Chapter 17
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She froze and wanted to yell at Valerian as to why he was here but thought better of it. I didn't want Matt to go ape shit on him if he saw that Valerian was the reason why she was upset. And he already suspected him.

Hailey walked in the living room and resumed her seat beside Matt, who looked furious. She looked at Valerian, "Evening, is there a problem Sir?"

Valerian looked at her "No, I came back to check up on you and I bought you food."She grimaced a bit as Matt gave her a questioning look.

"She already ate with me," Matt responded quickly.

"Is that so?" Valerian answered. She decided to speak so she can clear the air because of Matt and Valerian were in some weird staring competition.

"Okay, can we carry on watching t.v."

"Hailey can we talk about what happened between us at the Maldives ?" said Valerian.

Her eyes opened wide in shock, what was wrong with Valerian? Was it necessary for him to blurt it out like that? Hailey had felt Matt stiffen beside her which meant that he was furious.

She decided to play it off, "We will discuss it at work, we don't need to talk about business at home."

Valerian cocked his head to the side "so now you see us as a business, but what we did..." Her eyes widened and she cut him off as she realized that he intended to reveal to Matt what they had done at the Maldives.

She turned to Matt " It's getting late, you should head home, I don't want you to miss the last bus."

Matt gave her a questioning look. "It's okay, I can just stay over Hails."

She tipped her mouth "No you can't." She stood up.

Matt got up, looking upset. Its okay she would explain to him later. He wore his coat and she walked him to the door. "Night, Matt" as she hugged him.

"Night Hails, be careful and call me if you need anything." with that he turned and left.

She closed the door and sat down across Valerian, she didn't say anything. Valerian suddenly moved and he came and sat next to her on the couch. He took the remote from her hand and switched off the television.

Before she could protest, he cut her off, "I would like to clear a couple of things with you Hailey before we go back to work, so I would appreciate it if we acted like adults."

She wanted to slap him again, instead, she turned a fraction and looked at him. "You wanted to talk, so talk Sir."

"Look, Hailey, that night I wasn't thinking straight," Valerian said.

"Sure you weren't." as her voice was dripping with sarcasm.

He looked at her seriously "look. I know I hurt you real bad with my words, and just so you know I felt really bad." he raked his hand through his hair.

"Wow is that an apology I hear asshole?"

Valerian gave her a stern look at the choice of words that she had used, Hailey wasn't going to back down and let him get away with it.

"You know Sir, you are quite the man-whore, I mean you play girls day in and day out, yet you have the audacity to accuse me! I mean I could name a whole list of girls but you and I both know that it would take me about half a century to name even half of them."

He gave her a cool look, "You and I both know that is a bit of a stretch now."

"Anyways let's forget everything that happened at the Maldives, and move on."

Valerian had knocked on the door and to his horror, it was Matt who answered, what was this dip shit doing here? He looked equally surprised to see him. He walked past him and sat on the couch.

Thank goodness Hailey showed up seconds later and she also looked surprised to see him.

She had asked if there was a problem, which made me feel a bit unwelcome, it was as if he were intruding on her and Matt but he couldn't back down and let Matt take what was meant to be his.

He had bought her food, but it turns out she had already eaten. Valerian looked her over, she really looked pretty with her hair in a messy bun. What was he thinking? When did he ever find girls pretty and why was he here again?

Valerian started to ask her vague questions about what had happened in the Maldives which he knew she couldn't answer in front of Matt because He knew she would be too embarrassed to answer them in front of Matt and that would make him feel at unease and put him in his place.

Valerian saw Hailey trying to cover up when he had started with the questions. Matt's reactions made him press more.

Hailey had let Matt go home, which was the perfect time to talk about what happened. He had to grit his teeth as she hugged Matt. Why was he reacting this way towards this girl? I mean could have any girl that I wanted.

Hailey sat down and he decided to sit next to her on the couch so he could see her reactions better, she was still angry about the ordeal that had occurred in the Maldives, but why did he feel the need to explain himself to her?

She called him an asshole, which had taken Valerian aback and at the same time, it had made him more attracted to her. No-one had ever sworn at him or talked back the way she does. To think she was young and had such a strong character.

We hadn't even discussed much what had happened in the Maldives.

He didn't know why he felt disappointed when she said they should forget everything that had happened at the Maldives and move on.

In all honesty, how could Valerian forget, when he had enjoyed kissing her way more than he should have.

He wanted to desperately convince her otherwise but thought better of it.

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