23. New Adventure
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+[Death Touch]

Rank: Awakened

Usage: Passive

Has a 5% chance to instant kill an enemy with 30% [HP]. Has 50% chance to instant kill when dealing critical damage against an enemy with 15% [HP].

Ryan thought this ability was suitable for him because he had a good chance to deal critical damage against enemies. He told Thanatos about this ability, and he agreed with his opinion, too.

“This ability is, of course, suitable for you because the system has made this ability based on all abilities you have. Alright, then I will teach you about things you need to know about awakened rank. First, you can see your [System Window].”

[Basic Information]

Name: Ryan Alfa Edison

Race: Vector Cockatrice

Rank: Awakened

Progress: Level 0/10 (Early Phase)


[Strength] (Ultimate): Mortal 5

[Vitality] (Ultimate): Mortal 5

[Agility] (Ultimate): Mortal 5

[Spirituality] (Ultimate): Mortal 5

[Mana] (Ultimate): Mortal 5

“My progression system is different. It is changed to level, not absorbing cores anymore. Also, my attributes have changed too,” Ryan said.

Thanatos nodded. “To level up, you can absorb two things, evolution essence and cores. One evolution essence is equal to four cores.”

“So that’s why Lewis needs many cores.”

“Hold on. Let me finish explaining.. You need to eat 5 evolution essences to level up, and you can increase one attribute every two levels. This rank comprises three phases, early, middle, and late. So, you need 150 evolution essences or equal to 600 cores. There are two more hidden phases too, but I will explain about it sometime. Do you have any questions?”

“Well, there are so many things I want to ask. First, what is this (Ultimate) thing beside my attributes?”

“They are called grades. There are five grades: bad, average, good, perfect, and ultimate. The number of cores you have absorbed before you rank up is what determines it. 1 core is bad grade, 2 to 3 cores are average grade, and 4 cores is a good grade. If you either have Ace Title or rank-up through the ultimate path, the system will upgrade your grade by one. However, if you have both the Ace Title and rank-up through the ultimate path, the system will upgrade your grade by two. Ultimate grade multiplies your stats by 5 times.”

“That’s awesome. No wonder my [HP], [MP], and other stats become big.”

Thanatos smirked. “You can easily overpower others of the same rank with bad to good grades. Perfect grades of the same rank can put up a fight, but they still can’t defeat you. This is the benefit of the ultimate path.”

“Do humans have the ultimate path too?”

Thanatos nodded. “Every race is equal. Anyway, Have you got another question?”

“Ah, yea. How do I get this evolution essence?”

“Awakened rank monsters in the Sky Cave’s Layer of Battlefield drop it, or you can harvest it from some plants. Well, in the past, humanoids monopolized a certain plant that produced evolution essences.”

“Humans need evolution essences too?”

“And they need to absorb cores too at 2nd step. This step is a chance for them to change to suitable classes. Awakened ranks are fewer than mortal ranks because of these hard conditions to rank up to the 3rd step or the Bloodline rank. Some of them die by other people’s hands before they can reach the higher rank.”

Ryan sighed. “It seems I have no other choice but to explore the Sky Cave Further.”

Thanatos was quiet for a while before replying, “I shall follow along with you.”

After that, they enjoyed their food and rested. Ryan had nothing to do, so he checked his abilities one by one. All of them had evolved into their stronger versions. He read a certain ability and suddenly shouted, “Eureka!”

Thanatos turned to him and asked, “What happened, Ryan? Who is Eureka?”

Ryan laughed. “It is not anyone’s name. It is a catchphrase for when we get inspiration.”

“What inspiration?”

Ryan puffed his chest and explained a certain ability he had. “I have an ability called [Shadow Hole]. It allows me to create a pocket dimension where I can hide from powerful monsters. It has been useful to me a few times. Though, I like this ability’s new version.”

“What is it?”

Ryan only smirked mysteriously at Thanatos’s question. The latter smacked his head, so he explained his plan. “The [Shadow Hole] has become [Warp Hole].”

[Warp Hole]

Rank: Awakened

Usage: Active

Places a warp hole permanently. Every warp hole is connected, and the user can teleport between them. Only 2 holes can exist at the same time.

Ryan felt pity the [Shadow Hole’s] evolution lost the original function to create a pocket realm, but this effect was more suitable for the current him. This [Warp Hole] fixed his problem of limited choice.

“I plan to place one [Warp Hole] here. This is still our primary base. We don’t have to leave at all. The soldiers will dominate the whole place, grow in numbers, and become stronger. Awakened Rank soldiers can join us in our adventure to explore the Sky Cave further.”

“I see, so you have decided to abandon the surface.”

Ryan laughed. “You are wrong. This is where my human clone is useful. Let me give you an example.”

Ryan’s main body put a warp hole, and the human body did the same. After that, they walked to the opposite sides. They placed other warp holes and entered it, and they arrived at the warp holes in the middle.

Thanatos laughed. “I see, so that’s your plan. Genius! Your main body and human body are the same, yet different. The casting of ability by your human body isn’t counted as your main body’s casting and vice versa. With this, we can travel the surface and underworld at the same time.”

“That’s my plan, Old Man.”

“Let’s do this.”




