Chapter 20: Expectations
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Wei Caihong ran his hands through his hair as he watched Nikola flip the omelet in the pan as he hummed. Nikola had never been this happy after sex before. That made Wei Caihong think with dread that his husband was going to do his best for Wei Caihong himself to be stuck as a woman. But then maybe Nikola simply liked delicate things? Even Penemue’s vessel had often been mistaken for a woman, had it not? He should have let Nikola top him back when he was a man for a change. Now maybe he wouldn’t be having this problem.

Wei Caihong was…jealous. Of this new form that made Nikola wild with desire. Nikola hadn’t let him rest the entire night and if Wei Caihong hadn’t been a vampire and thus not really needing to sleep then he would be asleep on the dining table. Next to him were the three children. Han Fengfan had latched onto him when he had picked her up and was now staring at him with pure adoration. Wei Zhaohui, that little traitor, had started to call him mama and had given his title of papa away to Nikola. Which made Nikola insufferable. And Han Shanyuan was stealing glances his way and tearing up for some reason. Finally, Wei Caihong huffed.

“I am still the head of this family!” He snapped at the children and Han Fengfan blew him a kiss. The little girl never did that when he was a man.

“Of course, dear. Do you want peppers in your omelet?” Called a grinning Nikola from the other room. Wei Caihong couldn’t quite see his face but he was sure that his husband was grinning. He was enjoying this too much not to.

“Yes, and I want mushrooms too.” He spoke. Then Nikola rushed into the dining room so fast he nearly tripped.

“But you hate mushrooms.” He said with a smile that threatened to split his face.

“Mother ate things she normally didn’t during a pregnancy.” Supplied Han Shanyuan and then he blushed for some reason and looked down.

“I’m going to have a sibling?” Said Wei Zhaohui. Just as it was with the Han siblings, he didn’t sound very happy about it.

“It couldn’t have happened so fast…” Trailed off Nikola and then he was next to Wei Caihong and touching his stomach and pouring magic in. As if he was searching for something. Wei Caihong had the urge to slap him. Just because he had decided to give mushrooms a chance, he was getting a checkup? He shuddered to think what will happen if he actually gets pregnant. “Oh, nothing yet.” Said Nikola as he withdrew his hand. Then he kissed Wei Caihong on the brow and went back inside the kitchen to finish making breakfast.

Wei Zhaohui looked like he had something to say. Then he looked to the side.

“You will always be my son.” Said Wei Caihong and he meant it. Wei Zhaohui was his very first child. He had been there for the wedding. He was not going to be replaced.

“Yes, but not your firstborn.” Said the child looking down. When the Han siblings arrived, he had felt fear. But now he knew with certainty that he would never be able to compete with this new child or children that Wei Caihong will bring into the world. And judging how happy papa Nikola had been when he checked his mama then they would keep trying for a child.

“May I be excused, mama?” It took a couple of seconds for Wei Caihong to register that he was the one being addressed. He placed a hand on Wei Zhaohui’s shoulder and hugged him to himself.

“You will eat your breakfast with your family and you will tell me all that worries you. And please son, call me papa.”

Wei Caihong was not granted his old title back, for apparently, he was now more beautiful than Nikola. But he was still told all of Wei Zhaohui’s fears. The boy didn’t seem to notice that Han Shanyuan was listening in. The other boy understood that he would never be adopted then. He felt sad about not getting to call Nikola and Wei Caihong his parents, Wei Caihong even looked a little like his mother now, but they were still taking care of both him and his sister. And he guessed that was what was important.

Bjorn and Azazel came in holding hands just as Nikola was putting the omelets in front of everyone.

“We are with child.” Announced Azazel proudly and Wei Caihong scoffed. Of course, those two would get an earlier pregnancy than Nikola and he. “Oh, don’t frown at my happiness, Wei Caihong. I figured out how to get pregnant during the night. I’ll tell you if you agree to get our children to marry when they grow up. I’m going to have a daughter.”

Wei Zhaohui perked up at that and he looked Azazel up and down and then he blushed.

“I get to marry your daughter? Mama, please say yes! She will be as pretty as a fairy tale!” Azazel paused. He had meant his daughter and the reborn Master Wang. But said angel hated his guts. Maybe a betrothal between his unborn child and Wei Zhaohui was better after all, despite the age difference. Then he noticed Han Shanyuan looking down with a dark expression. Now what was happening here?

