Chapter 3. Bird’s Opening (3)
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The room was chilly—at least that was what Max thought. There was no scent of blood floating in the air, this room felt neat, clean, and normal. There are no traces of intrusion at all. According to his family, this morning the victim only moved into his room and there was no conversation after that. It's just that as death has just visited this room without anyone noticing.

One government employee died this morning with no death note, no trace of suicide or murder. There were no traces of torture, poisoning, or anything else, just a sudden death as if God had called him to peace. He only lost his life because it was time, at least some say. It was too quiet for the death of someone so famous in this area as if he deserved to die. As if his death was meant to be this way. Why is this calm? Why isn't there any commotion? The family didn't even demand the truth be revealed. Isn't this weird?

This silence and serenity felt so strange it made Max massage his temples several times. Max looked around, squinting as he shifted each object carefully. He took a few breaths and then exhaled again, really couldn't understand what had happened. There are no traces of anything. Everything is neat, organized, and structured. Not even a single object moved in the room.

"There is no CCTV in the room." Byul, who had been busy photographing every corner of the room, started to speak.

"If there is CCTV in this room it will be weird, Byul!" Max immediately barked. "It's a bedroom."

"Yes, I know. But it would be easier if there was a camcorder." The girl shrugged, her monolid eyes blinking slowly.

"Even if there were cameras, I don't think we'd find anything. Considering we didn't even find anything when we looked at footage from the living room to the front of this room."

"Agree with you, his death is too neat. Not as usual."

Max just nodded. His thoughts drifted to a long record in the police force. There have been many records of strange deaths over the decades in the history of the Diliar kingdom. It's a bit strange. Diliar always keeps a record of its people, including death data. No one knows who entered all of this information into the police database, but death records are growing all the time. Neither a natural death nor a strange one like this one, at least in his opinion.

Max has always been interested in the rare, odd types of deaths. The description of death is not the same as if it has no common thread. Surprisingly, the death of a famous person is only considered an ordinary death. Max tries to connect one death to another. Only two so far, the deaths are too neat.  Only two so far, the death is too neat, but cannot be classified as a natural death event, suicide let alone called murder.

"I think it's about time he died!" said Byul while turning off the camera.

"No. He was murdered, I'm sure of it." Max squeezed his pants pocket.

"How do you know?"

Max didn't answer. His memory drifted to an email he received this morning. The email said that there would be a dead person in this house even before his family found the victim's body this afternoon. However, is all this related? It seemed all too unlikely that the killer had intentionally emailed the police that he was going to kill someone. Those killed were government employees. Isn't that all too risky? Why would the killer do such a dangerous thing? The next question is whether this murder is related to another murder?

"Max!" exclaimed Byul.

Byul's voice broke all the thoughts in Max's mind. The man shook his head to remove anything that could potentially interfere with the investigation. Everything is still uncertain. So it won't be too late to find out because there could be another murder. To be honest, he didn't expect there would be another murder, but his feelings seemed to be whispering to him.

"Feeling," Max said finally.

Byul raised an eyebrow and straightened her neck, it seemed she didn't believe the explanation.

"You are crazy?" she asked again.

"Just check anything suspicious, I'm going out for a bit."

"You must want to smoke!"

Max just snorted and then walked out. His head was throbbing in pain and needed a dose of nicotine to keep thinking. Arriving on the terrace, Max pulled a cigarette case from his jacket pocket. Unwrap it and take one stick. The man lit the tip and took a sip. The cigarette smoke billowed after passing through his mouth.

He was honestly afraid that he would not find anything with which to continue the investigation. This overly neat murder as well as the email notification then the culprit only refers to one point. The point that used to make his family torn apart. Spots that are hard to crush and remove are like stains on white clothes. The stain that Diliar left alone and nurtured to keep growing. Max's hands clenched on both sides of the body.

"Khisfire!" he muttered.

Yes, Khisfire. The most dangerous assassin gang in the Diliar. The spot that made the Caragan police and Enslet—the elite knights of the Diliar—become idiots because neither one could find the tail of the gang. No one knows the members of Khisfire, their base, members, victims, and methods of killing they use. However, Max believes that the underground gang is the mastermind behind all this.