29. Double-headed Asura Rex
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Ryan’s both bodies had been creating undead soldiers for 6 hours. Once, the human body had left for a while to notify human friends that he was busy, but he came back again after a while.

They finally finished their job after 12 hours. Ryan’s human body left to the warp hole with many ghost soldiers surrounding him.

Ryan’s rooster body and Thanatos were standing on the top of the base, looking at the army soldiers he had created. They grew big, and he had to reassign the squads. He had 8 companies in total, with each of them having around 100 to 500 soldiers. BROTHER rats became the captain in each company.

Buddy became the captain of the Rat Company. He ruled over most undead rats and living rats. Their jobs were scouting, gathering, and carrying.

Companies 2 to 7 were charged with offensive and defensive jobs. Ram became the Captain of the Temple of Beginning Monster Company. The soldiers were Ace-titled monsters from the Temple of Beginning.

Ominous became the Captain of the Crater Monster Company. As the name suggested, he ruled over every monster in this crater except for Temple of Beginning Monsters.

Taylor became the Captain of Swamp Monster Company; Hound became the Captain of Plain Monster Company; Else became the Captain of Forest Monster Company; Rem became the Captain of the Winged Monster Company.

The last company, the eighth company, was to nurture resources and miscellaneous matters. Kitty became the Captain of Nurturer Company. There were many monsters that could produce resources Ryan could sell to humans.

The produced resources were all ordinary, with non-magical properties, because they didn’t have the knowledge to produce magical resources. However, they were still high quality and expensive, such as [Cowaroo]’s milk that was high in nutrients.

Ryan was proud looking at them. He had so many things to do, and he wanted to become productive, even in this world. However, the soldiers hadn’t done with conquering this Beginner’s Hunting Ground. They didn’t need help from the battlefield monsters. He left the rest to BROTHER rats’ leadership.

“We have done in this place. Let’s go back to the Layer of Battlefield.” Ryan jumped down. He patted Buddy with his wings. “I leave the rest to you, my first partner.”

“I am honored, my master.” Buddy bowed his head and kissed Ryan’s foot.

Ryan waved to his soldiers and then entered the base’s tunnel with Thanatos and battlefield monsters. They entered the wrap hole to the Layer of Battlefield.


It was already afternoon, so they couldn’t afford to waste the time. Buddy told every company leader to do their job, conquering this Beginner Hunting Ground. Even though other BROTHER rats were in the same rank as him, they still listened and respected his words. It wasn’t in their nature to be lazy too. Shadow Rats were weak, so they compensated for their survivability chance by being diligent.

Buddy already made a plan to conquer this whole place peacefully. The undead soldiers would kill every adult monster and make undead monsters of the same species take care of babies. When they grew up as adults, undead soldiers would kill them, and the master could turn them into undead soldiers.

This plan sounded merciless, but they were monsters. They only took care of babies because of their instinct. They didn’t care about their adult lives. Besides, becoming undead soldiers was their honor. If they became resources, the master would make use of them, too. They did not waste their lives.

Buddy didn’t know if this plan would work for other monsters. Shadow Rats had the same emotional and intelligence like humans. However, he wouldn’t find out if he didn’t try it.

Those living shadow rats he had taken care of agreed to this plan because they didn’t have to hunt anymore. Some monsters had high fighting instincts, so he would try to add more plans for them such as making a death arena for monsters, but that was the plan for the future.

Buddy had a task, too. He needed to gather [Mana Stone] and [Life Stone] for the base. Their numbers had grown, so he needed to build a better base for the soldiers and for the master. He wanted to impress the master.

Buddy ordered soldiers in Kitty’s company to expand the base because Kitty was guarding her eggs inside the base, so she left him in charge. After that, he and his company left for the hunt, too.


Ryan’s rooster body entered the Forest of Flame. He knew that his soldiers were hard workers, so he didn’t want to lose too. With fifteen battlefield monsters, he charged to Hills of the Rex. He had been playing safe, but today he wanted to all out.

Ryan’s system couldn’t see the phase of other monsters, or Thanatos said it wasn’t strong yet. In the next evolution, the information would be more complete. That meant he didn’t know what phase the Rex-titled monster he would face-off, but it didn’t matter. He was an Ultimate Grade Awakened Ranker. His power was five times greater than other Awakened Ranks.

Ryan saw a monster group on the top of a hill. He immediately cast every ability he could use. Two layers of dark domes enclosed his body. A pair of yin and yang spirits circled around him. Dark aura flickered wildly from him. Two light boxes exploded above him and showered him with many boosts.

The boss monster was a red giant with four hands and two heads. He was an asura species monster, the most common monster in this layer, the same species with his undead battlefield soldiers. Based on his form that differed from most asuras, Ryan estimated the boss had undergone late phase evolution.

[Double-faced Asura Rex]

Rank: Awakened

Type: Physical, Elemental, Technique.

Ryan’s first move was flying. He only stayed in the air for a while to confuse enemies with afterimages and landed again to not get shot by a mysterious beam.

