Chapter 11
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She took the drinks from the bar and walked back to Valerian and Charlize, she could see from the distance that they were holding hands and he was telling her something deep and passionate. Well, it's time for her to ruin their moment.

She cleared her throat, that's when she caught their attention,

"Your drinks." she took the glass of sangria and put it in front of Charlize carefully,

Then she took the wine and the wine opener, she tried to open the bottle and she was struggling to open the wine, this took a lot of muscle and strength. At this rate, she was never going to open the bottle.

Hailey felt arms come over me, and she felt her back touch a hard chest. She smelt a scent that she knew so well. Matt had his arms over her and was helping her uncork the wine bottle. She felt relieved.

When it was opened. She thanked Matt and in return, he winked at her.

"You are so useless that you can't even open a wine bottle on your own," said Valerian.

What had gotten into Valerian? Hailey thought, just pour his wine and get their order and leave.

"Tell me, Hailey, did you pretend to not know how to open a wine bottle so your boy toy could come and hold you?" Valerian jabbed at her more.

"stop daunting her Valerian." and this time it was Charlize. "She is merely lacking in strength."

wow, they spoke about her as if she wasn't there. "Are you ready to order?" she asked them.

"Yes, I would like a breast fillet cream cheese and salad on the side," Charlize said.

She turned to Valerian: "and you Sir?"

" I would like a medium rare steak, with baby potatoes on the side".

"Is that all?" She asked.

"Yes," Charlize answered.

As she was about to leave she felt a hand grab her wrist. "You better not be late with our food, Understood?", Valerian said in his serious voice.

She just nodded and hurried away.

"Baby why were you holding that slut's wrist? you could have just warned her without touching her."

Suddenly Valerian's head turned slowly, "what did you fucking call her Charlize?"

"I called her a slut, that's exactly what she is." She retorted back.

"If you dare call her that again, you will never see me again." He said through clenched teeth.

"What does it matter to you Valerian what I call her? Why did you bring me here in the first place?"

"I wanted to have dinner with you Charlize, that's all but instead all I'm getting is a headache"

"Are you telling me this is not a date Valerian?"

"When did I ever say that this was going to be a date Charlize?"

"Don't play dumb with me! You know that we always do this before we get back together and you know it!"

"Well be prepared for some disappointment tonight love, because that has changed".

"WHY?" Her voice getting higher.

"Keep your voice down now, you might make a spectacle of yourself. You will regret it later," said Valerian.

"You didn't answer me, Valerian."

"Well I just invited you for old time sake, and this time with a different twist. I am not going to be with you Charlize and you need to get that through you thick scalp."

"That's what you say now baby, but wait until I change your mind." As her leg was sliding up his leg.

"Stop it," Valerian growled

She peeked to the left. "You tell me to stop baby, but your pants say a different story." As her leg slid down, back to it's the place.

"Are you even listening to me, Valerian?" After it seemed like thirty minutes of talking to herself. She turned and looked to see what was taking Valerian's attention. He was there in person but not really here and he was absent-minded.

Then she saw his being come alive and she looked over at him to see him staring at that whore! She was shaking with rage. She came over and put their food in front of in front and told them to enjoy it. With that, she left. She would never allow her to come between her and him. Valerian belonged to her alone!

She would make sure she would do whatever it takes to bring the old Valerian back, no matter what. Nobody stole what was hers.