from my reality 

I was in a massive room with a giant dome covering the dealing 

it was completely lit by dim red light

the walls were made from glass or something similar 

it all looked very scientific in nature

the whole place was surrounded by the sound of running water 

the floor was covered in weird black dust that hid the white marble floor and a massive golden pillar rose up from the ground all the way up to the sky some 

the more I looked around the more I felt the sense of  deja vu like I had been here before 

but that was not possible I had never seen the place before 

as I continued my exploration I saw something strange or rather something I had seen before and known about it from somewhere before 

right in the side of the room, there was a giant bell the size of the car 

it was made of  bronze and shaped like a  

 triangle and it had two rings it had no opening at the top

the sound of water kept coming from inside

the bell also had pictures drawn on it 

I soon realized the bell was the place we were heading to 

and I soon realized the picture drawn on it were of owls 

some of them were spreading their wings and flying 

some pictures showed the owls brandishing their sharp talons to catch many varieties of rodents  and birds

it reminded me of something...I wasn’t sure what it was but it definitely felt familiar and important to know

then something clicked in my mind this bell was in my dream the sex orgy dream where a lady who called herself my mother fought with a six-armed monster and trapped it within this very bell 

I froze 

this place was the cathedral of my dream that meant the black dust I was walking in was the ashes of the people burned 

I  had just found out what the nightmare meant

I was back to being afraid I didn’t want to face the unknown but I knew that I needed to get to the bottom of it before everything got worse, and I needed to go find someone who might have answers.

I forced myself to move once 

As I entered deeper into the place I began to notice something else  odd about this place

It was extremely quiet

not like normal quiet but it was almost as if it was holding its breath

even  the sound of flowing water had disappeared 

suddenly bumped into silver,

 he had stopped moving and was standing next to the bell with his arms crossed and his eyes closed when I bumped into him

his eyes shot opened wide and his expression twisted in surprise


he said nothing as I bowed my head to apologize  I didn’t care what he thought and I hadn't even noticed we were now standing in front of the bell 

" Mistress Tong Zhong we have brought you the child"

silver suddenly grabbed by my clothes and shoved me forward 

I tripped over my own feet

and fell backwards onto the ground I landed hard

My hands touched the cold floor I hurriedly got up and glared  at the childlike entity 


" Mistress Tong Zhong we are sorry to keep you waiting"

I heard silver speak and to my surprise silver then dropped to his knees 

and bowed his head 

" Mistress Tong Zhong please forgive us"

I slowly turned towards the bell and noticed dirty golden dust spinning and gathering on top of the bell-like a mining tornado 

and looking closer I could see an owl’s face peering out

with yellow and green eyes staring back at me

the owl  had human features and giant  wings

but that wasn’t  what caught my attention the strangest fact

was that these things were wearing a white dress

that wasn’t made out of cloth

it looked more like metal and looked like some kind of armour

except not any kind of armour I’d had ever seen 

the tornado soon settle down leaving behind an enormous black owl with dual coloured eyes and a white dress 

the owl then began to coo  in my direction as if she was saying hello

"Yellow," I said nervously looking at the blizzard image in front of me 

"coo, coo" the owl cooed once again 

and before I could do something Erebus was the one who spoke 

"Yes mistress Tong this the child of wrath who was chosen "

the owl once again cooed 

" yes he has made his choice and chose the heart mistress"

the owl turned toward and cooed 

this time no one answered it was awkwardly standing as the owl peered at me 

"Sorry I don't speak Owl" 

I was embarrassed how hell was I supposed to know what the owl was talking about 

Erebus laughed at my expense and said

 "I am sorry mistress but our young I am afraid is not at the level where he can speak through the universe yet mistress if you want I can translate for you"

"That won't be necessary lord Erebus I can take in human tongue for our young friend, even though I haven't speaker it for a long time I doubt the language is changed much"

the owl spoke the goddammed owl spoke and it spoke in the tongue that was the common language used  in the mines 

The lady owl spoke with a soft feminine voice that  sounded sweet

"Mistress is there a problem master?"

