30. A Weird Woman
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[Soulbound: Flame Spear]

Rarity: Uncommon

Usage: Equip

  • Only humanoids can use this weapon. Increases strength, attack speed, and accuracy.
  • Soulbound: Feed it with a drop of blood to tie it. The weapon grows alongside the user.
  • Flame Ring: throws a ring-shaped flame.

The soulbound property in this weapon was appealing, but Ryan had promised to give it to Thanatos. Besides, spears didn’t suit his taste.

That was just a peeking with the system. Ryan then used appraisal on it. It showed the material used to make this spear and who was the creator. Material: Deep Magma Rock. Creator: Lorak the Beardsmith. He found that information funny because a boss monster dropped it.

“This is a soulbound spear. It can throw a ring-shaped flame.”

Thanatos widened his eyes and laughed. “For real? I fancy this weapon because I lack mid-range attack, but I do lack long-range attack too. Lucky.” He picked up the spear, spun it, and threw a ring-shaped flame into the sky. “Fancy.”

Thanatos bit his thumb and marked the spear with his blood. Both weapon and the user glowed red. “I can feel the bond. This is a soulbound weapon. I owned two so far, including my destroyed weapon.”

Ryan let the old man play with the spear. He pecked his head on the ground, eating evolution essences like a normal rooster. He didn’t care, though, because the taste was so yummy. Ryan gained 2 levels at once.

Progress: Level 5/10 (Early Phase)

You have gained 1 free attribute point.

This was what Ryan had waited for. His attack had been lacking. He could deal with normal Awakened, but he could only deal a little damage to the boss monster, so he chose [Strength].

[Strength] (Ultimate): Awakened 1

Ryan immediately checked his information window, and the change shocked him.

Name: Ryan Alfa Edison

Race: Vector Cockatrice

Type: Physical; elemental; spirit

Rank: Awakened

Progress: Level 5/10 (Early Phase)

[HP]: 29250/29250 (100%)

[MP]: 19500/19500 (100%)

[KP]: 200/200 (100%)

[Attack]: 4365

[Defense]: 978.75

His attack’s increase was massive. He didn’t remember how many he had had before, but the increase was 3 to 4 times. This was the difference between Mortal and Awakened.

“Ryan, let’s come back to the forest. We don’t want to attract monsters by letting corpses sit by.”

“I understand.”

They went to the usual spot in the Forest of Flame. The clones transferred resources drop to Ryan, and there was 1 essence of evolution. He immediately ate them. After that, he and the clones worked together to revive undead soldiers.

Thanatos hummed in a good mood. He actually took the initiative to go to another hill with some clones for distraction and undead asuras. That lazy old man wanted to test his new weapon.

Thirty minutes had passed. Thanatos came back with more corpses and resources. The old man obviously avoided fighting the boss. He actually wanted to go again, so Ryan ordered new undead soldiers to come with the old man.

In the evening, Ryan gathered more resources than the previous hunt, even though the quantity was lesser than when he used to hunt in the first layer, but he was content with today’s result. He consumed 2 more evolution essences. They came back to the base and left some clones here to observe the situation.


Ryan’s human body came back with many ghosts around him. Same with his rooster body, his human body didn’t need to sleep. He could do that whenever he felt like it.

It was still in the middle of the day, so he wanted to be productive. Ryan left the room and went to the first floor. It was Barbara’s turn to look out the place. She waved at him, but her hand paused in the air, and her eyes widened.

“Ghosts!” she shouted.

Her sudden shout took aback Ryan. He waved his hands. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Tongue. Those are mine.”

Barbara darted her eyes around the ghosts before focusing on him. “Is that so?”

“Yes. I don’t know you can see ghosts. I should be careful.”

“It is because of my class. By the way, there are many classes and items that allow you to see ghosts. You can be in danger if you let those ghosts roam about freely.”

“Is that so? These ghosts are idiots. They will always follow me.”

“I sell an item that will allow you to store ghosts. Are you interested in buying it?”

“Sounds neat. Please show me.”

Barbara opened the glassed showcase behind her and looked for the item. Ryan sat on the stool while waiting for her. After a while, she turned back and placed a bracelet with a black pearl ornament on the table.

[Ghost Prison Bracelet]

Rarity: Rare

Usage: Equip

  • Contains 100 dimensions. Can store up to 100 spirit creatures.

Appraisal: Made by using a rare stone from Spirit World that contains spiritual spaces for spirit creatures.

“How can you store this item in your showcase?”

Barbara shrugged. “It is called showcase because it is used to show things.”

Ryan didn’t want to ask further. She might have a measure to deal with thieves. “How much for this item?”

“Well, as you can see, this item’s rarity is rare. It is comparable to the Bloodline and 3rd step rank. This is quite pricy. Just saying.”

Ryan’s eyebrow twitched. She wouldn’t show that if she thought the price was unreachable for him. “Do you want my service or something?”

“It depends. What can you do, Mr. Edison?”

Ryan was about to offer her a business deal like what he did with Verona and the church, but he remembered why he bothered to create these ghosts soldiers. “Do you have a magical weapon? Can you let me see one? Anything can do.”

Barbara nodded. She rubbed her hands under the table and then put a shotgun on the table. Ryan blinked a few times. He didn’t think he would see a modern weapon in this world. He read and appraised the weapon.

[Asura Slaying Shotgun]

Rarity: Uncommon

Usage: Equip

  • Magic Reload: Consumes [MP] to reload the bullet.
  • Asura Slayer Bullet: Consumes significant amounts of [MP] to conjure a special bullet capable of dealing massive damage to Awakened Ranker.