Han Shanyuan didn’t want to look at anyone. He wanted to be a part of this family so bad. Today, as they had spent the day with the blacksmith, Wei Zhaohui and he had gotten along just fine. So, Han Shanyuan had thought that one day he could become a Wei by marriage. And now Wei Zhaohui was going to marry a Trojan beauty and Han Shanyuan would be left looking in from the outside. Basil looked at him strangely and then realization suddenly hit him. Was it so obvious?

“No way, kiddo. You are going to have eight years on my daughter. You’ll be a man grown when she flowers. I was speaking about baby Wei.” Basil winked at him and smiled. Han Shanyuan smiled back at him and then looked at Wei Zhaohui who looked disappointed.

“The baby hasn’t even been conceived yet and it’s already replacing me.” Mumbled Wei Zhaohui under his breath but Han Shanyuan, who was sitting next to him, heard him.  

“Someone else already likes you and that someone will never replace you.” Said the dark-haired boy blushing as he placed a hand on Wei Zhaohui’s.

“Someone from school?” Asked Wei Zhaohui. He was interested now. There were many pretty girls from his class.

“Something like that.” Said Han Shanyuan who was taking not having his hand brushed off as a good sign. “But he told me not to tell you before you both turn sixteen.” Han Shanyuan planned to tell Wei Zhaohui everything there was to know about himself in small snippets and test the waters and then, when they were both sixteen and Han Shanyuan had a craft of his own and could provide for them, he was going to propose.

“He?” Wei Zhaohui looked at his parents. They had been happy even when Wei Caihong had been a man. He supposed he could always adopt a child just like them.

“Do you have anything against it?” Asked Han Shanyuan. His voice wavered a little bit. If Wei Zhaohui didn’t like the idea of a boy loving him then Han Shanyuan was going to give up on trying to build something with him right now.

“Oh, no. You can tell your friend I want to exchange letters.” Then Wei Zhaohui picked up a pot with soil and made some mud inside and then recited an incantation and a silver medallion appeared. “You tell him to wear that always.”

Han Shanyuan knew about the magic that ran in this family. And that his sister was magical too. But this was the first time he saw Wei Zhaohui do magic. And he did it just for him. He took the medallion and held it to his heart.

“I will. Always.” He then berated himself for nearly exposing himself but Wei Zhaohui didn’t seem to notice. Basil coughed something that sounded like puppy love and hid his face behind his sleeve to giggle. Han Shanyuan could sink in the ground right now. He had received his first gift from Wei Zhaohui. He had to make him something! A paper figurine, maybe? Almost all the children in the village made them. He could hide his identity among them.  

“Well, Basil, I think we should let our child pick his own bride. What if the marriage is loveless?” Asked Nikola as he dug in. Nephilim were long lived, but not immortal. And his child, Master Wang, would be immortal. And he wanted Loki, besides.

“Are you saying my daughter is not good enough? Bjorn, he is insulting her honor!” Bjorn looked like he didn’t want to get messed up in this discussion. And he also didn’t want for incest between his daughter and his grandfather’s sort of son to happen.

“She will decide for herself, when the time comes.” Said Bjorn finally and he was elbowed by Azazel.

“I’ll match her with whomever I want.” Said Azazel stubbornly. Bjorn sat by him and helped himself to his food. There was no point in arguing now when the child hasn’t even been born yet. Azazel would surely see sense when he grew attached to their daughter.

After the breakfast Azazel pulled Wei Caihong to the side and told him the spell Azazel himself had used to speed up the process of getting pregnant.

“And remember, you have to say it during the act.” Said a smirking Azazel to Wei Caihong. “Nice and clear. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in female form for months, perhaps even a year in addition to the year you will have to spend as a woman for the child’s sake.”

“Are you sure it’s an enchantment and not just some dirty talk?” Asked Wei Caihong. He didn’t have much faith in this spell.

“If I’m lying you can always see for yourself. Now go make babies. I’m going to go take a nap. I’m exhausted.”

Wei Caihong moved to Nikola and grabbed his hand and begun to tug him to the bedroom.

“Don’t you want to rest before we try again?” Nikola was concerned with his husband’s health. They were both running on no sleep.

“You will get me pregnant immediately. Then we’ll rest.”

Once inside the bedroom Wei Caihong got out of his robes and laid on the bed, legs spread wide. Nikola sucked in a breath at the sight and approached slowly. He then took Wei Caihong’s right foot and begun to kiss his toes.

