Chapter 19
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"You can tell me your answer after work." as Valerian let go of her wrist. She went and started clearing things, as she replayed Valerian's question over and over again in her head. Did he really mean that or was he toying with her?

Why would he want her as his date out of the girls he could have? After every customer was gone and they had cleared everything, they locked up.

"Bye Matt," she said to him as he walked off without saying anything. She really needed to clear the air between them, She didn't like the rift that had formed. She was going to have a proper conversation with him rather soon.

The problem was that she was very busy this week, She would try to see him on Sunday after dinner and ask him why he was upset.

When she got home and realized that she had a message on her phone, Hailey opened it and it was Valerian. "come to work early tomorrow at seven am sharp, we have to discuss Saturday evening. "

"Will do, goodnight." as she responded to his message.

She went to bed and set the alarm for early in the morning and it came too soon. She woke up, showered and got dressed and got to work at seven in the morning sharp. She went to Valerian's office and the door was open. She peeked in and found him staring at her with a bemused look on his face.

"Morning, Sir." as she got in and sat down by the chair across him.

"You are on time, that's good." as he replied. "Did you think about my proposition?"

Hailey sat up a bit more "Were you being serious?"

"I don't have time to play around Hailey, Is it a Yes or No?"

"It is a yes Sir." She spoke fast so he couldn't take back his offer.

"Good, to see you have this much enthusiasm." as he took his pen, so he could carry on with his work.

"Are we matching?" She blurted out.

Valerian looked at her weirdly "We can if you want to." She nodded, she really liked color coordinating. She didn't know what else to do as work started in thirty minutes. So she got up from the chair.

"Where are you going?" he asked her.

"Outside," she responded.

"Sit down, you can go when your work time starts," Valerian said.

She slowly sat back down and watched him work. It was really fascinating and she must admit he really looked good whilst he was working. Hailey got engrossed watching him. He looked up and their eyes met. She looked away, as he chuckled and went back to his work.

The day was going at an okay pace, during lunch, the girls called her over. "Do you have a date for the dinner Hailey?" She didn't want to tell them that the boss was actually her date.

"Of course she doesn't," Clara answered for her.

All of them started laughing. "We should find you one."

She looked at them "No, thanks I already have one." With that, she went to lunch and started eating her sandwich. She was starving and gulped it down fast as she enjoyed the sun on her face and the fresh air.

Working in an office was really hard and exhausting. The rest of the day went by decently and she finished her work and went home. Thursday came in a blur and she needed to get a dress for Saturday's dinner. She kept postponing it and now she really needed to go.

All the other girls already had their dresses and their make up sorted out. The day left her super exhausted and by Friday, She was worried that she still had nothing to wear. She was going to have to rush to the mall on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon came, she woke up super late in a frenzy. She put on her tracksuit, tied her hair into a bun and dashed to the mall. She went through a bunch of dresses that didn't suit her taste, It was really hard finding a suitable dress as Valerian could potentially out-dress her.

She had told him that she would wear something white, so he could match her. Now she was wondering if she had selected the wrong color? She knew Valerian wouldn't appreciate her changing last minute or he would realize she wasn't prepared at all.

So she started looking harder for a white dress, she didn't know what had possessed her to select that color. Red would have been much easier to work with.

She rummaged through many stores until she found the dress that she really loved and was the right color, she purchased it. Hailey had spent so much time at the mall. Valerian had said he would fetch her at six-thirty sharp and she didn't want to be late.

It was five-thirty in the evening when she got home, which gave her too little time to get ready. She knew Valerian would be here exactly the time he had said he would be here. She jumped into the shower and got out. She dried herself and put on a robe.

She started doing her makeup and then her hair. By the time she was getting ready to put on her dress, it was six-thirty at night, which meant he was outside. She put on her dress quickly and the matching heels, then she made sure to have switched off everything. She locked the front door.

When she got outside and found Valerian leaning on his car, with a body-hugging suit, He really looked sexy. She was walking up to him, and she became a bit flushed at the way he was assessing her up and down. She started to have a few flashbacks to what had happened in the Maldives. Why was she thinking about that?

When she reached him, she smiled at him as he opened the car door for her. She slid in and he closed the door, and he came in and sat next to her in the back seat. He nodded for the driver to go.

"You really look beautiful Hailey." as he took her hand and placed a kiss on it.

This was left her a bit surprised, she gathered her thoughts and managed to form a sentence "Thank you."

He grinned at her, "Your welcome." His grin was really sexy. She snapped out of her trance and looked outside.

The rest of the ride was a bit silent as she was nervous, everyone would look because it was Valerian of course. She hoped the other girls wouldn't be angry, and she would try to make them understand.

She felt Valerian's hand on her clasped hands. "we are here." She jumped a bit.

"It's okay, you are here with me, I got you." as he reassured her. He climbed out of the car and he opened her door and he put out his hand for her, which she took.

Valerian linked her hand onto his elbow and he smiled down at her, as he assured her. She took a deep breath and they started walking.

They were greeted by a couple of people, which she smiled at and Valerian didn't flinch one bit. Hailey took a deep breath as they walked into the event.

As they were on top of the stairs and they were in view, everyone was staring at them.