31. Liliana Hauw (Special Birthday Chapter 1/4)
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Today, 1 December, is my birthday. Which is why I will spam 4 chapters today.

The woman chased him outside. She pulled his shirt from the back and cried, “Wait, please, Ryan. I am sorry. I just miss you so much that I want to mess with you a bit.”

Ryan turned back and looked at the woman. She was actually really crying. It didn’t make him feel bad, though. “Yeah? So, who are you?”

“I, too, want to tell you, but I can’t. I have my circumstance—”

“Wait, is that because of that cat? Just my guess, though.” His guess was right when she nodded. “That creature is a spirit, right? Can you summon it?”

“It is a spirit. You can’t see spirits if they don’t will—”

“Yes, I can see spirits. Now, summon it.”

“You won’t hurt it, right?”

“No. Trust me.”

“We can’t use abilities in the public. Can you follow me? Please?”

Ryan followed her to the bakery again and then to the backyard. The woman chanted something, and a yellow cat appeared in the air. The creature glared at him angrily, but he ignored it because the feline only emitted green light.

Ryan covered his hand with [Nether King’s Aura]. The cat backed away in fear, and its fur stood in fear. This confused him too because he thought spirits liked this aura, but it wasn’t the case.

Ryan used a different strategy. He pointed at the cat. The creature glowed and disappeared. He used [Spirited Away] on it. After that, the woman’s information became clear.

Name: Liliana Hauw

Race: Half-Human (Elf x Human)

Class: Magical Pastry Chef (1st Step)

Essence: Stealth Ghost Cat



The [Stealth Ghost Cat] came back from the Spirit World. She was about to claw Ryan, but she noticed something bizarre. The male human called the master’s name, and she threw herself at him.

The cat was confused. She had used stealth magic to hide the master’s information from stalkers. Master was beautiful, so many dangerous men wanted to know her.

Only a selected man could get closer to master, and that was why she had prepared a test for men who wanted to know her. She had prepared various fun games, and a man who could finish all would get the master’s name. After that, he could get closer to her. However, it was all in vain. The man somehow found out the master’s name.

The cat let out sad noise and vanished into the thin air.


“Ryan, I miss you so much.” Liliana rubbed her face on his chest. Her boss—a big woman—came to the backyard and called her to go back, but she didn’t want to let him go. She tightened her hands around his waist instead.

Ryan patted her head lovingly. He looked at the boss and apologized. “Forgive us. You can close the shop for today. I will buy all pastries in this shop.”

Smelling money from him, the boss smiled. “For sure, gentle sir. Who are you to Maria if I may know?”

“Maria?” Ryan realized the name was probably Liliana’s identity in this world. The system only revealed her real name from the previous world. “She is my wife.”

“Ah, so sir is the husband that Maria always talking about. I won’t disturb both of you any longer, then.”

Ryan pushed Liliana to see her face. As expected, her cheek blushed after hearing the boss’s confession. “I—I just missed you every time. I couldn’t help but brag you to the boss,” she said.

Ryan chuckled. “I thought she treats you wrongly. It seems I am wrong.”

“She is probably jealous because I have a husband.”

Ryan patted her head again. “Don’t make enemies carelessly in this strange world, alright.”

Liliana pouted. “I am not. I have a good relationship with the boss. Anyway, let’s go to my room on the second floor. I have so many things to tell you, and I want to hear your story too.”

Ryan followed her to the second floor. On the stair, he kept thinking that she was ‘great’ in that maid uniform with a mini skirt. Her hips swayed in beautiful arches as she stepped on the stairs.

“Sexy.” Murmuring that in his head, Ryan realized he had a normal sex drive in this human form. He felt so touched that he wanted to cry.

Ryan had been a virgin for two lives. He could hit it in this life with his pretty wife. Thinking of that, he suddenly remembered something. “Wife.”

Liliana looked back and tilted her head. “Yes?”

“Wife. Wife. I just want to say that. I can finally say this word, hahaha.”

The wife smiled at him lovingly. She approached him, pulled him to her plump bosom, and patted his nape. “It has been hard for us. We are together for now. Let’s survive and adapt in this world together.”

Ryan pulled his head and grinned at her. “I don’t want to just adapt to this world. I will strive and become a big person in this world.”

Liliana nodded approvingly. Ryan was glad he could impress his woman with his big goal. The future would be thrilling for both of them, and for now, he wanted his upfront reward for being a valuable man.

Ryan lifted her knees with one hand and the other hand supported her back. He had been wanting to do this princess carry to her. “Where is your room, my princess?”

“Mhm.” Liliana couldn’t utter a word, for her face turned like a tomato. He bet she felt shy about being treated like this. She pointed to the door next to the stair, and they entered the room. They fucked a lot after that.


Ryan was lying naked on the bed as he stared at the ceiling. Liliana was on his side and cuddled his chest. They had made love a lot until the evening. The rooster body was aware of this, but luckily his monster body didn’t have a sex drive. After doing it several times, his mind became clearer. He felt enlightened.

Liliana poked his cheek. “What are you thinking about?”

“I am not thinking of anything. I am ‘zen’.”

“How about you tell me your story? You seem to hold a lot of money.”

“Hehe, you will not worry. You can live in the Middle Circle peacefully.”

“Only me?”

“Us, of course. Well, I am just saying I will be busy.” Ryan then told her his story from when he came to this world, his intention to enter Sagese Academy to find the Seer Lady, and his dream to become a tycoon in this world.