“You don’t get to tease me, husband! You have a job to do.” Any excitement Nikola might have had evaporated. Did Wei Caihong had to put it this way? Like it was a chore?

“Let me admire you.” Said Nikola as he begun to kiss up the foot. “You are so breathtaking, my Ebony.”

“Your generous with the title now.” Said Wei Caihong. The room was slightly cold so there were goosebumps all over his skin. And his nipples were hard. He felt a hand pet up his leg and then he heard a dip in the mattress and the hand was moving closer and closer to his entrance in an agonizingly slow pace.

“I’ve called you that since the night we first slept together.” Replied Nikola. He was between Wei Caihong’s legs now, holding them wide open so that they couldn’t wrap around him. He wanted to see this lovely form writhing beneath him. Begging for release with each twitch it made. He moved Wei Caihong’s right leg over his shoulder and petted the slit bellow. Wei Caihong was still dry. Nikola planned to fix that. He brought two fingers to Wei Caihong’s mouth and tapped his lips once.

“Get those wet and I’ll massage you down below.”

“Get inside me already!” Snapped Wei Caihong. Why was Nikola taking so long?

“It will hurt if you haven’t come a couple of times beforehand. About three should…”

“Three times? Do you plan to fuck me the whole day?” Wei Caihong had things to do. He needed to arrange for silks and he needed to arrange their trip.

“I plan to make love to you. Now please suck my fingers, my Ebony.”

Thinking that Nikola was not going to give up taking this slow he opened his mouth and took the two fingers inside. Nikola didn’t move the fingers and so Wei Caihong sucked on the fingers without being chocked. Then all too soon the fingers were removed from his mouth and placed at his entrance. They touched his clitoris and he shuddered and bit his bottom lip.

The first time Wei Caihong came from the fingers. The second time he came from Nikola’s mouth. He wanted to scream at his husband to get the job done already but the third time he was scissored by Nikola as the man licked and kissed his stomach. Wei Caihong was dripping wet and suddenly his other leg found it’s place over Nikola’s shoulder and there was a pillow placed bellow his back. Wei Caihong looked questioningly at Nikola who winked.

“So, none of my cum gets out.” Then Nikola finally undid his sash and brought his cock out. There was precum on it from what Wei Caihong could see and he felt insulted that the sight of him coming three times hadn’t brought Nikola to a climax. Nikola moved further up Wei Caihong’s legs and then Wei Caihong clanged up when he felt his husband’s dick at his entrance.

“Do you need a pause?” Asked Nikola. His voice was calm but he looked at Wei Caihong with a worried look.

“Get inside already!” Was Wei Caihong’s breathless response. And so, Nikola obliged. Wei Caihong ended up being reduced to a moaning mess. He grabbed the sheets and threw his head back. He needed to say the darn chant. He begun uncertainly and Nikola chuckled at him.

“Are you sure this is not just dirty talk?” He asked. It was in Atlantean and so if it worked it was going to be powerful. But the wording was just strange.

“Shut…ach…shut up and keep thrusting. I need to finish the chant before you come and then we need to wait five minutes…oh, yes. Just there.” Wei Caihong rocked his hips to the rhythm set by Nikola. Then he remembered where he had let off with the chant and resumed saying the words.

When Nikola finally came, he was followed soon after by Wei Caihong who had gathered the sheets to himself and had clanged his legs around Nikola as much as he could.

“Five minutes.” Said an exhausted Wei Caihong as his legs were lowered and the pillow beneath him was righted. “We just need to wait for five minutes and then if Azazel hadn’t lied, I’ll be pregnant.”

“We can still have a couple of more rounds even if you are, can’t we?” Asked Nikola hopefully. Wei Caihong huffed and reached out with both of his hands to cup Nikola’s face.

“I am not staying as a woman pass the pregnancy.” He said and he watched in satisfaction as Nikola’s face dropped.

“But our son would need to be nursed.” Said Nikola and Wei Caihong brought his face to Nikola’s.

“Fine, I’ll remain a woman until the kid can eat solid food. But not a second after that.”

“I can just not turn you back.” Said Nikola and Wei Caihong’s hands released his face to hit his chest.

“If you know what’s good for you then you will do no such thing. I can always take the children and leave your ungrateful ass.”

