Chapter 12
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"I want you fully Jasmine, let me take you to bed."

Jasmine was taken aback, first off she didn't know who this man was and he had made her do so much than what she had done for any other client.

She had stopped dancing in sync and after a couple of seconds, she recovered as she carried on dancing for him as she had before.

There was something off about him, he was wealthy and handsome yet here he was wanting so much from a stripper. He was a strange one she must say.


Jasmine felt his breath on her neck and she was bought back to reality, "Those are not part of my services."

"Why not? I could give you whatever you want." Julian replied.

"There are way more girls that would love to please you at the price that you are offering."

"So why not you?" Julian really wanted her so bad, to see her fully. Her scent was driving him crazy, he definitely wanted to fuck her so bad.

Looking at her up close made him harder, women usually didn't arouse him that much but Jasmine was doing by merely talking and dancing for him.

Julian had plenty of girls in the past but none of them really pleased her the way that Jasmine did, the other girls would dance and he would still feel nothing, no desire to go on further with them.

Julian was starting to wonder what made him want her so badly, he knew the first time that he saw her that he wanted her in his bedsheets. He wanted to see her messy bed hair, how soft her skin would feel after tracing his lips over every inch of her body.

He slowly raised his hand and it landed on her neck, he looked at her face wanting to see how she would feel at his touch, would she be affected as he was?

When he looked at her, he saw that she was just moving, he saw that she was not here at all, she was elsewhere. She was here physically but mentally she was lost in some revenue.

She didn't care for his presence or that he had touched, most of the girls that had danced for him would give it more than two hundred percent, they would try to get his attention yet the one girl that had caught his attention didn't care at all about his presence.

Julian usually never noticed these things as he would be the one preoccupied with business in his head, and now for the first time, he was paying more than enough attention.

He didn't know why it made him upset that she didn't care at all, where was her mind? What was so important that she didn't even give him a proper glance nor full attention. She didn't even try to fake being there for his money but his looks always did the trick.

"You can stop," said Julian.

Jasmine stopped immediately and Julian was so surprised that she had heard those words and the way she stopped so fast it seemed as if she couldn't get far away from fast enough.

He watched her go back to the couch, she didn't try sitting next to him nor sweet talk him.

"Can I go now?" Jasmine asked.

"Yes, but I will see you soon."

Jasmine seemed to want to say something but she held her tongue. When she reached the door,

"Julian, my name is Julian."

Jasmine turned and just nodded, with that, she rushed out of the room.

Jasmine released a sigh of relief when she got to the locker room, she didn't know what made her uneasy with Julian? He had so much intensity in his eyes.

Jasmine sat down, she needed to calm down a bit, the words echoed in her head,

"I want you fully, Let me take you to bed." 

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