Creator: A human Gunsmith

Material: magic alloy.

“What will you do with this weapon?” Barbara asked.

“Trust me. If this weapon is broken, I will pay for it.” With that, Ryan wrote runic letters on the shotgun. A ghost around him suddenly moved and entered the letters. The weapon glowed for a while, but then the letters disappeared.

“Tsk. Fail. Let me do it once again.” Ryan drew runic letters again, and a ghost entered the weapon. This time, the letters stayed on the shotgun. “Two times. Lucky. I didn’t even use my [Luck Manipulation].”

“What did you do?” Barbara asked.

“You can read the information of this weapon again.”

[Asura Slaying Shotgun +1]

Rarity: Uncommon

Usage: Equip

  • Magic Reload: Consumes [MP] to reload the bullet.
  • Asura Slayer Bullet: Consumes significant amounts of [MP] to conjure a special bullet capable of dealing massive damage to Awakened Ranker.
  • +1 Damage Enchantment: Increases attack by 5% permanently.

Creator: A human Gunsmith

Material: magic alloy.


Ryan smiled. “I performed a permanent enchantment with my ability.”

[Moon Rune]

Rank: Awakened

Usage: Active

  • Basic Moon Runes magic knowledge
  • Moon Runes creation
  • Permanent Enchantment (New): Sacrifice a spirit creature to perform a permanent enchantment. There is a chance to fail. Can only perform one enchantment on a living creature. Can only perform three enchantments to objects.

Barbara grabbed his shoulders and glared at him. “Don’t you know what this means?”

Ryan’s nape felt cold. “W-what?”

“Smiths can only perform permanent enchantments with the material while you don’t. This ability of your is precious.”

“Well, I know this ability is valuable. That’s why I show it to you. I want to make a profit out of this in human society. So, how much does that bracelet cost again?”

Barbara grinned. “It still depends. How many enchantments can you do to a magical weapon?”

“Maximal three.”

“I have decided. If you can make +3 damage enchantments to three weapons, I will give you this bracelet for free.” Barbara put two other weapons on the table.

“Deal.” Ryan nodded. From her words, he realized one rare-rarity equipment item was equal to three weapons of +3 enchantments. There was a chance she took advantage of his lack of knowledge, but it didn’t matter to him. If she betrayed him, he just wouldn’t trust her anymore. Besides, he owed her one too, and doing enchantments was easy, or so he thought.

First enchantment was easy. The chance was 50%. The second enhancement had a 25% chance, and the third enchantment had a 15% enchantment. Even with [Luck Manipulation], he could only finish one weapon with +3 damage enchantment, and he ran out of ghosts stock. The other two weapons had +1 damage enchantment.

“Well, I need more ghosts. It is a pity.”

Barbara pushed the bracelet to him. “You can have it. You can pay me later.”

“I owe you again.”

“Don’t mind it. Just treat this as an investment. Anyway, do you have a plan today?”

“Well, Verona wants to take me to Sagese Academy, but she seems busy with her preparation to become the 2nd step ranker. I will go there alone.”

“Eh, isn’t it better to wait for her?”

Ryan chuckled. “Please, madam, I am not a child. I can take care of myself alone. So, I will take this item.” Ryan picked the bracelet on the table and wore it on his left wrist. After that, he left the tavern.

The air was cool, even though it was in the middle of the day. This atmosphere was like a subtropical country. Some people covered their heads with umbrellas and something else, acting as if it was hot.

Ryan passed by the same bakery he encountered yesterday. He wasn’t in a rush, so he entered it to buy something. The aroma of pastry pampered his nose. It was like magic that made people reluctant to go from this place. It was like when his wife baked something for him. He missed her.

As he walked around the place, the same blonde maid greeted him politely. She pulled the hem of her skirt and bowed. “Welcome to our shop.” However, as soon as she looked up, she was stunned on her feet.

“Miss, are you alright?” Ryan frowned. What a weird woman, but he was curious about her. Her behavior was unlike indigenous people, so he suspected she was an otherworlder. This woman seemed to recognize him. Ryan had western acquaintances in his previous world, but he remembered each of them.

Ryan shook his head. It was easier to peek at her information. He looked above her head and a screen appeared, but something weird happened. An orange cat that wore a chef’s hat showed on the screen. It was like watching TV.

The cat laughed and raised a middle finger against him. Yes, it somehow had human-like hands. A feminine voice came out of the creature’s mouth. “You want to peek at my master, Nyaa? Suck on you. I guard my master, nyaa. Now, fuck off, nyaa.”

Ryan’s veins popped out of his forehead. That cat pissed him off. He forced a smile on the blonde woman and asked her nicely, “Oi, do you know me?”

“Ah, is Sir Edison looking at my information? I am sorry. The spirit cat that protects me is too protective. I can’t even shoo her away even if I want to.”

“Oh, alright.” Ryan sighed. Her voice somehow soothed his anger. “I am sorry. So, you are really an otherworlder. Are we somehow related in the previous life?”

The woman was quiet for a moment before she nodded weakly. She took a few steps back and leaned forward, letting her wavy hair fall majestically. “I will tell you if you agree to go on a date with me.”

Ryan bowed, straightened his body again, turned back, and left the shop. He didn’t have time to play games with a random woman, whoever she was. He had a goal in mind.

Ryan should have just met that seer woman in Sagese Academy and used her service to find his important people. After that, he could focus on making fame and fortune in this world. He just didn’t have time and energy to deal with whoever hindered his goal and purpose.