Chapter 10
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Hailey finally lay down on her bed and looked at the ceiling. It was two in the morning, that was the time she got home after she was finished with her second job. She was happy that she could finally rest. Her day job wouldn't be so bad since she hadn't seen Valerian for two weeks.

The memories came flooding back on the incident that leads up to this moment when Valerian was carrying her in the boardroom. She was straddling him and her back was against the door. He had gripped her head so it was tilted upwards when he had clashed his lips onto hers. His tongue had forced its way into her mouth and she tasted his minty breath.

She had come to her senses and remembered he was her boss. She had wiggled like a worm and struggled till he let her down. Out of impulse, she had slapped him across the face. The blow didn't seem to affect him much when she had tried to go for another slap he had blocked hand and gripped it. He pulled her closer.

"Who is he?" He was now panting in anger.

"Who is who?" she asked confused.

"Don't play fucking stupid with me HAILEY! who was the guy at the restaurant?" Valerian growled out.

"What is it to you?" she challenged him back.

"It's not any of your busy...." before she could finish her sentence he cut her off,

"It is my business, Hailey! Is this how you're with every guy huh. How many more are they? What other side job do you do by the streets?"

She was shocked at what he was insinuating.

In a nonchalant voice, she replied, "if they're many guys, what's it got to do with you?"

"Don't you dare test me, Hailey!" he said through gritted teeth."I will show you right now on this table how much better I am than all those little boys you play with." With that, he left.

Since that incident she hadn't seen Valerian, he had left and gone to Italy and then France for his business meetings. she had found out through Clara what was going on as she was the only one he bothered to inform.

Today at work was no different it was a slow day, it was Monday of course and she did the same procedure of going into his office and putting her work down by his table, she saw her pile and he better check the work cause she wasn't going to work for anything.

Thursday came and it was a bit of a medium pace day, she got into his office to get the biggest shock of her life. There on his chair was Valerian and on top of him sat this woman and they were giggling, until she opened the door and they were staring at her.

what to do Hailey? to greet or not to greet. Valerian was staring at her with a cold expression, and he didn't seem to care. "Evening, sorry to interrupt" She mumbled. She quickly went and put the file on the table.

She walked out of the office and closed the door behind her and she ran over to Clara,

"who is that?" She asked her.

Clara looked angry, "that would be Mr. Valerian's longtime bitchy lover Charlize."

"Oh, she is really beautiful. Have they been dating for very long?"

"Yep, for about three years on and off." Said Clara.

When she was done talking with Clara she went and got dressed for her part-time job. When she arrived she was so happy to see Matt after a long day of work. She didn't expect the next thing to occur when Valerian and Charlize walked in with his arm draped around her.

She could see where they were sitting from where she was standing. Lucky Sara was sick cause she would be heartbroken. Something caught her eye when she saw Charlize waving in her direction. Please let her not be pointing at her.

Hailey pointed a finger towards herself and mouthed "me?" and she nodded up and down in response. She went over to them, "Evening."

"It's you right from earlier?" why couldn't she have just asked Valerian?

She plastered on her award-winning smile. "Yes, it is."

"What's your name?"

"Hailey mam." She replied to Charlize.

She had golden locks, her smothering brown eyes, she was stunning up close. "Okay, it's decided that you will serve us tonight Hailey." Why me?

"Would you like to order a drink?"

" Yes get me a sangria." Said Charlize.

Hailey turned to Valerian, it was the first time in weeks looking into his eyes since that day. "And you Sir?" His gaze was lingering for too long. She needed to play it off so Charlize wouldn't think anything of it.

"Would you rather look at the wine menu, Sir?"

"Just get me a bottle of chardonnay," he replied roughly.

"Okay, anything else?" Hailey looked at both of them.

"No, not for now" Charlize replied.

She left to go get their drinks,

Charlize was watching her like a hawk whilst she was walking away.

she was looking at her with daggers in her eyes.