"No, not at all little one"

the lady owl seemed surprised at being addressed like a servant

" So you are the child of wrath I see you are pathetically weak"

I was too shocked to register the insult I had too many questions jumping around in my mind 

" why do you call me that?"

" call you what, ?" the owl spread its wind and its head began to wiggle 

or her head I was confused 

"Child of wrath"

" because you are a child " the owl answered with contempt

"I mean why do you call me child of wrath and not just child?"

" because since the money you have been born you have been marked by the wrath of the world"

I gulped at the revelation but thinking it won't mean what I think it will mean I asked once again 

"what does that mean?"

the owl became irritated  at my question and said 

"We don't have time to explain every tidbit"

" Silver have you bonded with him yet"

the child stood up in a flash and heavily shook his head lit rattle drum 

"Not yet Sister Tong Zhong"

"Then do so we don't have time to waste "

before I could do anything silver hopped over to me and took my hand and bit me 

the bastard but me 

 hard enough to draw blood

I stared at him in confusion wondering if he really did bite me harder than he had intended

He didn't pay me any mind as he flashed away from me 

I looked at my wounded hand as it began to heal and close up like the wolverine from Xmen 

I was surprised to see that I mean I already had a fast healing but this was on some level shit 

I didn't know whether to thank him or to go and lunch him 

suddenly I felt a strange situation a began to sense and feel silver 

even he was standing a good 10 feet away from me I could still  feel him like he wasn't far at all 

I could now feel a strange connection between him and me like we were the same person 

I could feel what he felt saw heard and smelled 

it was confusing I had no idea what to feel or think or say

I could now tell he was worried about me

I also realised who or rather what silver was 

he wasn't a human being he was a weapon spirit 

and he was old and powerful 

I could sense his power as our connection solidified 

" Now our silver has all your knowledge"

Erebus said as he came next to me 

 I froze up once again did mean he had access to all my memories 

" No I don't have your memories you and I now share the same thoughts process that means all your knowledge terminology you know well now I know them too" silver chirped proudly 

" and by what mistress Tong Zhong said means is that since the money you were born you have been angry and that anger has brought the karmic mark of wrath upon you"

" and. if still don't understand the simplest explanation is you have so much anger in you the world around you can't help but resonate with and give way to you but in turn, it causes bad luck too which causes  you to fall into a worse situation than you should have"

silver happy jumped around and smiled brightly as he spoke as if he was telling me done great news 

I felt my stomach thinner in discomfort so all my bad luck up till now

 the suffering, the loss of sight, the looks of my loved ones happened because I was angry 

that was a load of bullshit 

I mean how can my being angry cause me to suffer more 

should I be happy when some cause pain to me 

I am not a masochist

the rage came to me like an old friend 

"there you go again child of wrath distorting the very fabric of this world by your anger" the owl some breaking me out of my melancholy thoughts 

I tried to breathe and calm myself  but I didn't want to admit how right they were

my feelings weren't wrong I was angry and sad but those are  emotions that  we're doing something around I could now feel it 

" Don't we will teach how to harness it and wield your wrath child, now I am given to understand you have chosen the heart" the owl cooed and apple to me in a calming manner 

I stayed silent as the latter half of the sentence confused me 

thankfully silver came to my rescue 

" He doesn't know what he has chosen, he doesn't anything about himself the world his origin he doesn't know anything"

I opened my mouth to protest but then closed when I realised how right he was I had no fracking clue what was happening all around me 

the owl let out a coo that sounded a lot like. heavy sigh 

"then silver, you explain it to him" 

silver nodded heavily and then turned his big brown eyes to me 

"Listen closely and listen well mad listen closely spoilt child master"

"as you know we live in a world filled with magic, monsters, immortals, ghosts,  fairies and also many other mortals races like  humans that are living in this wonder of a miraculous  world we call home"

I nodded I know this much I was in a cultivation world filled with all sorts of beings who can manipulate and absorb the energy called qi who seek to become immortal beings 

I also knew that immortals weren't the only group of people who could control and manipulate energies to attain eternal life, supernatural powers, and incredible levels of strength.

