Chapter 7
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I was done with my work after the encounter with Valerian and Colhane. I wanted to leave my work with Clara, when she refused saying the boss would be furious.

So I would just have to take it in myself. Valerian and Colhane  were in the meeting for hours  and I doubted that they would be done any time soon.

I opened the door silently and saw that they were sitting on the left end of his office looking at something like a power point.

How should I do this at all? Should I tell him that she is  done or just put the report by the table and leave?

Yup the second option seemed to be the better option as it would not interrupt them and I could just leave unseen if I did it quietly.

Okay Hailey it's time to do this and action! I got in and crept slowly towards his table silently, it was dark inside as the only light that was there was coming from the screen.

They hadn't heard her as they were engrossed in what they were watching. Slowly, slowly I was tip toeing,

"ouch!!" I  yelped as she tripped over the cord. I found myself  flat on all fours.

Of course you guessed they had both turned around and the lights came automatically on. Then they were both by my  side trying to help her get up. Could the ground swallow me any further? Could this be anymore embarrassing?

"Thank you, I'm okay" she said it for the umpteenth time.

"Are you okay?" Valerian asked?

I had said I was fine so many times so what part of that did Valerian not understand? "Yes sir I'm fine, I'm so sorry to disturb your meeting." I stammered trying to explain myself.

"I wanted to place my work by your table without interrupting you."

"Its okay." Colhane responded, "we were right about done ."

"Right."  Valerian also added on.

I picked up my file and she didn't know what to do with it, should I give it to him or should I just  place it on the table?  Why was she overthinking this?

"Are you okay?"Colhane asked breaking me out of my thought process.

"Yes sir." She squeaked.

"I told you to call me Colhane."

I  decided to place the file on the table which was a horrible idea as I looked like a mouse who was just caught stealing cheese and they were both staring at me so intently.

"How was your lunch?" Colhane asked before I could bid them good night and leave.

"It was great." I respond nonchalantly. "

It would have been better with me" Colhane responded.

I didn't know how to respond to that.

"Thank you." was the first thing that my  brain could think of and I  just blurted it out. Wow Hailey you couldn't have just kept quiet.

I  noticed Valerian was looking at me quizzically.

"You welcome."  Said Colhane. "I hope next time you can give me a chance to prove myself to you."

"Um okay." I responded lightly. When I noticed Valerian stiffen. Was I embarrassing him or something?

"Have a good evening!" I exclaimed at both of them and quickly left the room.

I went and cleared everything and finished off all her work. I decided to take a shower and change before I  left as was was already running late for the other job I had.

Yes the other job ,I was a waitress at night-time so I could get money to cover costs for myself as I had no parents who could fend for me. Hopefully would quit because of this job. It was too tiring to be juggling both jobs.

I was a bit tired and a shower would definitely do the trick for all this exhaustion that I was feeling. There was a shower at the workplace, so I would use that one and then after the shower I would take the bus to my other job.

I went to the bathroom and  took off my clothes and opened the hot water. The nice thing about this company was the space and the luxurious staff bathroom. Although apparently our bathroom didn't even stand a chance against the bosses one.

Whatever I  should just be grateful for the one I have here. It was white and bright, I took off my clothes and got in to the hot water and it pelted my skin. I relished in the moment.

I was thinking and rerunning today's events in my head when all of a sudden the curtain flew open and, I froze, standing there with my naked body was exposed.

My eyes opened wide open in shock, and there before me stood Valerian.