Ryan walked with Thanatos at night. It was just the two of them. Before he left this place, he wanted to carry out his revenge against a certain monster. That was why he asked the old man to come with him. They entered the forest together. No creature dared to approach them.

The wind swayed the trees and bushes, accompanying their walk. However, they stopped as Ryan realized something alive near him with his new [Hunter Domain]. He channeled [Destructive Beam] for a long time and launched it randomly. The beam arced to the side and hit something.

[Hunter Domain]

Rank: Awakened (00%)

Usage: Active

Creates an invisible zone where the user can sense everything inside it.

The user’s attacks will always hit enemies inside the zone.

“I am getting used to my new abilities.”

The ground shook as something invisible fell. The wind raged and formed a vortex that trapped Ryan and Thanatos in the middle. The mysterious thing revealed itself. A red-scaled lizard stood on two feet. It was none other than the boss monster Ryan had encountered in the past.

[Red Bitor Rex]

Rank: Awakened

“We meet again!” Ryan said confidently, but he actually masked his nervousness. The monster still emitted red light even though he had become Awakened. If it wasn’t for the [Hunter Domain], he couldn’t detect it even with his [Spirit Eyes].

“Was that invisible form masked your soul too? If yes, no wonder my [Spirit Eyes] couldn’t detect you as it judged danger by intentions while [Hunter Domain] just scanned the surrounding.” Ryan thought the monster would reply to him because it had high intelligence, but it kept staring at him.

“What’s the use of talking with monsters? Let’s finish this,” Thanatos said.

The monster roared, and little lizards rained down from trees; they were its guardians. Thanatos roared too and emitted green light. Those creatures glared at him angrily and targeted him.

“I will deal with these minions. You fight the boss as long as you can. I will help you when you can’t fight anymore.”

“Thanks old man, I want to know my limit as an Awakened. This boss monster is the perfect practice target.”

Ryan immediately used all buff and defensive abilities at his disposal. He hadn’t mastered his new Awakened Rank abilities yet, and some of them even had changed effects, but he wouldn’t give up. He could get stronger in the real battlefield.

That night, Ryan mastered his abilities by fighting with [Red Bitor Rex], but that wasn’t enough to defeat it. There was a sizeable gap between them, even though they were the same rank. In the end, Thanatos helped him, and they worked together to defeat it. Ryan still landed the last hit.




The next day, Ryan and everyone went to the Temple of Beginning. Thanatos said the gate to the lower level was somewhere in this place. He only brought Awakened Rank soldiers with him, and Thanatos followed him too because the old man could go through the [Warp Hole] anytime.

Ryan faced his soldiers, puffed his chest, and crowed loudly, “This is not a farewell, Work hard you all! Become useful to me so you can meet me again!” Everyone let out excited cries as he turned his back and walked into the temple.

Ryan met many monsters and they noticed him too however, they didn’t approach him making his travel easier.

“Convenient, If I came here alone they would attack me no matter how strong I was because I am a humanoid.” Thanatos said. “By the way, are you still sulking because I took the [Red Bitor Rex’s] resources? We already agreed to make them all mine if you couldn’t defeat it, Just saying.”

Ryan snorted and quickened his steps, they had visited every place in this temple. This place was more like a labyrinth because it was so wide and had many confusing paths; however, they finally found the secret gate to the lower level of Sky Cave. They found it by coincidence when turning left at a certain cross junction.




Ryan’s human body smiled, He bid farewell to undead soldiers and left for the surface by mounting Kitty. Yes he had brought this monster to the surface. The reason was simple, Monsters dared to approach his human body even though he was an [Awakened Rank]. With a Rex-titled monster no one dared to mess with him.

After they had passed-by all areas, they arrived at the entrance of the Sky Cave.

Verona, her teammates, and Lewis had waited for his arrival. Ryan had called them first hand with his [Friend Call] function which cost him several coppers. The [Inventory] and [System Window] of both bodies were the same.

Verona and everyone revealed shocked expressions at the sight of his human body, especially Verona. She fell into silence for a brief time but she came back to reality when Lewis moved his sickle before her face.

“Ordinary my face, Aren’t you looking a bit too attractive? Too attractive! You are basically on a par with Korean boy bands,” Verona complimented. “Too bad you already have a wife.”

Ryan started sweating. He didn’t want to explain it further. He was about to say hi to Lewis, but the latter spat on the ground.

“Tsk, die.”

“Don’t be like that, my friend. I have already proven to you that it is possible for us to return to human form.”

“I heard from Lewis, your case isn’t quite turning into a human form, right? You have two main bodies. To be honest, it surprised me.”

“Well I got a human body at least, my main body and this body are the same and different at the same time. I think this is the only way we can get a human body.”

No,” Lewis said. “I actually already found a way to transform into a human. The answer is in the human kingdom. I am going with Verona to the human kingdom. What about you Ryan?”

Ryan smiled. “I will also come to the human kingdom.” He felt several steps closer to his family and his wife. His instinct and heart believed they were in the human kingdom.




Ryan’s rooster body entered a dark hall. There were many lanterns on the sides. They walked further and found an altar at the end of the room. Three gigantic human statues stood behind it, and Ryan’s eyes widened when he saw the statue in the middle.

[Sky Devastator Rex]

Rank: Starseeker

Type: Physical, magic, spirit, elemental

[HP]: -

[MP]: -