Chapter 17
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When they finish dinner, she does the dishes and when she is done, she goes back to their room and she sees Lucas is laying on the bed.

He smiles at her when she enters the room. She goes into the bathroom and she changes. She is left in her bra and underwear. She walks back into the room and Lucas stares at her. His eyes have gone wide and he looks away.

"It's okay you don't have to look away, I am your wife after all." As she walks towards the bed.

She climbs on the bed and Lucas is frozen where he is sitting, he is looking down when she crawls over to him. When she gets to him, she raises his face and he looks at her shyly.

He clears his throat, "Let's go to bed."

He gets up and switches off the lights and he lay down. There is a bit of light from the moon. She gets on top of him and she grabs both of his hands and places them on her behind. She leans down, and she starts placing kissing on his neck.

He pushes her off him and she is baffled.

"What's wrong Lucas?"

"I do but not this way Olivia."

"Then in what way." As her tone is now bitter. "Don't you want me because I am prostitute and I have slept with many men? Is that it?"

He sits up and he turns her face towards him,

"It's just not the right time Olivia? I want to be full with you when this happens."

"Wow you nag so much Lucas. You shouldn't overthink so many things you know."

"That's not good enough for me Olivia, I much more and so should you."

"I won't Lucas."

"You will Olivia within time."

"How do you know that Lucas?"

"I would know that because you don't love me yet."

"What does love have to do with this?"

"I want you to sleep with me because you love me and not just a matter of convenience. Why do you want to sleep with me? If you don't mind me asking."

Olivia sighs she doesn't know how to answer him. she also herself didn't have one. This is what happens when intentions fail and it turns into a life lesson.

"You have done so much for me."

"That's not good enough for me Olivia. I want more."

"How much more do you want?"

"Everything you have to offer Olivia, I will take."

She struggles within herself, she feels very conflicted about he said. What if everything she had was not good enough?

"What are you thinking about."

She turned away from his gaze and she wanted to hide away from him.

"I want to hide away." As she decides to tell him the truth.

"Why do you want to hide away?" he probes.

"You make me feel uncomfortable." She blurts out before she thinks better of it.


"You don't take anything, you just give." She says it as she is also trying to make sense of it.

Lucas turns her face towards him and he plants a light peck on her lips and he pulls her down with him and he puts his arms around her.

Olivia sighs, she had to admit it felt very good to be in his arms. Was this truly guaranteed, love?

Was anything really guaranteed in this world?

"Night Olivia."

Olivia didn't reply and she just went to sleep.