Chapter 8
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They arrived in math and they were one of the first few ones there. She and Lola sat down by their seats and took out their books. The class started to come alive and more students started filing in. When she saw them coming in, by them she meant Reign, Jessie, Karly coming she looked away.

She didn't want to make eye contact with either one of them. She looked down at Lola, who was on her phone. Most of them had passed and she hoped they wouldn't stop nor speak to her. Her plan worked when all of them passed. She was relieved that they all had gone by.

The teacher came in, "Today we are having a quiz." They were a lot of groans in the classroom as a sign of a protest but that didn't stop her from giving out the papers. When everyone had their papers. "You may begin, you have fifteen minutes."

Skylar began her quiz immediately which she found to be very easy. She was finished in no time. She lay on her arms whilst she waited for the other students to finish theirs. After what seemed to be forever, they were done.

The teacher asked one of the students to collect everyone's papers. When the scholar was done, they handed the papers to the teacher. They carried on with the work. The bell rang, and it was break time. She was hungry, so she packed up quickly and they left.

She got the usual and so did Lola. They went and sat by their usual spot whilst they munched on their food. Skylar listened to Lola rambling on and on about the party. That's all that she had in her head.

The bell rang, and they got up. "I will see you after school!" Lola exclaimed giddily.

"Cool." She smiled at her as she went to science. She found Tyler already seated and she sat down next to him. He grinned at her, "Hey."

"Morning." She greeted him back.

She took out her books from her bags. She saw Reign and Jessie walk in and she looked for something in her bag that didn't exist so that she could have an excuse to not look at them. When they had passed and were seated in their seats, she stopped searching and put her bag down.

"Are you coming tomorrow?" Tyler said.

She turned to him "Yes, I am and you?"

"Obviously." He raised his hand for a high five. So, she raised hers too and they high fived.

"What are you two so excited for?" They both turned, and Jessie was looking at them weirdly.

"We just communicating," Tyler responded to him. Jessie turned his attention to her before he could ask a question the teacher walked in and she was relieved.

They both turned around and they started with the lesson. She was feeling a bit drowsy when the bell rang. She packed up her books and she went to her last lesson which was English. She got in the class and she sat down.

When her books where on the table, she waited for the teacher to tell them what pages they would be reading.

Reign got in, and he sat next to her.

"Afternoon." She greeted him feeling a bit awkward.

He turned to her, "Hi."

Skylar felt as if he didn't want to talk to her by the way he responded, he didn't even look at her that much. So, she didn't try to carry on the conversation and she looked at her book.

She heard a chair being drawn back and she knew that Karly had arrived. She gave him a kiss and he responded. She could see from the corner of her eye that the kiss lasted a bit longer. She was glad there was tongue involved.

She looked away and she focused on her work. The teacher got in and gave them the pages to read. She dove into her work, she could hear Reign and Karly talking. To be honest it was really annoying to hear them.

Why had she left her earphones at home? She couldn't also swap with someone else seats. Nobody wanted to seat here, it was the worst seat in the class. It would have been better if the teacher was at least strict but no.

She worked whilst she glanced at her watch, hoping that time would go by so that she could leave this class. The thought that she had to do this for the rest of the year, made her feel defeated.

"Baby!" Karly said.

Skylar was on the verge of telling them to keep it low, she couldn't stand the number of times that she had heard her say that. It was baby this baby that. If they were not here to learn why couldn't they just bunk the lesson not that the teacher would care.

The bell rang, and Skylar was the first one out of her seat and she was out of the classroom. Thank heavens that this lesson was over and done with.