32. Important Moment (Special Birthday Chapter 2/4)
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As Ryan and clones worked with corpses, Liliana chatted with Thanatos to gain more knowledge and wisdom. They sat by a campfire as the old man roasted a slice of monster meat for her. She hesitated to eat it at first, but she immediately liked it after taking a small bite.

When she ate it in content, the old man felt like being a jerk and told her it was a rat monster’s meat. He even told her [Shadow Rats] had delicious meats when she kept trying to enjoy the food. Her respect for him dropped to the deepest well.

Liliana left the weird old man alone after finishing the meat. She walked around with Buddy. He explained to her about this base.

The current base only had one main room, but they planned to expand the rooms until each company had one room. For now, only division captains and Kitty’s company lived inside the base. The spider used the dome to hide her eggs and raise her children.

Buddy told her to have a guard everywhere. While undead creatures had absolute loyalty to Ryan, those living creatures weren’t.

They exited the base from a large entrance. Buddy told her the entrance had used to be several tunnels. Liliana felt these rats were a lot smarter than humans. Humans weren’t as efficient as these creatures.

Ryan worked on the outside. She felt amazed at the sight of many undead soldiers. They were loyal to her husband. The husband was really the best man.

Ryan hadn’t changed a bit. He was still a man of few words and all about action. Liliana never felt bored with him. Though she was still curious about that woman that once walked with him. She needed to be useful for her husband, so he wouldn’t turn away from her.

Ryan’s rooster and human clones approached her. “Lily, let’s have a sky date with me,” the human clone said. He didn’t ask for her confirmation and pulled her waist gently. He sat above the rooster clone and let her sit, too. He cast [Moon Rune] on his wife with the effect of granting night vision. The rooster body spread his wings and flew to the sky.

Unlike in the Second Layer, Ryan could fly freely in this layer, his territory. The flying company accompanied them on this date, and together they traveled the whole Beginner’s Hunting Ground from above.

They visited every place, starting from the crater, the swamp, the plain, the mountain, and the forest. No monster dared to attack them. Ryan was the king, and Liliana was the queen.

From this visit to every place, Ryan could see directly that the whole place was functioning according to Buddy’s plan. Undead soldiers took care of younglings of their respective races. He felt assured that he could depend on his soldiers, so he could focus on conquering business.

They went to their last destination, the artificial moon. On the way, they chatted a bit, relieving their yearning for each other.

Lily rested her head on his shoulder, and she caressed his cheek. “Ryan has changed a bit.”

“Really? Is that a bad thing?”

Lily shook her head. “No, in fact, you are… mmmhh… sexier.”

Ryan chuckled as he heard that. “How?”

“Well, the Ryan I knew was diligent, too. He was sometimes awkward and introvert, but he could be a good talker at the right moments. His friends cared about him because he was supple. However, he was mild. The Ryan now is wilder.

“Hm, I don’t know how to put it. You were sometimes awkward around women, but when I first saw you in this world, you pulled a woman and led her naturally. Who was her anyway?”

“Ah, you are jealous.” Liliana poked his cheek and pouted, and Ryan thought she was so cute. “Well, jokes aside, I have found my passion in this world. Not only that, everything I have gone through as a monster has possibly changed me too.”

Liliana stared at Ryan with passion, pulled his head closed, and kissed his cheek. “I love you.”

The last place they visit was the artificial moon. Ryan remembered he had a quest piece that ordered him to get a moon rock. Thanatos had said something made the artificial moon from moon rocks. So, he came here to get it.

The artificial moon was around the size of his base. Unlike the real moon that reflected light, this gigantic object emitted its own light. They landed on the surface and observed the place a bit.

Ryan had seen the image of the moon from Gooble in his past life, so he could say the place was similar. The barren place had craters and hills. He picked up a glowing rock on the ground and observed it.

[Moon Rock]

Rarity: Uncommon

Usage: ?

A glowing rock.

Material: #$&$#&$

Creator: Primordial Mother

With just that, Ryan had completed a quest piece. The last thing he needed to do was connect himself to the moon. He was unsure what to do, so he opened his [Quest Window].

[Connection with the Moon]

Time limit: one year

Punishment: ability deletion

Rewards: Moon Shop VIP membership; 10.000 moon coins.

-Reaches [Spirituality] Mortal 5 (complete)

-Gets a moon rock (complete)

-Connection with the moon after the completion of two quest pieces above (ongoing)

Ryan clicked the detail of the third quest piece and another screen popped out.

Applies [Moon Rune] magic to yourself with the effect of connecting yourself to the moon. Hold a moon rock by doing so.

Ryan drew magic letters in the air. They exploded and showered him with fireworks. The magic was in effect. He held the moon rock and suddenly something invisible stung his head, just like when he plugged a cable to stop contact. After that, a feminine voice whispered in his mind.

“You have come, the child of Earth. I have waited for your connection. Let us help you in your noble task of defeating the Chaos Commander, Joker.”

You have completed the quest [Connection with the Moon]

The Moon awards you with a Moon Shop VIP membership and 10.000 moon coins.

You have unlocked a new feature in [System Window]. You can access Moon Shop now.

