Chapter 13
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The rest of the week was slow. Skylar waited for Lola outside. Thank goodness it was Friday which meant the weekend. Skylar had managed to avoid Reign and his squad, it wasn't that difficult because they skipped a lot of classes. She wondered what they did when they weren't in class.

Lola finally walked out, "Freedom and one more thing, I have exciting news." As she squealed.

"What? "Skylar asked as they walked side by side.

"Guess," Lola said.

"You finally spoke with Tyler."

"No," Lola said.

Skylar hadn't also seen Tyler for the rest of the week, and it made her wonder what exactly had happened between the two of them. Did Lola tell her everything or had she missed out some parts? Not that Skylar blamed her because she hadn't told her everything about the kiss with Reign. Lola would tell her at her won time when she was ready.

"We are going clubbing tomorrow." Said Lola, pulling her out of her thoughts.

"Where is this club?"

"Upper town," Lola said.

"I will think about it."

"Yay." Lola squealed.

They walked the rest of the way talking about casual stuff. They even started to brainstorm as to what they would be wearing tomorrow night.

Lola hugged her, "Tomorrow we have to go at eight at night."

Skylar nodded, and she commenced walking home. When she got home, she dumped her bag on the floor and she lay on her bed. Skylar reclined back on her and she sighed.

She rolled over and took out her phone. She spoke to her friends for a couple of minutes then she took a nap.

Skylar woke up and she went downstairs. She decided to prepare dinner when she was done, she set up the table and waited for her mom to come home.

The car finally pulled up and she reheated the food. The door opened, "Hey mom."

"Smells good in here." Her mom said.

"Sit down."

Her mom did that and she dished up for the both of them. They talked about their day as per usual.

"I have plans for tomorrow."

"Are you going with Lola?" her mom asked.


"Okay. But be responsible."
"Thanks, mom."

After they ate, she went to her room and she texted Lola that she would be able to make it tomorrow. She got an instant reply from her.

"Yay, we going to burn down this club."
Skylar laughed at her response. After talking to her for a bit she rolled over and went to sleep. Skylar woke up and her mom had already gone to work.

She made herself some breakfast and she ate. Then she went to the dining room and switched on the television and she watched for a few hours when she was done watching she went and did her homework and studied.

Skylar had her lunch then she went back to her bed to get some sleep. She woke up and saw that it was dark outside.

She checked the time and it was seven in the evening. She opened a message from Lola,

"I will be there in an hours' time."
"Okay, cool," Skylar replied as she dashed to the shower. She showered and got dressed in a black long sleeve shirt, black high-waisted jeans and black sneakers.

She brushed her hair and parted it the middle. Then she went and put on some make-up, the doorbell rang. She quickly sprayed some perfume on herself and took some money that she tucked into her jean pocket.

She dashed downstairs, when she opened the door Lola looked her over. "Have I told you how smoking hot you are."
Skylar laughed, "Have I also ever told you how hot you look?"

They both laughed. "Ready?" Lola asked.

"Yeah, I have taken about everything that I need."

She closed the door and locked it. There was a cab already outside.

"I came with it and I told him to wait for us." Said Lola.

"Cool." As they both climbed into the cab.

"Where is this club we are going to?"

"It is called Latino's," Lola said with a gleam of excitement.

"Will they allow us in without any ID's?"

"Don't worry it is mainly a students club, so they don't stress too much about them." Said Lola.

They rode for a couple of more minutes until they got there. The place was booming with very loud music. She felt an adrenaline rush and tonight she would let loose.

She saw bright neon lights. They paid the cab driver and they made their way to the entrance. Skylar looked around and absorbing everything she saw.

They got to the front and just as Lola said, they let them in. The place was full of people and most of them were students. They went to the bar and got a few shots of tequila. They were strong, and her head started to buzz.

"Let's go to the dance floor," Lola yelled in her ear so that she could hear her over the music. Skylar nodded, and they made their way there.

They danced to a couple of songs together until a guy pulled Lola and she started to dance with him. Skylar laughed when she saw Lola make weird faces that the guy couldn't see. She was gesturing that he was hot.

Skylar felt hands around her waist and she swayed to the music. The stranger smelled very nice and his scent was intoxicating her.

She felt the strangers lips press against her neck and they sucked lightly.

She leaned her backside more into the guy and his hands went to her thighs, back to her stomach then her waist. Her skin tingled everywhere the stranger touched.

She looked at his hands and they were strong, and they had rings on them. Skylar placed her hands on the stranger's neck and then she placed them on top of his hands and she continued dancing.

Skylar was drawn out of her dreamy haze when she saw that Lola had stopped dancing and she was looking at her strangely.

Then Lola started gesturing something for her, but she couldn't quite understand what she was saying. After a few more gestures Skylar finally understood as to what she was saying. Lola was signaling for her to turn around and look at the guy she was dancing with.

She started to panic, was she dancing with someone who was old? What was she thinking?

She pushed out the stranger's arms and turned around. Skylar was sure that the heavens were playing a joke on her when she saw Reign looking at her with a smug look on his face.