Their attentions were on afterimages, and they didn’t realize Ryan stood in front of a monster minion. He flapped his wings and slashed them with invisible [Wings of Destruction].

As their intention diverted onto him, Ryan flew back for seconds and produced several afterimages. The minions scattered about, but the boss chased after his true body. This was his intention.

Ryan’s soldiers caught up and charged against those scattered enemies. The advantage of having Awakened Rank undead soldiers was their abilities stayed with them, but their phase and level became early and zero again.

It didn’t matter because his soldiers could use their abilities. They summoned magical weapons and some used shields too. All of them ganged upon one enemy and slaughtered it instantly.

Realizing they took one minion down, other minions charged at Ryan’s undead soldiers. They were about the same number, but his soldiers were in a disadvantaged position because they were still in the early phases.

This was within his calculation, too. As those minions were about to reach his soldiers, Ryan’s clones came from the sides and rammed against enemies. Undead soldiers did the same, too. They used the strategy where the clone tanked an enemy attack, and an undead asura hit that enemy and ran to another one.

They might be strong, but Ryan had the advantage of the strategy. He learned this from undead rats.

Ryan smiled. He could focus on the boss.

The double-headed giant in front of him used a jagged plate disc in each of his upper arms while his lower arms held long spears. He thrust his spears frequently, not letting Ryan get close. As Ryan stepped back, he threw his disc at him, and it turned back at him again.

Ryan couldn’t distract the boss with afterimages and clones, too. His enemy was sharp, so he used [Hunter Domain]. As the invisible dome spread, he suddenly could sense everything in the surrounding.

Ryan spread his wings and shot [Barrage of Dark Feathers] at the boss, but the latter spun his spear, parrying every feather. A spear thrust came at him, and he evaded it by a strand of his feathers.

“Damn, the boss is really a tough opponent. I can’t even decrease his [HP].”

Ryan glanced at his soldiers. They had defeated the minions and taken away their bodies to the Forest of Flame. A clone followed them after looting resources on the ground.

“Time out,” Ryan said. “It is time for you to help me, old man. I am not strong enough to defeat this monster for now.”

Thanatos leisurely walked to the hill. He had waited at the foot of the hill. “You do well as expected of an Ultimate Grade. Lower Grade Awakened Rankers would die tanking a boss monster alone. Let’s do the same tactic.”

Thanatos shouted, and a green aura shrouded the boss monster. The old man taunted the enemy to chase him. He summoned a green slit above him and then tanked the enemy’s attacks.

Ryan used this chance to channel [Destructive Beam] while Thanatos fought with the boss. The old man was powerful, but even he took a long time to decrease a Rex-titled Awakened monster in its late phase.

Ryan waited. 90%. 89%. 85%. 80%. An hour had passed, and he still channeled the beam into his mouth. His [MP] kept decreasing, but luckily his recovery was enough to slow it down, so he could last until this time. His remaining [MP] was 15%.

“Ryan, now. I can’t wait any longer!”

Upon Thanatos’s permission, Ryan shot the beam to the boss. Thanatos leaped past the double-headed giant and let the green slit above him absorb the beam. However, even the old man’s essence had limits too.

After the slit couldn’t absorb any more, Thanatos evaded to the side and let the beam hit the boss monster. The asura’s body was thrown back and crashed into the next empty hill. His [HP] decreased so fast. 70%. 60%. Critical damage! 40%.

The beam disappeared after decreasing the boss’s [HP] to 38%. Thanatos and Ryan already arrived on the next hill. The old man jumped, punched the giant’s abdomen, and created an enormous explosion. After that, the elf suddenly got thrown back by a red slash.

Big aura surged from the boss monster as he stood up. It was still alive with 1% [HP]. He spun his body and created a tornado. Two discs flew to Ryan and Thanatos, but they could evade it. Those weapons circled the tornado and came back to target them.

Ryan shot missiles at the tornado, but it repelled his attacks as expected. Thanatos could only stare from the distance, too. It seemed like even the old man had nothing in his sleeves anymore.

Ryan did this alone. He activated [Vector Compass: North Trigger], boosting his damage by 300% for 3 minutes. After that, he double-cast [Moon Rune] to himself with the effect of increasing a certain ability’s damage. The simpler the command, the more effective this ability became. He flapped his wings and dealt [Wings of Destruction] to the boss.

Scars appeared all over the boss, and he bled. It was enough to make him stop, but he wasn’t dead yet. He knelt on his knee with rough breath.

Ryan used this chance to activate [Combustion]. Red aura mingled with purple and black. He kicked the boss in his chest.

You have triggered [Death Touch].

0%. The boss became mist and dropped many resources on the ground, and among them were ten evolution essences. Thanatos came over and looked at a red spear on the ground.

“Ryan, you take them all. I will only take this spear.”

“I am fine with that. Are you sure you don’t want more?”

“This is enough. Unlike monsters, only humanoids can equip weapons and armors. Those are what allow us to take on a powerful monster one on one. This spear is a drop from a boss. Look.”

Ryan observed the appearance of the red spear first. It had a long pole with a flickering flame-shaped blade. He then used appraisal on it.