Chapter 2. Bird’s opening (2)
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Her feet stepped quickly into one of the luxury housing complexes. She looked around, looking for the location of the CCTV. Making her face caught on camera is not something to be proud of. Her fingers quickly pulled the hat forward until her tongue was enough to cover her face. Covering her face with a mask, she was lazy to do it. Anyway, her red lips should be visible, even if no one is looking. It's not that she accepts a lipstick product endorsement, after all, there is an online shop that would endorse a thief like her. Isel just needs a little feminine touch in heroic action. Weird! Ah! Alright, just accept it as it is.

The target location is in the middle of this housing. She moved faster this time. Her feet deftly climbed over the railing as her hand grabbed one of the bricks protruding as one of the handles. Then she used it as a footrest when her body had crawled up. Isel landed lightly behind the fence of the owner of the house she had infiltrated. Her shadow was covered by the thick bushes of ornamental plants. She looked up, looking for the room with the lights off. Usually, the location will be easier to enter if the location is dark. Logically, in the dark everything becomes dim—not even visible at all.

Her eyes were fixed on the room with the lights on.  Oh, shit. The room where the object is located is there. Indeed, there was no shadow of anyone in the room, only that it had never been or was one hundred percent safe from intrusion or theft. Moreover, this is Diliar, one of the kingdoms with fairly good security. Yes, a ridiculous comparison since she had never stolen in any other kingdom. As a bandit, she is still on a domestic scale but has not yet gone international. Isel took a deep breath and refocused her attention. Her eyes locked on one of the rooms on the second floor. That's where she had to go. Whether she want it or not.

Her limbs moved swiftly against the wet grass. She tried to walk as slowly as possible to drown out the sound that might arise. Isel hastily stuck to the wall of the house to blur the shadows. Her hand grabbed a thin iron bar, biting it between her teeth. After that, she put her fingertips on the wall. Lift the body lightly. Crawl up quickly. Now she jumped onto the balcony and immediately stood against the wall and pressed her back against it. Isel pulled the thin key from her mouth, the multipurpose key for prying out doors and windows. She turned and put the key in the hole and spin the thing quickly.

A sigh of relief escaped her nose as the shutters shifted slowly. She tugged at the shutters so the cloth curtains slapped her in the face right then and there. Fortunately, nothing stood in the way. She just went in and took it. Isel now put her feet on the window ledge before jumping down. Darkness welcomes in there.

Isel took a deep breath and made up her mind before moving again. She lifted herself up, landing soundlessly on the floor of the house. Scan the condition of the house then move quickly towards the exit. Her head turned left and right to scan the situation. The house is quiet and lonely.

She immediately settled in the corridor, walking as slowly as possible to minimize the sound. The safe was in the next room—at least according to the Boss's instructions—so she had to move a dozen more steps. She arrived in front of the room suspected to be the safe room. The door to the room was tightly closed. She put her ear to the surface of the door. Silent. No sound from inside. Isel looked back in all directions before turning the doorknob. The door didn't move. This thing is locked.

Her fingers quickly retrieved the tiny metal cylinder and shoved it into the keyhole. She turned it around quickly. She breathed a sigh of relief when she felt the inside of the door lock shift. The girl poked her head first, to make sure no one was in the room. Being ambushed from inside the room didn't feel funny. Her limbs moved quickly to the room. She closed the door behind. She stopped in her tracks after closing the door. She scanned the room again with her tiny flashlight to find the safe. Her heart started pounding while her breath started to catch on as the flashlight moved from corner to corner.

Found it!

The heart in her chest was surging. It quickly caught her attention, the tiny 4-wheel safe is in the corner of the room. Before that, she moved closer to the window and unlocked it. At least she had to provide quick access in case something bad happened.

 Isel now crouched in front of the safe and turned off her flashlight after placing it on the floor. Her eyes stared at the key in front of the safe. This thing uses a rotary lock type. The girl took out a stethoscope from the sling bag on her back and stuck it to the key circle. Her fingers turned the key slowly to hear the click. She was patient enough to keep spinning and had complete confidence in her abilities and her tools. This thing is sensitive enough to hear the slightest sound. Capable of capturing the first heart rate to determine the systolic and diastolic numbers in humans. It might look surreal and look like a new kind of hallucination, but it's true. This tool is sophisticated enough to find the code to open a safe vault like this.

The first number is four. The second to the last digit, she had already found it. Isel pressed four combination numbers, end this process by dialing at zero. Finally, she pulled the safe door open. There is still one more hurdle. She took the master key out of her pocket and tucked it into the door. Somehow Boss got this key. This thing is very useful. Isel pulled out the small flashlight that she had placed on the floor and put it in her mouth after the tiny flickering light flashed.

"Red sealed document, huh?" Isel pulled out some documents and smiled slightly when she found them. "Mission accomplished!"

Isel hastily stuffed it into the bag. She also started to get busy cramming other equipment afterward. Her fingers quickly closed the safe then hurriedly stepped to the window. Mission accomplished. Just then the sound of the doorknob opening.

"Who is there?"

Isel only glanced over at him. Glancing in the direction of the sound before jumping onto the window ledge. Sliding down quickly accompanied by the sound of a thief screaming from inside the house.

“Oh, Shit!!!”

Isel turned towards the direction of the voice. Inevitably, her eyes met the person who was now opening the door. For a moment her neck stiffened. Her heart beat faster, and her teeth chattered as her fingers clasped together. The expression on that person's face was invisible in the dark. However, her eyes were clearly on her. From her tall stature, it was clear she was a woman. The woman in the knee-length dress took a shaky breath. Her cheeks puffed up as her mouth began to open. She really looks like a frog. Ugly as hell!

"Thief!!!" A loud scream was followed by another scream from the woman's lips. Her voice was really shrill. "There's a thief!!!!"

Afraid? Panic? Isel smiled faintly. How could it be!

A proud smile stretched across her lips as her fingers began to dig her ear holes. Meanwhile, the screams continued to echo throughout the house. The screams also began to reproduce after performing the relay along with other screams. The noise gave a code to the footsteps of a group of people moving closer.

Isel sends a heart signal using her index finger and thumb towards the woman before climbing up to the window ledge. She then jumped lightly and her feet landed on the floor on the balcony below. Now she turned to face the wall and clung to the gap in the bricks. Her body slid down lightly. Falls in a standing position and then rolls quickly to absorb the effects of the fall. She crouched for a while to catch her breath and surveyed the situation by scanning in all directions. Isel turned back to the house when the lights in the house were on.

The girl hastily stood up, sprinting through the grass. Looking for an empty gap. Bowed her head in the shadow of the giant oak tree. A shadow large enough to hide her figure from the light. When the atmosphere is safe enough—it seems safe. She ran as fast as she could towards the fence that separated the mansion from the outside world. She shuddered for a moment when she heard the sound of a dog starts to bark. The sound of dogs followed by the footsteps of people. The security guards started to move.

She hastily climbed up the railing and moved down outside the mansion. She looked around, this place still quiet. Her fingers grabbed the hat and pulled it off. She shook her head and smiled. After that, she walked away. Past the security guard that starting to move out. Their moves scattered like bees whose hives began to sway. Who would suspect the red-haired girl who is now walking away from the house?

She was just one of a handful of girls who would date their boyfriends on the weekends. Yes, maybe a little touch or do something quite interesting like breaking into a safe. Isn't that fun?

The smile began to form again. It's not time to smile yet. The document must arrive at the client and she gets a salary and also adds one more mission under her name in this black world, so that smile can grow to the point of tearing lips, no problem.