Nikola placed his hand over Wei Caihong’s stomach and begun to pour magic inside. Then he smiled and lowered his head to his Wei Caihong’s lips. Despite being mad at how easily Nikola had tried to take the choice from him Wei Caihong allowed it.

“Did it work?” He asked after the kiss was over. Nikola had never looked at him that way before. He had looked at his body like this, but that was when Penemue was inhabiting it. Wei Caihong blushed. He was finally Penemue’s equal and he couldn’t even enjoy it because it was this female body that Nikola wanted to keep by his side.

“Can’t you tell by my smile?” Teased Nikola and then he took a hold of Wei Caihong’s right leg and spread it as much as he could without it being painful.

“You don’t deserve another round after what you said!” Snapped Wei Caihong. The truth was that he was spend and couldn’t take any more pleasure. He wanted to take a bath and then a nap.

“What do I need to do to get back into your good graces, my Ebony?” Asked Nikola as he gently petted the leg. Wei Caihong felt juices licking out of him. He had been just as demanding with his concubines and Nikola. How had they countered him?

“Pregnant people need rest.” He tried and his leg was immediately released. Then he remembered something the women had told him yesterday. That the baby was just an egg in the beginning. But Azazel had been sure he was going to have a daughter. He cupped Nikola’s face again and murmured against his lips.

“Tell me the gender of my child.” He demanded and then Nikola smirked at him.

“It’s not just one. It seems you are more fertile than I thought.”

“Twins?” Wei Caihong was as pale as a ghost. Two sets of feet kicking him from inside his stomach for more than six months? How was he going to survive it?

“Triplets.” Wei Caihong slapped Nikola’s right cheek, then his left and raised his hand to slap him again when his hand was caught.

“You did something during my chant!” He accused and Nikola grinned.

“A magnifying spell. I wanted for us to have a child that was normal, or as normal as any child could be when they are the product of two immortals. But I didn’t expect triplets, my Ebony. I wanted twins.”

“You carry them to term then!” Snapped Wei Caihong and he begun to wiggle from bellow Nikola. “You get kicked by three sets of feet. You suckle them when they are born! We will need a wet nurse for the third one. Do you know the trauma that will bring? To know that I couldn’t nurse it? What are their genders!”

“A son, and I can sense Master Wang’s soul chunk already inside it. And two daughters. Do you want me to check their future?”

“They hadn’t even been born yet!” Wei Caihong was curious, but to know the fate for his children who were just conceived was too much. Nikola finally climbed off of him and extended a hand to him. Wei Caihong took it and allowed to be raised up.

“We will name them in your country’s style and they will carry the name Wei.” He said with a smile on his face and Wei Caihong was happy that he could continue his line. He had feared his child would have to carry on Nikola’s legacy instead.

“How are we going to name them then?”

“Our firstborn will be one of our daughters. We will name her Wei Lihua. I can see her by staring in your eyes and she will live up to her name when she grows up. Beauty and elegance will be her defining traits. But she will also become a renowned poetess. And when she becomes seventeen, she will catch the eye of the emperor’s son and they will marry. Bringing the Wei family back to the ruling class.”

Wei Caihong sucked in a breath. His father had wanted for him to marry one of the emperor’s sisters just for this purpose but the emperor had refused the match. But would his daughter be happy?

“Will Lihua be happy?” He asked and hoped that the answer would be yes. Otherwise, he was going to do anything in his power to prevent the marriage.

“She will be the first wife of the new emperor and the only one. She will give him three sets of triplets…I think I overdid it with my spell.”

“You think?” Said Wei Caihong and he hit Nikola on the back gently. “What about our second child?”

“Another daughter. Wei Liling. You will plant a jasmine right outside her nursery when we get back from the essay contest. We’ll get both the neighboring houses, by the way.”

“Did you see it in the future?”

“No, I signed the contracts this morning. When you were resting in bed. Just before breakfast.” Wei Caihong didn’t care about his grumpy neighbor but the family next door had small children. Just where did Nikola find them a place?

“Where are they going to live now?” He asked and Nikola took out two scrolls and handed them to him.

There was a signature of the magistrate bellow one of them and Wei Caihong read that the family was going to move into the forest. On the land of the former bandit camp and it was going to have exclusive rights to all the herbs of the area. There was also a permit for a stall in the market where the family could sell their herbs and other things they could get from the forest.

