28. Test
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Ryan’s human body just entered the room in the Tongue Tavern. He immediately left the room. He had made everyone wait.

Ryan came back to the bar on the first floor. Everyone was present there except for Lewis. Ryan greeted his friends. “Sorry to make you wait, all.”

They sighed in relief at his sight. Verona stood first and asked about his condition. “How are you? Did you succeed?”

Ryan nodded. “I won’t feel pain anymore.” He looked at Barbara. “I owe you a lot, Mrs. Tongue. You have given me a top-class item.”

Barbara smiled. “No worries. I hope you take care of it. What did you do with my item, though?”

“I created a phylactery out of it.”

Barbara’s eyes widened. “I know a bit of that item because of my line of work. Doesn’t that item make you immortal unless people destroy it?”

“Nah, this is a pseudo phylactery. Every damage I take will be transferred to it on my will. However, this item is a double-edged sword. If something attacks it, I take damage instead. I already store it in a safe place because I can’t put it in my inventory.”

“Are you alright telling this to us? There are many people here too,” Verona said, concerned.

“It is fine. As I said, I have stored it in a safe place. No one can do anything about it. Where is Lewis, by the way?”

“He is resting in his room. He said he missed human bed,” Barbara replied.

“You can rest too, Ryan. I will take you to city hall to take care of your citizenship tomorrow,” Verona said.

Ryan didn’t find a reason to refuse. He waved goodnight to the ladies and went to his room on the second floor again. As he lied on the bed, he assessed everything he had found out about the human body.

His main body had absorbed evolution essences and become level 3, and his human body gained the same level too. This [Fate-defying Clone] was really mysterious. Both of them were different and the same.

Ryan summoned his [System Window] to learn about how humans leveled more.

Name: Ryan Alfa Edison

Race: Cloned Human

Class: Fate-defying Clone (2nd Step)

Essence: 17 innate abilities.

Progress: Level 3/10 (Early Phase)

So far, Ryan understood both bodies shared the same level, [HP], [MP], [KP], and [Inventory]. This differed from the normal clones because their [Inventory] differed from the original bodies. The only thing both bodies didn’t share was the effects of abilities.

There were many abilities he hadn’t tested yet after ranking up. He hoped he could demonstrate it somehow.

The next day, Ryan transacted many things with Verona. As a result, his income increased again from 50 silvers to 350 silvers, or he had a net worth equal to 35.000 USD. He did well in this new world. Even Lewis and Barbara were jealous of him.

Verona’s teammates went to the church to deliver the resources. Verona had fulfilled a requirement to rank up to 2nd step, but she wanted to help him with his citizenship registry first.

Lewis worked under Barbara. The middle-aged woman had another side job as a boss of a bounty hunter agency. She received many quests with bounties from killing monsters to assassinate evil people. Lewis agreed with this job. It worried Ryan, but he believed his friend was strong.

After waving goodbye to them, Ryan and Verona walked together. People gathered on the street in the morning. This situation reminded him of daily life in his previous life. He kind of missed this situation.

Ryan passed by a bakery and smelled a fragrant aroma. He stopped and looked at a showcase of bread and cakes from the window. There was a pretty blonde-haired maid behind the window, and she gasped when their eyes met.

Ryan smiled at her and continued his walk. He slightly glanced at the maid for the last time. She behaved weirdly, dropping the cake she held, and the boss came to her and scolded her. She was such a weird woman.

“Do you like sweet, Ryan?” Verona asked.

“Well, I often ate sweets in the past. My wife was a baker Wetuber. She wasn’t international yet, but she had many local subscribers. The scent of bakery kind of reminded me of her.”

Verona smiled. “Your wife is lucky to have a loyal man like you.”

Ryan couldn’t help to blush. “Haha, really? I thought women only like bad boys.”

“Not all of them. Anyway, let’s buy some bread from that store.”

Verona turned back, but Ryan pulled her. “No, let’s take care of our things first.” He naturally led the way even though he didn’t know the direction.

Verona chuckled. “It is a pity.”

“What was?”

“That you have a wife.”

“What do you mean by that?” Ryan asked calmly.

Ryan had a conversation with Verona along the way, and they finally arrived at the main hall. It was a three stories building at the boundary of the middle circle. People crowded this place, and Verona explained they were fellow otherworlders. They came here to get citizenship too.

If he was doing it the normal way, Ryan had to wait for several days. That was how long the queue. Luckily, Verona had a connection with the inner people. It seemed her status in this city was high because of her position in the Church of something something.

Verona introduced him to a glasses office lady that worked here. Her name was Sayaka, a Japanese. They entered the building and took care of boring documents and interviews. After that, they entered a white room with a floating screen in the middle of it. Three people sat in the room's corner.

“This room is where we measure your talent as adventurers. As you have known, otherworlders can only get citizenship as adventurers at first. We can have a normal life once we rank up to 2nd step and live in the middle circle. However, if you have a useful talent, you can avoid becoming an adventurer. They will sign you to another safer job instead,” Sayaka said.

“Well, I am a 2nd step ranker, though,” Ryan said.

Sayaka smiled formally and fixed her glasses. “This is our procedure. Please follow it peacefully.”

“Alright. I don’t care what citizenship I will get. I will strive in this world too.”

“I am glad you understand. Please put your hand on the screen first.”