Ryan immediately opened the [System Window]. The system converted moon coins into unicoin, and it made him know the worth of this new coin. One moon coin was comparable to one copper. His total asset became 450 silvers from 350. He could convert it to another currency anytime.

After that, Ryan opened the [Moon Shop]. Just like [Multiverse Merchant Shop], this shop sold many things at cheaper prices. It had categories for what this shop sold to customers, from resources, items, pets, abilities, etc. He noticed a VIP feature at the top right corner of the screen, so he clicked it.

VIP feature had several things that the normal feature didn’t have. For example, the quest list allowed VIP members to take a quest by buying them. It worked like the normal quest with the time limit and punishment for failure, but the reward was worth the risk.

The second feature was the VIP item lists. It contained everything the normal shop didn’t have. In here, the VIP members could request items and sell items too. Both services had 20% tax.

Ryan came back to see the normal shop again. He scrolled about and found several things he was interested in. The first one was the Book of Moon Palace’s cuisine. It was for Liliana. Unlike monsters that needed to absorb cores to rank up, 1st Step-ranked humans had to do their job according to their class to gain experience and ranked up.

The second item he bought was the Knowledge of Immortal Beings in the Androlus System. Thanatos had told him that Androlus System was a group of planets that orbited around this universe’s sun just like the Solar System. He needed this because he had several higher beings as patrons.

The first book cost him 50 coppers, and the second one was 100 silvers. His wealth decreased to 349 silvers and 50 coppers. Of course, he could use the moon coins, but he wanted to hoard them for now. Two books entered his [Inventory], and he summoned them all, including the Knowledge of Dragons.

“Lily, this is for you. If you absorb this, you will gain knowledge of many cuisines. It will help a lot,” Ryan said as he gave the book to his wife. After that, he focused on his books.

[Knowledge of Dragons]

Rarity: Unique

Usage: Consumption

This book contains the knowledge of many dragon existences throughout the multiverse. If the user has dragon traits, they will gain knowledge of the best dragon evolution path for them.

The book disappeared as Ryan absorbed it with his will. He stood stiffly as he fell into a trance. In his mind, he saw countless dragons throughout the multiverse, from the weakest, the rarest breeds, and finally the strongest.

The strongest dragon existed above three thousand boundless universes, in the unlimited void. It was a galaxy-sized mass of spiked tentacles and dragon heads. This creature slept, but one head was fully awake. Ryan felt primal fear from this awoken head. Not from its massive and long size, not from its seemingly bottomless black eyes. The fear came from his heart. Ryan couldn’t explain it himself.

This strongest creature alive was none other than the Primordial Idiot; the Void; the Lord of Eldritch Horrors; the Doombringer; the End; the Prime Trillion-headed Eldritch Dragon.

The next strongest dragon and the second strongest existence was an ordinary red dragon. It emitted a majestic aura just like any other dragon, but compared to all dragons he had seen, this creature seemed ordinary. The red dragon had no title, but it was the honored one. The most powerful figures in the multiverse respected this being. It was none other than the Primordial Dragon.

Out of ten Primordial ones, two creatures were dragons. Ryan was proud he had dragon traits in his blood and vein. As a member of the dragon race, he would cleanse his blood of impurity and ascend to the thrones of the strongests.

After absorbing the first book, Ryan read the information of the second book.

[Knowledge of Immortal Beings in Androlus System]

Rarity: Rare

Usage: Consumption

The user will gain knowledge of the latest immortal beings in the Androlus System.

Ryan absorbed the second book. Streams of information flowed into his head. He ignored other pieces of information and focused on the people he knew. The Priestess of the Moon and the Moon were the supreme entities in the moon. Broodmother was the sole empress of a planet called Zola. The Attendant of Destiny, the Chaos King, Doctor Idiot, and Darth Jaeger were rulers in the Spirit World.

“It seems my tie with Spirit World is strong. I will visit that place in the future.”

Ryan looked at his wife. Her body emanated light. He was unsure what happened, so he asked, “You okay?”

“I feel good. When I absorbed the book, my EXP increased. I can break through to the 2nd Step anytime.”

“You do that later. I will ask Old Man Thanatos if it is for the best. Let’s go back. There is still a thing I want to show you.”

Ryan and Lily rode the rooster body and came back to the base. As they arrived, those two clones disappeared, and she walked to two original bodies. The other companies formed lines in front of Ryan, and the flying company joined them. The rooster body crowed, and everyone went quiet.

Ryan’s human body grabbed Lily’s hand so she could witness this special moment. Thanatos sat quietly on the back.

“This is the important moment in my army. Two soldiers will have a breakthrough to Awakened Rank naturally. I will be busy with my business, so I want you to help me manage my army.”

Liliana held Ryan’s hand tighter. “I will do my best. Please include me in Ryan’s passion too.”

Ryan patted her head. After that, he looked at the army and shouted, “Those who I call will go forward. Buddy; Ram.”

Two rats came forward and stopped before Ryan. Several rats approached and put resources in the middle of them.

“You two have done great services for me. I choose both of you to become Awakened Rank. Now, you two can eat these resources in front of me!”