Madam grouchy was going to live on the beach in a villa. Close to the caves and she was going to get paid for feeding the workers of the greenhouses and the construction workers. Wei Caihong smiled. The two neighboring houses were big but they were from better times. Now those two would have businesses and an income. Madam grouchy had been a washerwoman and the family had been farmers. Which meant that during winter they could barely afford to feed themselves. Now things were looking up for them.

“Ok, you did good work. Now tell me Wei Liling’s future.”

“She will become a famous physician. A Scythian prince will come to whisk her away to the shores of the Black Sea. She will later be known as Liling the Good and her husband will be known as Thos the Just. Wei Zhaohui and Han Shanyuan will move to Scythia with Liling. Those two are going to get married, by the way.”

“Are you sure? Wei Zhaohui is not very found of Han Shanyuan.” The boy was jealous of the new addition to the family. And Wei Zhaohui had been exited about marrying Azazel’s daughter.

“I’m sure. Wei Zhaohui knew very well that Han Shanyuan confessed indirectly to him today. There won’t be anymore jealous fits in the future.”

“And our son? How are we going to name him?”

“Wei Longwei. He will travel around the world and slay monsters for a living. But do you expect anything less from an angel? He will meet a proud warrior woman from near the river Volga. It will turn out to be Loki playing a trick on a mortal man who had insulted him. It will happen about three hundred years from now. Huh, guess Master Wang will get his wish.”

“I don’t like this. They are both angels.” Said Wei Caihong. He had unconsciously taken a hold of Nikola’s hand and he was playing with his fingers. Nikola looked down at the delicate hand in his and raised it up to bring it to his lips.

“Master Wang is dead right now, a ghost possessing a body. He will be reborn and he will no longer be an angel. It won’t be incest once he becomes our son. He will have two sons with Loki. Nephilim with the power of giants but the size of a normal human. They’ll live for a very long time and they will drink blood, just like you.”

“They will be vampires?” That got Wei Caihong worried. How were his grandchildren going to blend in. And if they needed blood then…

“All our children will be too. You will need blood even after I give you a piece of my soul. But the kids will be all right. It’s such a pity you will truly revert back into a man and you will refuse to give me anymore children, my Ebony.”

“But if they are born as vampires wouldn’t they be…” Wei Caihong had known that Master Wang, or rather Wei Longwei, was going to be immortal. But surely the girls wouldn’t be, right?

“Immortal, yes. They will infect their spouses with their curse. The girls, I mean. And from them two clans of vampires will be made. Wei Longwei will make a third. Their spouses will in turn infect others. There will be a lot of vampires in the future. But those will be creatures of the night in truth. Only our three children will be like you because of the energy of the phoenix I have consumed. And their spouses too, for they will feed straight from them.”

“This is a right mess.” Said Wei Caihong. “People will rebel against our girls when they refuse to age and die. And Wei Longwei is going to get eaten by something, won’t he?”

“They’ll be fine. And I saw something else into our future but I don’t know if you want to hear it.” Said Nikola. He looked hopeful and Wei Caihong narrowed his eyes at him.

“Is it about Penemue?” He said and he moved away from Nikola. Then immediately missed his warmth. He needed some clothes. And to talk with that horrid woman, the magistrate’s wife. They were leaving by the end of the week and he needed his silk robes. He couldn’t keep on wearing Nikola’s robes, them being closer to him in size. He had so few silken ones and Wei Caihong was down to the last two sets.

“We will manage to get him out of the Abyss. And I saw him heavy with child…”

“You will not set aside my children for his!” Snapped Wei Caihong and he stood up. Something sticky ran down his tights and he grimaced. He needed a bath urgently.

“I would never. Besides the child he was carrying was not mine, it was yours.”

Wei Caihong wanted to say he would never let Penemue touch him, let alone have his children. But Nikola was smiling gently. He must be telling the truth.

“You talked him into becoming a woman too?” Asked Wei Caihong and Nikola nodded.

“He’ll give me more children too but the first one he will give birth to will be yours. And I will love your little girl as if she was mine. But I am tired now, my Ebony. Don’t make me look into the future anymore. Let’s go get a bath.”

With that Nikola picked up his discarded outer robed from the foot of the bed and he wrapped it around Wei Caihong’s slim frame. They had to do something about the food supply. Wei Caihong would need to feed three more hungry beings inside of him. Perhaps they could get animal blood mixed in into his diet? Nikola doubted that he could replenish enough blood so fast to get enough for four vampires to get sated. Even if three of them had just been conceived.