there were monsters, ghosts, mages adept, wizards, witches, sorcerers, monks, warriors, fairies, mysticals, arcanists and more kinds of practitioners 

but I kept my mouth close and listened 

and silver didn't disappoint like a teacher giving a lecture he trained on 

" to explain everything to you I need to start from the very beginning"

he cleared his throat and started

"in the beginning the universe as we know it was one, it was a giant piece of land floating in the endless dark sea of cosmos"

"As the beings living on this world grew and gained intelligence and became sentient beings that could talk and interact with the beings around them and learn about themselves and each other the creatures on these worlds developed their own language, languages that were created to express their complex thought processes and concepts.  These different languages formed new languages and religions and schools and societies that were established among these various groups of people.

the very first group to do that was the archalois people as they called themselves 

they soared up  to power and decide that all the other races should also share their values culture and power 

the power they had learned to wild and exercise through their knowledge 

this very power allied them to move mountains,  trees, plants, rivers, lakes and seas with its power to create things that were made of stone, steel, wood, metal and wood.

this power allows them to kill the giant predators that hunted and killed their people 

they called it the power of the world

they were a benevolent  race that allowed all the other races to prosper and grow 

allowing a second race to merge that could wild the power of the world but unlike the archalois, these new people did not wild the power according to the will of the world in harmony with the nature but wielded it to bend the nature of the world to their will

they wielded for destruction not creation they began calling themselves the klinon race 

and soon a war broke out between the two races as they  clashed chaos  soon ensued the klinon received the predators such as dragons, tigers, snakes that we're persuaded by the archalois race teaching them bits and pieces of their power 

the arcalois in turn recruited the spirit race the faries the fae

the war ragged on for centuries and amongst the chaos, another group of sentient beings learned to wield the power 

they began themselves the Aeldre race 

they combine the knowledge of the Kilnon and the archalois to create a new way to wild the power a stronger way 

within year's they defeated and destroyed the two races hunting them down to extinction 

and then they enslaved the rest of the races and divided them into hereditarily classes dependent on their race and importance 

they ruled with an iron fist  and enforced their rule

they destroyed any race that dared to even show a semblance to wild the power of the world 

the Aeldre race was a ruthless race 

that showed no mercy under their rule the world 

 was filled with chaos and bloodshed the world itself feared and obeyed the rule of the Archalois race it was known for it were their religion and the only religion for them to believe in

their religion told them to destroy any form of magic for anyone who tried to defy it, any kind of knowledge, learning or knowledge that was not aligned with theirs.

the Archalois race was cruel they were the kings of this land, there was no mercy shown towards anyone who challenged them, no matter the race or ethnicity of the challenger

after aeons of their suffocating rule, their number began to dwindle 

for some reason their race had gone sterile no new  offspring existed

to make things worse their religion was corrupt and corrupting their minds as it corrupted their bodies

they started to use their religion to dominate the world  and their power to take over and control it

and after millennia of ruling with absolute power and complete control over every single race and place the Aeldre race lost the respect of all races they had conquered 

in dispute attempt to save the self from dying off the races greatest mind began to research how to did them 

some searched for immorality others searched for how to bring back their fertility  but in vain, they found nothing in their research to work and their search lead them to the conclusion that they were doomed 

but one among them found something he found he could have children with the lower races and they could wild the power so and not just if he incorporated the power from his offsprings he could rejuvenate himself and line longer 

the man name was kako and soon his life of waiting began he waited till the last of his people were dead the elders, the warriors until he was the last Aeldre alive

and when all the other races celebrated their newfound freedom with another war for dominance  

Kako came out with his army made up of his children and destroyed and resolved every race and then began his tyranny 

the Aeldre we're tyrants but they left the mundane populace alone but kako the conquered di no such thing 

he builds aren't where he would make the races fight each other for the right to eat sleep drink facially just live 

his cruelty knew no bounds as he  tortured his victims and killed them slowly until none were left in his grasp except one

he eats his children and made no secret out of it because he was the most powerful being in the world 

he delighted in the line and suffering of the very world 

it seemed as if his rule of darkness was endless 

the world mourned as the sun went down

for a few minutes there were celebrations of joy but as it passed the celebration died down to sadness

but one day as he tried to eat of his son called pangu something went wrong as he caught his son his servants attempted an assassination  in a bid to kill him though they failed they allowed Pangu to escape 