Ryan approached the screen in the middle of the room. It had a blue color just like his [System Window], but the size was two times larger, just like a big LED TV he once had. He touched it and his information appeared on it.

The three people in the room had wide eyes when they saw Ryan’s innate abilities. Sayaka broke her formal expression. Only Sayaka had a calm expression. She knew Ryan was originally a monster.

“Seventeen innate abilities! Call the higher-ups! This was unheard of before,” one of the three people said. Sayaka nodded and hurriedly left the room.

Ryan smiled. When he first showed Thanatos about this, the old man was shocked, too. He wanted to gain fame in this world, so he didn’t hesitate to show his information, not that he could hide it too. The more famous he was, the easier he could find the ones he cared about.

After reading Ryan’s interview document, those three people found out Ryan was an otherworlder that was reincarnated into a monster body. He let people know this secret too. In the interview, he had said his main body ventured to the Second Layer of Sky Cave. He hid the fact he could revive monsters as undead soldiers, though.

Not long after, Sayaka came back with a bulky man in a white uniform. Those three people stood and bowed at him, and even Verona did the same thing, so Ryan followed her, too.

The man approached Ryan in a friendly manner. He spread his hands and laughed. “Welcome. Welcome. My name is Taufan dan Lorren, the city's major in the outer circle.”

Ryan instinctively glanced above his head to look at his information, but no screen showed up. Taufan laughed at this. “Do you want to peek at my information? That’s a bad manner, Mr. Otherworlder. Just saying.”

Taufan showed a golden medal he wore. “When you reach 4th step, you gain an ability to intercept spying abilities, but with this item, you can do the same thing.”

Ryan appraised the item, and the information screen showed up.

[Morning Star Medal]

Rarity: Unique

Usage: Passive

  • The user becomes immune to low-level mind manipulation abilities
  • Prevents spying abilities
  • +1 to [Spirituality]

Ryan bowed. “Forgive me, city lord. I am not familiar with this world’s etiquettes yet.”

“So, it is true that you are a monster. That’s fine. That’s fine. Now, let’s see your ability demonstration.”

Sayaka stepped up and said, “You need to show your class abilities to us.”

“Do I need to show my innate—I mean essences—too?”

“You can keep your essences secret from us.”

“Alright.” Ryan thought of what to do. His human class was [Fate-defying Clone], but it was derived from his slot abilities too. He only had his slot abilities, so those were what he would show.

The scenery in the room changed to a green plain. Sayaka explained something had teleported them into a certain area, so Ryan could use destructive abilities as he pleased.

Ryan had 20 slot abilities, and he wanted to keep some of them as secrets like his [Nether King’s Aura] and [Luck Manipulation]. He didn’t have to show them all. Unlike monsters, humans got fixed numbers of class abilities from the start, and they gained more abilities after getting ability points. The number varied depending on their classes, but average humans had 3 to 5 starter abilities. He chose to show his [Physical] type abilities.

Ryan took off his shoes, and his feet suddenly turned into talons of his rooster form, silver scaled with sharp nails. This was his first time trying his [Physical] type ability in his human form. Some of them turned into active abilities. He could turn them off anytime.

Ryan’s feet felt lighter. He bolted forward and circled them several turns before stopping. He stopped and used another ability, [Artillery Demonic Wings]. His cloth ripped into pieces as black-white feathered wings grow on his back.

Ryan flew to the sky. He left afterimages as he moved around. He moved straight while shooting [Barrage of Dark Feathers] to the ground. After a while, he landed again, and his body turned normal again. Everyone applauded at his performance.

“Do you have any more to show?” Sayaka asked.

Ryan asked back, “Wasn’t that enough?”

“Of course, Mr. Edison. Of course,” Taufan said enthusiastically. “We will give you a citizenship card immediately. You may enter the Middle Circle. I hope you can contribute to our human kingdom.”

“I won’t disappoint you, Lord Lorren.” Ryan extended his hand, and they both shook hands.

After that, the scenery turned to the white room again. The city's major excused himself to leave after having a conversation with Ryan. They got familiar with each other.

Ryan had offered a business deal with the lord, which the latter had agreed to happily. Because of this, those three assigners treated him respectfully. He steadily built his fame in this world.

Sayaka guided him to a VIP room to wait for his citizenship card. Normally, the process would take a few days, but they sped up the process for Ryan. He was glad to show his crazy number of essences. He gained prestige because of it.

In just thirty minutes, they already gave him his citizenship card. Ryan went to the Tongue Tavern alone. Verona had gotten a call from the Church earlier.

No one was present in the tavern, and the current keeper was someone else. So, he went straight to his bed. Ryan wanted to do something, but he still had to know more about human society in this world. There were many things he hadn’t familiar with yet.

Got nothing else to do, so Ryan slept. When he woke up, it was already evening. He looked at the situation on other sides.

The soldiers in the Layer of Sky had come back to the base. One of their mission to expand the territory had gone well with the help of soldiers from the Layer of Battlefield.

The base couldn’t contain mountains of corpses and resources, so they piled them all on the outside. Ryan understood if he didn’t help with reviving the undead, he would waste them by letting them become ghosts.

Ryan opened a warp hole and entered it. The rooster body and Thanatos arrived at the base at the same time. Both bodies spent the time to revive undead soldiers with the help of clones.