Chapter 19
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Amelia stripped off her clothes and wore her pajamas. She climbed into bed sheepishly, why had she embarrassed herself like that? She kept on beating herself up for it.

She wanted to scream out loud as screaming internally wasn't working. Should she go outside and seek Mason out? What would be her explanation for running away be?

Ugh, whatever! what was done was done she would just have to act like she hadn't done it. What did Mason want in any case? Did he want money for helping her and keeping quiet?

Amelia sighed and put on some light music to help herself go to sleep, fussing over it wouldn't help her at all. When she woke up the next morning, it was a bit late, nothing better than a late Sunday brunch.

Amelia got out of bed and she was shocked by the mess that met her in the kitchen.She contemplated if she should clean it or ignore it, and she decided to go with the second option. Why should she have to clean up after them? They would do it for themselves because if she does it, they would get used to it.

She poured some cereal into a bowl and milk, and she took out a spoon in the cupboard.

One of the bedroom doors opened and Amelia wanted to hide, she was panicking.

She turned when the voices grew closer and as they passed they spotted her, it was Mason with a dark-haired girl. When Mason's eyes caught hers she turned away quickly and went back to her cereal. When she heard them reach the door, Amelia took it as a chance to dash back into her room.

When she was seated on her chair by her desk she wondered how many girls they used and tossed. Mason didn't seem to care about these girls which is what she thought. All he cared about was getting them in bed and using them.

Amelia finished her cereal and showered, when she was dressed she cleaned her room and took out her laptop to watch some series.

A knock came by her door,


The door opened and there was James looking rough,

"Don't say a word pebbles."

"I wasn't but now that you have mentioned it, you look like..."

"I know what I look like." James cut her off. "It's movie night and pizza night. See you later."

"Must I come?"

"Why do you sound nervous?" James replied.

"I'm just tired, that's all."

"It's later on tonight, you have three hours to rest. Besides you, Mason and I haven't been together for a while now."

"He is your friend, not mine."

"Cut it out Pebbles, don't make him feel like an outsider."

Amelia nodded, she had to tone it down or else James might suspect something and that's the last thing she wanted on her plate. When dinner time came Amelia paced a bit around her room she could hear James and Mason talking in the living room.

She took a deep breath and walked out, when she got to the living room she was met with the aroma of pizza, her stomach grumbled.

"Just in time," James exclaimed when he spotted her.

Amelia took a plate and put some pizza on it, and took a can of soda. She didn't look at Mason at all and she sat down. She dug into her pizza.

"You must be hungry," said Mason.

Amelia tried to not jolt or giveaway anything as nodded, "Mhhhh"

Amelia ate her pizza fast and silently,

"You must have been hungry pebbles."

"Yeah I was." as she finished up and took her plate to the kitchen.

When she came back and sat down, she noticed Mason's gaze on her,

"What movie are we watching?" Amelia asked so that she would seem to be part of the conversation.

"What are you in the mood for?" Mason replied.

"Anything is fine with me but the shorter the better."

James laughed at her words, "Is our company that bad for you pebbles?"

"It's not that I have college stuff to do."

"Yeah, yeah we get it," James replied.

They decided to watch Avengers infinity war, she didn't mind rewatching the movie it was one of her personal favorites. When the movie ended they all went their separate ways.

Amelia went to college as per usual, she rarely saw Mason and he didn't seek her out. She would see James, and they would have dinner once in a while.

Whenever Amelia saw Mason, he was with a girl and she didn't bother to say anything to him. He also seemed to be ignoring and avoiding her so it was fine by her. It had been three weeks since she spoke properly to Mason,

When she got home from a grueling day a campus, she had stayed till late with Cindy. They hung out often, having lunch after classes.

She checked the time and it was ten in the evening, she opened the door and the lights were off. Which means she was the only one at home.

Amelia changed into her pajamas and put on her earphones. She loved to listen to music when she was winding down, and a glass of milk would be perfect right now.

She headed out to the kitchen and switched on the lights, poured some milk, and gulped it down. How refreshing she thought, she put her glass in the sink.

When she was done she switched off the lights, As she was heading out a hand grabbed her and pinned her against the wall.