Chapter 8. Reti Opening (3)
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Isel stepped out of the terrace and straight out onto the street when the sun was shining brightly. She is now starting to mingle with the people who are now passing by. However, her footsteps stopped when a news broadcast on one of the national TV channels showed about the arrest of a politician who evaded taxes.

Her lips curled into a faint smile. There was a wild pride that filled her heart. A kind of pride for having set a new record of success without being caught. Of course, Isel has no desire to explain to anyone else, because no one knows for sure—other than herself—that today's news was the result of her work last night.

The news anchor also explained that there was a theft case at the politician's house. She was labeled as a mysterious figure caught on CCTV cameras. It doesn't stop right there, her appearance is described as a dark and black figure. It's outrageous, even though her face is beautiful like this and her body is also good. They missed last night's beautiful model. Isel shook her head, chuckled softly, the kind of unlucky humans.

She decided to continue her journey after being satisfied with mocking the news broadcast. However, she only walked a few meters before finally turning towards the row of shops on the side of the road. Isel kept walking and stopped in front of one of the sizable boutiques on the corner. The boutique that provides the woman's clothes is currently busy with visitors. She flashed a smile before stepping in confidently with a few girls with dangling hair who walked in with the group. However, in the end, she chose to slow down and follow them behind.

Her eyes were now on the canvas shirt with pastel colors hanging by the door. She needs a few new pairs of shirts. Maybe Noel will complement her choice this time. Holding one of the shirts, she glanced at the CCTV camera installed near the door. Her gaze also shifts to other cameras scattered at various angles as she puts her chosen shirt into the shopping cart. Hmm, the security is quite tight. Of course, the cameras still make her happy because they can provide their challenges to overcome. There's nothing wrong with choosing this boutique because they have a pretty big hurdle for a professional thief. Isn't now the time to act?

 Isel kept walking with the shopping cart almost half full. However, she still grabbed some interesting-looking pieces. Her steps stopped when the noisy girls who had been busy choosing underwear now looked happy when holding clothes with colorful patterns. Is it trending? Does she also have to buy it to look fashionable?

Isel again moved closer to the girls who sounded giggling. Position herself near them, picking up what they put in the shopping cart. Sometimes she also wants to have female friends too. Shopping close enough like this, it feels like having a friend, even if it's just a shadow. It's not a problem. In friendship, there must be a dominant, and some are nothing more than pebbles. Just like in theft, she falls into the professional category and is not on the same level as shoplifters in the market.

The girls kept talking to each other. They also occasionally laughed loudly. Isel glanced and found them taking tiger fur motifs. Can it make a woman look fierce? Why not lacy, pink maybe, to make it look more feminine. However, she also took the leopard print panties and stuffed them into the shopping cart. She deliberately chose that motif because she heard their conversation that boys like motifs like that. Maybe he should also buy the same motif for Noel later. Aaah, imagining Noel wearing tiger print underwear made her cheeks heat up. Although, she was sure that the young man would refuse to wear underwear similar to her, afraid of being mistaken for uniform.

friendship is enough to stop here. Her fingers were now combing through the long-sleeved T-shirts, not knowing what else to buy. A few seconds later, her heart was beating fast. She found an interesting object on display not far from her position. A sleeveless black dress hanging in a separate window. Looks special. However, this model does not fit her taste. She would have skipped it and switched to a t-shirt or leather jacket, if only—

"Don't you have anything other than an oversized Powerpuff Girls t-shirt, a tattered shirt, and a leather jacket in your closet? You're 18 years old, but you have poor taste." Noel's voice, accompanied by bursting laughter, echoed loudly in her head again.

Hearing his annoying laugh made her anger rise constantly. Nearly exploded to the point where she felt like shooting him in the head right then and there. That bastard! She had to make him lick his spit this time!

The trick, she can do it with this dress and clothes in a leopard motif. If it's not enough, she will wear it in front of Noel's eyes. Really before his eyes. Let him know that she still has good taste. Yes, this item is a must-buy. However, the determination that had been gathering for a long time suddenly wavered when she found a line of writing under the display case. Isel squinting to read it.

“Eight million dilion? This is crazy!" she whispered.

