1. I Woke Up as a Rooster
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Waking up in the middle of a dense grass field, Ryan felt confused. Why was he here? He should’ve been in the middle of his marriage ceremony. His mind was still hazy, but he tried to remember what happened.

If he wasn’t wrong, Ryan had gone through every ceremony procedure but one. He and his girlfriend stood on the stage to perform the last ceremony, tearing apart a whole grilled chicken together.

It was a weird tradition in his place, but he thought it would be fun. Ryan held the chicken’s left foot while she held the right side. He looked at her smile first, and he felt so lucky to be alive.

His girlfriend was so pretty in her white dress. Flower patterns adorned her long, brunette hair. They had been together since they were still a high school student. After tearing the grilled chicken, Ryan finally could call her ‘my wife’, and there they went.


They tore the chicken apart, and the sound was loud that everyone could hear it. Ryan jumped in his mind, and he took a long jump to her side in reality, too. He was about to carry her, but he realized she looked up to the sky, and everyone did the same thing.

Feeling curious, Ryan looked up too, and the sight astonished him. A hand tore apart the air like someone opened a snack package. The roof of the building vanished just like that. They stared at the black sky and a gigantic hand that was filled with stars.

Ryan wanted to move, but he couldn’t move after looking at that hand as if the hand had hypnotized him. The hand trampled the world, and he suddenly couldn’t think of anything.

Back to the present, Ryan suddenly felt weak. What about others? His friends, his parents, and his wife? Did they survive? He wanted to meet them.

His heart felt heavy, and Ryan touched his face. However, to his surprise, his hands had become wings. Then he looked at his figure.

The current Ryan had a pair of greenish black wings, long tails, a red crest on his head, and beak for the mouth. It was a very familiar figure for him. He tore this creature apart in his marriage ceremony. His form was none other than a rooster.

“What the hell!” Ryan cursed, but the word that came out of his beak was a crowing. It surprised him, and he and tried talking again, but the word that came out was still a crowing.

He crowed and stamped the ground to vent his anger. The world was so cruel. Why would have these all happened on his wedding day? He couldn’t even call her ‘my wife’ for the first time! This situation was unfair.

“No, the world isn’t to blame. It was that giant hand’s fault. I swear I will take a revenge!”

As he cursed and swore in crowing, the ground suddenly shook. Ryan stopped stomping the ground. He couldn’t believe his foot could produce that much of sound. He lifted his foot and stomped the ground, and it shook again.

“Wow, I did that. I am strong. Is that mean I can become stronger? Haha.”

A blue screen appeared before him when he mentioned ‘stronger’. The texts were alien to him, but he could understand it somehow.

Welcome to another world, Otherworlder #3245679801. First, find a safe place.

The First and the Last Quest From the Primordial Will.

Objective: Find a safe place.

Reward: a complete guide to become stronger; an innate ability.

Time remaining: 1 minute.

Ryan sensed the urgency in this quest that it affected him, too. He was about to observe his surrounding when a giant drop of water fell to his head. He realized a shade on the ground, so he thought it was raining, but all his feathers stood up in surprise when he looked up.

Behind him, a giant creature stood on its chicken-like feet. Its red skin was thick and seamless. Its head resembled that of a humanoid demon with a pair of bull-like horns, but what made it looked terrifying was it had another head that resembled a dog on its groin.

The dog stared at him and drooled. Ryan realized what had rained on his head before. Without further ado, he started running with all his might.

The grasses around were taller than him, and he thought they would well hide him, but the weird creature chased him, even if he changed his direction.

As he kept moving his feet at the full speed, his despair grew because the creature got closer. If only he could move faster. As he thought of that, the blue screen appeared again in front of him.

Innate Abilities (Otherworldly Jungle Rooster)

  • [System Window]
  • [Inventory]
  • [Rocket Kick]

Ryan played some RPG so he could somewhat guess what [System Window] and the [Inventory] were, so he clicked [Rocket Kick].

[Rocket Kick]

Rank: Mortal (00%)

Usage: Active

Creating big impact from the user’s feet.

This skill was useful in this situation. However, he didn’t know how to use a skill, so he tried randomly. Luckily, he was right on the first try when he crowed the skill, “Cuckookaroo (Rocket Kick)!”

Ryan imagined the skill manifesting from his feet and it came true. Shockwaves appeared from his feet, launching him into the air like a rocket. He crowed in fear because he couldn’t control this skill yet. He flapped, but sadly a chicken couldn’t fly.

From the sky, he could see the place clearer. It was a vast field containing various gigantic monsters. Far ahead, he could see a forest too. There were rocky hills in the direction where his body went to. He would die if he crashed the rock, but the hills were full of holes. It was do or die. He aimed to enter the hole. However, his consciousness suddenly faded, and he had a hard time to breathe.

You are suffering from the mana lost fatigue because of excessive consumption of mana beyond the capacity. You will enter the torpor state in ten seconds to recover your mana.

Ryan tried to utter a word, but he couldn’t. He fought hard to stay awake. At least he needed to enter the hole. He wanted to concentrate, but another message came. He couldn’t see the blue screen anymore, but a sound whispered in his mind.

The quest is complete. Awarded a guide to become stronger to the user’s inventory. Pick one of these abilities:

As he entered the hole, the quest suddenly finished. Normally, Ryan would be happy, but currently he cursed at the system. How could he think of his choice in his current condition? He didn’t even know where this hole would lead him to. In fact, if he crashed hard surface, he would die.

