Chapter 1. Bird’s Opening (1)
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The reflection in the mirror formed a bitter smile. The black irises in the eye sockets shone sharply. Her fingers brushed the hair that was now dangling. Not long like other girls who are full of bangs to cover a wide forehead or move forward.Isel tilted her head, staring at the strand of hair that didn't even cover her neck. Too straight and short. Makes this sharp jawline stand out even more. Not the type of face that would make a man chuckle in awe of her beauty. It wasn't the cute looks that made everyone sway to pat their heads or pinch their cheeks. Maybe next time can try a wig with a circular style. The thought made a small smile appear on his lips. It would certainly look like a slut who faithfully waits to pat lonely men on the ass.

Lonely, huh?

Not an interesting word to talk about.

The image looked even more horrifying with the blurry mirror from the lack of cleaning. Her eyes shifted and then turned to look at the narrow boarding room. The boarding room is almost empty. Only a few perfume bottles rolled on the table. Scattered with cigarette butts with variations in the length of the remaining stems. Some of the sticks were still burning on the surface of the ashtray. Cups of used coffee and dirty dishes piled up in the sink, greet each other with the thick dust that fills the nearby walls.

Isel took a deep breath. Take the eyeliner on the surface of the table, apply it to the eyelids with maximum thickness. Forming a cat's eye with a tapered tip. Her eyes drifted to the lipstick stick on the table. Grabbed a stick she just bought yesterday at the convenience store in front of his flat last night. The red color began to glow on the surface of the lips. Challenging color to wear at night, but she didn't care if this lipstick color choice became something that would have a bad impact in the future. It didn't matter because she wanted that person to recognize her as soon as possible. Isel chuckled softly, this hope seemed impossible indeed, human memory has never been that good.

The guy likes this color. He said blood red. He said, bloodstained on a white cloth will create a beautiful spooky color. The person's fingers were happy to rub her lips at that time. Isel took a deep breath as he rubbed her lips which had now turned redder. Perfectly covers small cracks on the surface. All things in her mind were dispersed when the sound of the cell phone blared loudly from above the nightstand. Her hands move fast and grab her cell phone before it makes any noise that might irritate her eardrums.

Her brow furrowed when she opened the short message that was now displayed on the cell phone screen.
"Block 56. Tonight."
Glancing at the clock on the wall perched near the curtains. It's ten minutes past eight. Isel grabbed the leather jacket that was drooping on the bed. Tuck her feet into knee-high boots without heels. She groped for the tiny knife tucked in the outer pocket of the shoe that was caught in the leather bands to prevent it from sliding out.

Her feet stepped quickly into the narrow alley. Step on the pebbles scattered on the street. She turned into a row of empty stalls that were tightly closed. Entering a dark crevice because the lights went out. Block 56 is just a code. Code between them on KnightBreak, the thief duo in town.
A man dressed in black greeted her. His fingers brushed the hair that fell on his forehead. Gloomy immediately welcomes. But Isel could still see the oval face of the figure in front of him clearly.
"You came just in time!" praise the man.
"You're faster."
"Why do we have to meet in this place, when there are other warmer places." Isel lowered her head as she said those embarrassing words. She tried to hide her blushing cheeks.
"For safety."
"It is always like that."

The man smiled as he held out a piece of paper to Isel. She looked at the man's face slightly and then turned to the paper. The size of a post-it paper with rows of tiny letters on the surface.

"The location—"

"I know," she cut in quickly.

"Do you need another explanation?" The man seemed to still want to invite Isel to linger at this location. A smile grew on his face. In the dimness, the girl could even see the man's lips being pulled up.


"Take it to district 3 and hand it over to the courier. Don't let it fail," he said.

"I understand."

"Good luck."

Isel just nodded and didn't give an answer. She immediately turned away with long strides, District 3 was also just a code. That's not the district they're referring to. The place is just a code to choose one of the locations to meet the courier. Submit the goods and the task is complete. Oh, this task is not as easy as taking things, she has to steal them tonight. It won't be easy, but she will succeed perfectly as usual.