Chapter 6. Reti Opening (1)
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No more buses operating after her business is done. Fortunately, the location where she lives is not too far from Dingora so she doesn't support walking. Isel was now walking through the deserted shops. A group of men sitting around with cigarettes in hand. Blow quickly into the air with ease. Her eyes glanced at the several beer cans and liquor bottles strewn on the road surface near them. Some seemed to be laughing, some were busy shaking their heads left and right.

The girl walked again, this time at a faster pace than before. Passed three cats who were fighting over the leftovers in the trash can. Adjacent to a pair of men and women who seem to be groping each other and then giggling softly. Isel snorted in annoyance, pulling the leather jacket and thin scarf that wrapped around her body. Had a glance at one of the nightclubs wedged between a shophouse and a cheap motel. It would not be strange if what appeared was a woman with colorful hair complete with skimpy clothes. Side by side with naughty men who emit the smell of alcohol from his mouth.

Night has fallen and morning will come in a matter of hours until what appears on the streets is the people who roam the world when darkness predominates. A world that will live when the other world chooses to sleep. Her steps quickened as she passed the frenetic complex.

Isel took a deep breath before climbing the stairs that snaked upwards. Staring at the room it was still dark from the outside as usual. The flat was still there, tightly closed as if isolated from the outside world. She had lived in this flat for the past two years. The landlady of this building and her neighbors always know that she is gone almost every night. They thought that she was working in one of the nightclubs. Isel herself was reluctant to get rid of the misunderstanding and let them think like that. After all, there was no point in letting the world know about her work all along.

Before stepping inside, she paused for a moment. She looked at the dream catcher hanging on the door. Her hand stretched upwards until her fingertips touched the part that looked like a fowl's tail. Her eyes closed for a moment to say a prayer. Even so, she is not an obedient creature and rarely proposes to God. However, there's nothing wrong with lowering yourself and begging. Even though, she didn't expect her prayers to be answered at all.

Please catch those nightmares, just like you did in days past.

Her fingers turned the key. The moment the door opened, darkness immediately greeted and swept over her entire body. There is nothing different from this room, the atmosphere is like the previous days. She was just about to step inside, but her steps stopped when the knuckles of her neck clenched. It felt like danger was approaching. An intruder broke into this house.

The girl hastily stepped back. Her heart skipped a beat as her eyes looked around. She reached out to grab the dagger from the pocket hanging from her thigh. She moved quickly, stepping silently towards the switch which was not far from the entrance. Isel closed her eyes for a moment when a flash of light filled the room. However, she opened her eyes faster. She was ready to attack anyone who dared to enter her house without permission.

"Noel?" Her voice choked.

Her eyes stared at the young man who was leaning his back casually against the wall. Right next to the light switch.

"Who else?" The brown-haired youth tilted his head. Smiling towards Isel. "Just a shock!" Isel complained. Her lips are pursed forward.

"You want to stab me?" His voice sounded surprised.

"Ah, no, I thought you were an intruder," she said, glancing at the dagger still clutched in her hand.


"What?" she said halfheartedly as she was still busy stuffing the knife into its scabbard.

"I miss you." His voice caressed the girl's ear.

Noel sent a short kiss on the cheek while his fingers stroked the nape of her neck, a touch that made Isel shudder for a moment. The young man is now pulling the bag slung on Isel's back. The girl just gave up and let the sling of the bag move slowly through her arms. Although not long after that Noel dropped it on the floor just like that.  Noel doesn't seem to have the slightest bit of empathy for that thing.

"There's still something dangerous in my hand. I want to keep it first," said Isel, brandishing a dagger.

"I'm more dangerous, Love," he whispered as he tightened his arms around her waist. The young man also ran his lips on the girl's neck and nape.

 "You can't wait!" Isel complained while throwing the dagger until it fell right on the bag that was on the floor.

Noel swiftly caught his body as Isel charged forward. Isel is now hugging the young man's burly body tightly. She even wrapped his legs around the young man's waist. The muscles in Noel's body are strong so they look solid and give a sense of security at the same time. The young man now chuckled before sending another kiss. His kiss moved from the forehead, down the bridge of the nose. Then bit the top seed of the girl. Isel opened her mouth to welcome the kiss. Her eyelids slowly closed as her lips and Noel's now intertwined.

Isel began to run her fingers through the strands of the young man's brown hair. Her breath hitched as Noel slammed her body onto the bed. Noel is now rubbing the surface of his hand on Isel's back. His fingers quickly unbuttoned the clothes. Meanwhile, his lips were still heavily crushing the girl's lips.

Isel's mind was foggy. All of this is like a scene from a nightmare from the past. The heat of that person's body that was on top of her body. His breath came out like an animal. Her head throbbed in pain as the memories came flooding back into her mind. Isel gasped. Her eyes opened. Suddenly she had pushed Noel away. Her heart rate pumped up as her breath hitched.

"Are you not feeling well?" Noel's brow furrowed.

"Wait a minute. I need some time!" Her voice choked. Isel also looked to the side, reluctant to look at the young man's face.

 "I know. Take it easy!" Noel now moved down, pulled the blanket, and wrapped it around the girl's body. He was so diligent in covering Isel's body that only her head was visible.

Noel was now lying beside Isel and wrapped his arms around her. He also patted Isel's head gently and slowly.

"Sleep!" he said.

Isel nodded. She took a breath, exhaled again then snuggled into Noel's arms. The faint sound of another dreamcatcher hanging on the window filled her ears in the wind. Please catch all the nightmares from the past.


Her eyes were closed in Noel's caress and the sound of the ornate nightmare catcher moving in the wind. Noel once said that the past is behind and to be forgotten. That time will never come into the future. She hopes so.