“Mom. I miss my mom, too. Let me help you, Ryan. I can enter the Sagese Academy and find the Seer Lady. Ryan can focus on your mission and goal.”

“Then how about we enter the academy together? I want to be an educated man, too. Besides, we can go to university together. Isn’t that exciting? I can’t wait to see you in a student uniform.”

“Hehe, in before, they don’t have student uniforms.”

They chatted and joked around for a while. After that, Ryan wore his clothes again. He needed to do the usual reviving corpses job. He opened the portal and cast a glance at Liliana.

Liliana noticed his stare. She felt complicated, but she finally braced herself to talk. “Can’t you stay here with me?”

“No. Can’t delay my job.”

She averted her eyes to the side. “I see. I am sorry.”

“You can come with me instead. I will show you around my base.”

Her face beamed. She immediately stood up and approached her wardrobe, but Ryan stopped her. He told her to wear her maid uniform on the floor. Liliana hesitated, but she finally wore it because Ryan didn’t want to wait longer. They entered the warp hole together.


Ryan’s human body came first before the rooster body. He had been placing clones here and knew what had been happening on this side, but the change of this place amazed him when he saw it directly.

The roof of this base became high and formed a dome made of spider webs. A shining rock hung by a straight web to provide light. Not only that, the amounts of [Mana Stone] and [Life Stone] on the ground increased. Ryan created several clones and his [MP] suddenly became full again. The regeneration was a lot faster than before.

Buddy approached him and kissed his foot. Ryan rubbed his head and looked at Liliana. “This is Buddy, my first companion in this world. What’s wrong?”

Liliana stuck closer to Ryan. Her chest raced faster. “This is actually the first time I see a monster in their natural habitat. I am afraid.”

Ryan chuckled. “Don’t worry. He won’t bite. In fact, [Shadow Rat] is cute and smart. You will like them. Just give it time.”

“Master, who is she?” Buddy asked.

“She is my wife. Go greet her, Buddy.”

“Master’s wife!” Buddy walked closer to her slowly and bowed down before her.

Liliana looked at Ryan once again for confirmation. “Can I touch him?”

“For sure. Go introduce yourself.”

Liliana leaned her body forward and extended her hand. Even though Ryan had told her it was safe, she still couldn’t control her fear. Her hand trembled in the middle. Looking at this, Buddy lifted his head so his fur touched her palm.

Liliana gasped, but she immediately calmed herself. The fluffiness of Buddy’s fur made her hand move back and forth on his head. She giggled. “Fluffy, but why are you cold?”

“I am an undead, Mistress. We have cold bodies,” Buddy said, transmitting the voice into her head.

“Oh, you can talk. My name is Liliana Hauw. Just call me Lily.”

“Mistress Lily, it is my pleasure to meet you.”

They chatted more, and it seemed Liliana was comfortable around Buddy. Ryan smiled. If she could help him with his work, he would have more focus.

As he thought of that, the ground trembled. Something had fallen from the web dome. Following that, a deep, feminine voice called, “Master, you have come back.”

As Ryan looked back, it was none other than Kitty. The giant spider approached him and patted his head in a terrifying manner. He had gotten used to her non-delicate manner, but Liliana—who was standing behind—fell on her butt as she screamed. The Stealth Ghost Cat appeared before her and hissed against the spider.

Kitty noticed them, and her curiosity grew. They were probably the important guests of the master. As a loyal servant, she had to greet them.

She walked past Ryan and leaned her terrifying face closer to them. The cat felt threatened and clawed her face. Kitty was angry and let out a deep screech. She only wanted to greet them, but the cat attacked her instead.

“Ryan, help!” Liliana shouted desperately.

Because of the chaos, they attracted others’ attention. Other undead soldiers approached them out of curiosity. The situation grew more chaotic because of this. The cat kept clawing Kitty; Kitty tried to shoo away the cat by flailing her legs; the soldiers surrounded Lily; Buddy tried to calm the situation down; Ryan did nothing because he wanted to show off something and because he enjoyed the situation when his wife was being scared.

The ground shook and a loud crow sounded. With just that, the situation calmed down because everyone put their attention to the familiar sound. They backed away as a silvery white-black rooster walked to the center. The rooster looked at Liliana and sat before her.

Ryan’s human body stood between them. He lent a hand to help Liliana stand. He patted her back gently. “You will get used to them. They are all my undead soldiers, my family. That means you are their parent.”

Ryan looked around. All division captains were present. It was the right time to introduce her. “Everyone! This is Liliana Hauw, my wife. You can call her Mistress Lily. I am a father to you, so she is a mom to you. You shall treat her with the utmost respect.”

Everyone shouted in excitement. Luckily, both of them were otherworlders, so Liliana understood they welcomed her. She approached Kitty and bowed. “I am sorry for my and my guardian’s behavior.”

Kitty lifted one of her legs. She patted Liliana’s head. “Mistress is master’s most important person, so mistress can do anything to Kitty.”

Liliana felt weirdly comfortable being patted by a giant spider. After Kitty let go of her, she looked at the rooster. “Ryan?”

The rooster body nodded. He stood up and rubbed his face against hers. Liliana hugged his neck and caressed his feathers.

“You are so soft and beautiful.”

Ryan’s human body walked to her side. “You don’t feel frightened?”

“Well, I am willing to accept both of you.”

“We are one, though. Kinda hard to explain. Anyway, Buddy and old man will accompany you as I am working on reviving monster corpses.”