After the bath Wei Caihong fed. He took more than normal and when he saw how pale Nikola was getting, he let him go. He didn’t feel like he had gotten enough, but he didn’t want for Nikola to feel sick either. Then they were off and renting a cart to get them to the magistrate’s palace and then they were soon standing in front of cups of hot tea and haggling with Madam Wu.

“You want silks? I have some bundles. But the blacks and reds are more expensive.” Which was a lie. Yellow was he most expensive color for a silk. Black was common.

“Madam Wu, surely you’d be interested into renting a greenhouse with a discount?” Asked Nikola. The dragon mother had chased away everyone so she could haggle with them to her heart’s content. Had she not done this perhaps they would have tempted some of her relatives into giving them the silk cheaply.

“I am no gardener! But there must be treasures in the caves, yes? You give me the treasures and I will give you the silks.”

Well, there was just one small problem with this. Master Wang had cleared the caves and so the mermaid catches should rightly belong to him. Nikola told Madam Wu that but she shook her head and pointed a finger at Wei Caihong.

“He placed a barrier so he cleared the caves and the beach from these vermin. The treasures belong to him.”

“We can give you a massive chunk of jade in exchange for the silks.” Said Wei Caihong. They didn’t have jade in stock, but they could make some. A big block large enough for a statue. Then maybe Madam Wu could have it made with her holding a sabre over a slain dragon. Wei Caihong smiled at the image but Madam Wu saw him and squinted her eyes at him.

“Something funny, Wei Caihong? Just because you are pretty as a picture it doesn’t mean that you can laugh at others, young lady!”

“I wasn’t laughing at you, Madam Wu. I was just imagining a bright new statue of lotuses and water lilies in your entrance hall, of the highest quality jade.”

“And where did you get that jade from, huh? Su Niu isn’t back yet!” Wei Caihong leaned into Nikola and smiled.

“We found it into the mountains, Madam Wu. As the laws of the emperor dictates all precious minerals that are on land which hasn’t been claimed yet are free of taxes, provided the finder buys the land from the emperor himself.”

“I want that land!” This could set the Wu family for generations to come. Madam Wu was already imagining the jade depot. The workers she was going to employ and how she was going to be selling the jade to trader Nikola and receiving new jade accessories. For a discount, of course.

“Well perhaps you should have sent prospectors to figure out all the resources you had in the forests. The land is ours. We will buy it from the emperor and we offer you the chunk of jade again. Once we get back from the essay contest Nikola will make you whatever you want from it.”

“I want the land!” Continued to stubbornly repeat Madam Wu.

“Madam Wu, can you leave me to speak with Wei Caihong in private?” Asked Nikola and the woman nodded, thinking that the trader would speak with his wife to sell the land to the Wu family. She closed the door and went to lean on the outside of the wall. If the trader convinced his wife to go through with the deal then she would stop calling him cheap. Heck, she would even invite him to Ariel and Wu Zian’s wedding!

“Wei Caihong, there is no jade deposit in the mountains!” Said Nikola in a hushed voice.

“Can’t you make one?” Replied Wei Caihong calmly.

“The spell works with soul and sand, not with stone. People will begin to ask questions if suddenly jade starts to grow from the earth.”

“Once they see how good the jade is, they will stop and they will search for more deposits. You will have to make some more into the forest. Make one near our former neighbor’s house. They deserve to strike it big.”

Nikola sighed. Making money out of thin air was all well and good when just one person was doing it. But if jade became too cheap then it will be useless and the jade price of the whole country will become lower. Then all the workers would go hungry once they lose their jobs.

“I will make a deposit near the lake, it’s more believable this way. But no more. I hope the silks are worth it, my Ebony. Madam Wu is not going to let anyone near the lake and she will dirty the water.”

“Then make the deposit near the caves that line the mountains. There is plenty of soil near them. I happen to like that lake. I plan on taking our children to it. And Wei Zhaohui and the Han siblings too. You are not going to turn it into private Wu property!”

“Fine, fine.” Agreed Nikola and he moved to open the door and in fell Madam Wu, evidently having listened in.

“Why were you two whispering? Do I get the land?”

“You do, Madam Wu.” Said Nikola and he was immediately hugged by the exited woman. Nikola just wondered what he will need for a jade deposit big enough not to be called a fraud and then taken to court over. Maybe it was time he found that fox spirit that has been abducting travelers and put it to good use.