Chapter 5. Bird’s Opening (5)
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Tonight is the umpteenth night in Isel's life. Not much different from the previous nights. No matter the sky was starry or eclipsed, she kept running according to the assigned task.  If possible, she would complete one task in one night. However, if the early morning came then she would continue it the next night.

Her feet moved faster up the street. Meanwhile, the sound of the dog barking got louder. Isel glanced briefly, they were not far from her current location. They were using sniffer dogs. Even though they didn't manage to follow in her footsteps, the presence of the animals was enough to make her worry. They are annoying, use terrible dogs to chase one thief. However, there was a strange feeling of pride now tucked into her mind. She was no ordinary thief, but one of the most wanted thieves in this kingdom. This title somehow feels pleasant to carry, even though the self-righteous humans in this kingdom will gladly blaspheme and wish her harm.

She then turned into one of the dark alleys. Her fingers quickly grabbed the pole, climbing up by holding on to the elongated cylindrical object. Her breath hitched, her heart pounding as her body leaped lightly over the roof. She quickly stood up and ran back up the building. Sliding down onto the balcony of one of the houses. She then moves to the neighboring house.

Luckily it wasn't raining today, the roofs were pretty easy to walk through. However, for some reason, today doesn't feel well. It felt like someone was watching her movements. Even if it was impossible because it felt like no human in this kingdom would open their eyes until the early hours of this morning. It's just that the feelings that have appeared in the past few hours do not go away.

Isel stopped in her tracks. Stand for a moment, take a breath and then gaze at the lower building. Her eyes now began to scan the deserted street. She had to find the safest escape route. Useless confrontation is best avoided. Better to save energy and maintain confidentiality.

A smile spread across Isel's lips. She took a step back. Take steps. Jump lightly onto the fence surface of one of the houses. Her body rolling slowly when her feet first touched the asphalt surface. The barking of the dog was still audible, so she ran faster towards the street. After removing the face covering, she then stood at the bus stop. She was still breathing heavily, her chest was moving up and down. But, she was still trying to stand up. She has to be prepared in case something bad happens.

The voice of the pursuer was no longer heard. The girl looked at the watch on her wrist. One o'clock in the morning. She then reached for the scarf hidden in the backpack. Wrap it around her neck to cover her lips. Reduces the chance that someone will see her face. Although, Isel is quite happy if someone wants to glance at her face because Noel said that her face is beautiful.

The last bus passing through this area will arrive in ten minutes. The bus arrived as expected. A smile grew, Isel never miscalculated an escape route and never failed. Her hand immediately waved when a bus stopped right in front of her.

Isel moves up then swipes the card on the digital machine to pay. Nod at the bus driver and hastily walked back to find an empty seat. Most of the seats are empty. Only one person sat in the corner—right by the window. She glanced briefly before sitting down. The person was wearing dark-colored clothes with a hood over his head. Isel shuddered, the hairs on her neck grew, the bad feeling she had been feeling for a long time came back. However, she chose not to care and no longer looked back—to glance at the dark figure sitting there.

The bus stopped at one of the quiet stops at the end of the Dingora area—one of the most attached areas to downtown Elard—the capital of Diliar. The bus driver frowned for a moment but didn't ask. This bus stop is indeed quiet and only contains shophouses that are empty at night. It looks terrible when viewed from a distance. Isel stepped down while the dark figure behind was still in position. Maybe, this is not the place to go.

Isel was still standing at the bus stop until the bus she was traveling in moved away. After confirming that no one was here, she tucked his scarf into her backpack and put her mask back on. Then she crossed the street to enter the narrow alley between the crowded shophouses.

Dingora might look awful to visit at night—especially by a girl. Now, she is out on her own like that. However, Isel promised to meet the courier at this place. The courier will receive the goods and deliver them to the service tenant. The location varies depending on the courier used. However, only about a few dozen places were scrambled for use so that Caragan couldn't track them down. Dealing with an elite police force like Caragan is not a pleasant thing to do.

Many said that dealing with Enslet was much more annoying. The procedures they used tended to be so complicated that make her was reluctant to even think about it. However, the terrifying thing was dealings with Khisfire. These gangs were far more dangerous than those of Enslet and Caragan. Reportedly dealing with Khisfire does not require complicated procedures. But, only need a spare life to survive. This procedure is also not a guarantee of safety.

Isel shuddered. Thinking of Khisfire, that ominous feeling came back. Now she chose to focus her eyes on combing through the numbers listed in front of the shop. Look for number three, the place of agreement with the courier.

Isel stepped quickly to close the distance as quickly as possible. Arriving at the door, she took two deep breaths and then raised her hands. Her clenched fingers made three knocks on the shop door. There was no answer from inside, only that Isel chose to wait patiently, without knocking again.

"Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam." A deep male voice answered from inside the shophouse.

“Rath Dé ort,” said Isel.

"Put it under the door!" Asked the voice again.

A smile formed on the girl's lips. The man inside was the client courier who hired her services tonight. Isel crouched down, grabbed a document from the backpack. A few seconds,  the shop door opened slightly and left only a gap for his hand to slip the stuff inside. As soon as the sealed envelope moved in, the shop door closed again. Tonight's mission is complete.