He wanted to move, but he couldn’t, so he left it to the fate. Ryan landed on a slimy, bouncy surface. His body rebounded to the wall, but because his body was wet, he slid down safely to the ground. He didn’t know what had happened because he already fell unconscious.


When he regained consciousness, Ryan immediately observed his surroundings. However, everything was dark. He barely could see many gigantic pudding-like figures in front of him. He was afraid of them, but they seemed to hold no interest for him, so maybe he was fine for a while.

Ryan looked at the blue screen that hadn’t disappeared. It showed several choices of abilities.

The quest is complete. Awarded a guide to become stronger to the user’s inventory. Pick one of these abilities:

  1. Nature Meld
  • Conceals oneself by becoming one with the nature, becoming invisible as one remains still.
  • Gains healing factor in invisible mode.
  • After breaking the invisibility by attacking, deals bonus damage to the enemy.
  1. Spirit Eyes
  • Can see spirits and communicate with them.
  • Can perceive dangers by colors.
  • Can see in the absolute darkness.
  1. Chickening Roar
  • After roaring, enemies will get taunted and come to the user. They can’t counter and resist this ability.

Ryan thought what would be his choice. He put aside the number three skill because he didn’t need that to survive in his current condition. The remaining choice was the first and second skill.

The first skill was very useful. However, he remembered about the creature that chased him. It could know his position even though he hid among the grasses. He was afraid other monsters in here had the similar if not better skills to detect invisibility. His choice was the second skill.

Are you sure you want to choose Spirit Eyes? The user is a monster, so upon choosing a skill, they will have their first evolution. (Y/N)

Ryan clicked yes, and his body suddenly glowed. He cursed in his heart because he was afraid this light would attract other monsters. However, nothing came, so it relieved him.

The light disappeared, and his appearance changed. His crest became dark purple, and his feathers were light purple. Ryan was curious about his current race, so he looked at the system window.

Ryan Alpha Edison

  • Race: [Spirit Rooster]
  • Type: Physical; Elemental; Spirit
  • Rank: Mortal
  • [Hit Point]: 100/100 (100%)
  • [Mana Point]: 100/100 100%
  • Progression to the Awakened Rank: 0% (0 / 4) cores.


  • [Strength] (0 / 5) Cores: [Mortal 0]
  • [Vitality] (0 / 5) Cores: [Mortal 0]
  • [Agility] (0 / 5) Cores: [Mortal 0]
  • [Spirituality] (0 / 5) Cores: [Mortal 0]
  • [Mana] (0 / 5) Cores: [Mortal 0]

Innate Ability (Spirit Rooster)

  • [System Window]
  • [Inventory]
  • [Spirit Eyes]
  • [Rocket Kick]

Absorbed Cores (0 / 4)

  • [No Core]: 0 / 5 [No Attribute, No Attribute, No Attribute, No Attribute, No Attribute]
  • [No Core]: 0 / 5 [No Attribute, No Attribute, No Attribute, No Attribute, No Attribute]
  • [No Core]: 0 / 5 [No Attribute, No Attribute, No Attribute, No Attribute, No Attribute]
  • [No Core]: 0 / 5 [No Attribute, No Attribute, No Attribute, No Attribute, No Attribute]

So that was his window status. It wasn’t quite like he imagined, but somehow he felt his blood boiling by seeing this thing. Who would’ve thought there would be a time when he would strive to get stronger to attain his goals?

He wouldn’t be slacking. There was a high chance that his friends, family, and his wife were sent to this world, and so he had to survive first.

“Don’t die on me, everyone. Let’s meet again in the future.”

Ryan finally looked at his surroundings. Unlike before, he could see in the dark as clear as day thanks to his Spirit Eyes. He saw the hole where he fell on the ceiling, and also the bouncy creature that accidentally saved him. It was a giant pink jelly. He could see a red pearl floating inside it. However, what took his attention the most was the screen above the creature.

[Flesh Eating Slime]

Rank: Awakened

Type: Elemental; Physical.

[HP]: 100%

[MP]: 100%

This ability allowed Ryan to see the information of others. Then, he checked the System Window and found out it was one of its features.

He put up his guard because of the name of the creature. Not only that, it wasn’t only one. There were many similar creatures around him. The ground was full of skeletons, so he thought they really ate flesh. He still didn’t understand why they didn’t eat him, though, so he observed them once again with his Spirit Eyes to determine whether or not they were dangerous.

[Spirit Eyes]

Rank: Mortal (00%)

Usage: Active

  • Can see spirits and communicate with them.
  • Can perceive dangers by colors.
  • Can see in the absolute darkness.


His mana decreased to 99% from 100%. He didn’t know how much it would cost, but he would use it to survive. Everything emitted light after he activated it. The ground and wall had green light, while those creatures had orange light. He guessed the ability had the same principle as traffic lights. If so, he should be wary of them because they emitted orange light.

Ryan’s eyes observed the wall behind him that spread across the one-way path. It was empty and emitted green light, so he followed it. The path looked like a tunnel with a lower ceiling than the room where those slimes lived and the ground was clean from skeletons.

Once again, he didn’t know why those slimes didn’t harm him, but he didn’t want to become like those skeletons. He had to get away from that room as soon as possible.

The tunnel was straight and long. After several minutes of walking, Ryan stopped because he encountered a creature. It was a giant rat at the size of his body. The creature emitted orange light, so he needed to be wary of it.

Ryan walked to the side, and the rat approached him cautiously. He sighed because he knew he had to fight it. This would be his first official fight in this world as a rooster.