Pangu escaped  and fled

many years later he returned he somehow attained an ancient Kilnon artefact an axe 

h it is not known when or how or where he found it all we know is he found it and then rallied all the races among with a few of his brethren against the tyrant Kako his father 

and in the end, they won killing Kako the last of the true Aekdre race 

bringing a new  era of dawn to the world

the brothers and sisters that didn't with him became the new rulers of this world alongside him the Saint Pangu as they called him 

they began calling themselves the elder race the protected and rulers of this world 

under their rule, a new era of  prosperity peace and   happiness reigned  once more" 

I was enthralled by the same silver was telling but I still didn't know what it had to do with me 

"under elder race, the knowledge flowed freely the other races were no longer held back or persecuted and in harmony, they lived and prospered 

but after  millions of years of peaceful rule, another race surfaced that could wild the power but not like the kilnons, archalois or the Aeldre race 

these beings were born from the chaos energy river of the cosmos they would were the very aspects of nature unlike any other race they did not grow old and with time they gee immensely powerful 

but they did not oppose the rule of the elder race as they lived in harmony with the rest.

but this was a mask they wore in the light in the dark the spread and tinkerer with e knowledge of the power of the world 

but most of all

they were gods


who controlled the power of this realm of existence

they begged and enthralled the races to their whims as they  controlled the powers of the world with fear, intimidation and control

they were a force to be reckoned with

they were masters of the earth, 

the moon and the stars, 

the ocean and the sky, 

the wind,

the air

and soon without any warning, they attacked the elder race defeating  them and seizing control in one night 

and then their rule began they rule the world as if this world was a playing board  and the mortals were their pieces in their games 

they twisted and plated with fates of all the beings in existence

but they had left a major flaw in the world they left the tinkered knowledge in the world along with the surfing members of the elder race that began spreading their knowlege like a wildfire 

and soon mortals with power to wield, manipulate and cultivate the energies of the world through various methods sprung up like mushroom  

ghosts, monsters, mages, wizards all of these practitioners and cultivators 

but the gods did not stop them from growing because they began to use these mortals with the ability to wield the power as pawns of war against each other 

the gods divided themselves into pantheons of power that fought against a common enemy and they soon discovered the power of worship prayer and sacrifice that gained them greater power to wild against their enemies 

they began forcing mortals to worship them and pay them tribute forcing them to sacrifice something dear to them

some Pantheons were happy with the sacrifice of a favourite toy or their harvest or  wealth to buy peace and security and protection from the gods 

other Pantheons were not so kind they demanded the sacrifice of limbs eyes and children 

as time went on the cruelty the gods became 

and in that time of peril the Atlantians who wielded the knowlege of mana manipulation and called themselves wizards raise and challenged their gods even killing several of them 

this shocked awed the gods who banded together to do destroy the Atlantians 

when though they failed and faced the wrath of gods they sparked a revolutions

another group of people who called themselves the immortal cultivators rose to fight their oppressive God but unlike Atlantians they Solano gathered the defeated gods of other pantheons to their cause allowing them to win and draft the monster begotten gods 

similarly all around the world different types of practitioner cultivators, Wielders rose up against their pantheon 

some won some didn't but the world was thrown in chose and gods became sacred 

they called upon the victors to come to a truce and to end their war 

upon their meeting, they decided to divide up the world each pantheon and newly victorious victors would take their people and the piece of the world and would divide it up and go in a corner of the cosmos and line in the piece without interfering with each other 

and so they did the current millions of worlds that are just pieces of the once great world divide and carved out like some juicy pie of power-hungry greedy mongrels causing the world to cry in pain 

now listen closely child for the tale gets interesting"