Her cheeks puffed up, and her lips pursed forward. She was suddenly annoyed because she felt tricked. What the hell, clothes with this thin material are being labeled so expensive?  The color is attractive, and the rest looks more like a nightgown sold on the roadside than a high-priced dress. She wasn't stupid. Who would be willing to pay for this shitty dress even if it was up to fifty percent off?

She decided to immediately go to the fitting room to try on the clothes she had chosen. However, her steps stopped again. Her eyes couldn't take off from that annoying black dress. Isel shook her head and walked away. She briefly glanced at the cashier and boutique clerk before entering the narrow room at the far end of the room to try on clothes. The employees at this boutique seem to be very busy, so better hurry. They definitely wouldn't protest if she tried on more than three pieces of clothing. If you don't know, then you have no right to be angry.

Isel began to try on each of the clothes she had chosen. There is no CCTV in this tiny room. Even if there is one, all she has to do is beat it until it breaks with a clothes hanger. If someone later says that her actions were quite brutal, she only needs to dodge a little bit. Maybe with a fact about camera installed in women's locker room. Other than that, she never cared about it.

She looked at herself again in front of the mirror, but her mind was still on the eight million dress. She swears the clothes are not attractive at all. Maybe this annoying desire will disappear if she buys a new leather jacket. Isel decided to go out for a while to look for a leather jacket and return some of the clothes she had taken earlier. She came back five minutes later to try on another outfit. It took her about fifteen minutes before finally pulling the curtain aside and walking toward the counter.

Isel handed over a jacket she had bought suddenly and four shirts to the cashier. She gives the sweetest smile. After the woman mentioned the price and Isel handed her a glossy black card. The woman smiled as she received the card. After paying the bill, Isel then moved out. She was not alone because she returned to mingle with other groups who also left the boutique.

Her shoes had just hit the pavement when her cell phone rang. Noel's number floated on the screen, and Isel hastily pressed the button to accept the call.


"Where are you?" Noel's voice was loud.

For some reason, she felt a little irritated by his voice. His ridicule about her taste in clothes re-entered her brain.

"Outside. Why?"

It seems that he caught the sharp tone in Isel's words. "What's wrong with you? Are you menstruating?"

Huh? Menstruation he said. Isel chose not to answer because she was annoyed.

"Isel, listen to me now. This is a serious matter!” he said again.

“Get to the point!” she said.

“I want to take you somewhere. Meet me at the usual place!”

"I am lazy. I'm not hungry anymore."

"I'm not in the mood for a joke. We don't play as a couple as you think. Now listen carefully, it's about work. Coming in an hour! Got it? We've got to get some guns out!"

Again and again. Doesn't know how many times Noel managed to embarrass and irritate her at the same time. He said he wasn't playing as a couple. But he asks her about menstruation in an impolite tone.

"Okay," she said resignedly.

"And don't ever mess with me in a state like this."

"Okay. I'm sorry, I just wanted to show—"

The phone line was immediately closed. Good! Now it's his turn to be angry, even though he was in the wrong. Isel snorted and then started to be busy stuffing the cellphone into the bag just as a scream rang out from the boutique. Several workers ran out. They must have found an empty coat hanger in the locker room.

Her lips curled into a faint smile again as her fingers unbuttoned her coat. Their eight million black dress now covered her body. She hid everything successfully. Even so, Isel snorted in disgust as she looked at the pantyhose that was now in her coat pocket. There's no reason to steal it either. Noel would surely Regarding the clothes hanger, Isel left it on purpose. Giving a few

hints, a little reward with a thief's scream when she got away. It's not that she can't pay, but Isel has a principle. The things she really liked should not be bought but had to steal. They couldn't possibly suspect it. The reason, of course, is because she has an unlimited credit card that will make her free from suspicion. The woman who owns the black card can't possibly steal. Yes, if she is an ordinary woman.

The answer shifts if the woman is a professional thief. It's a shame she can't divulge her secrets to the world, but she really wouldn't refuse to be interviewed on television as the most influential female character in history. It is also possible to add to the pile of popularity. However, now her mind was moving in another direction as she passed the boutique in a tasseled dress. Next time, she wants to try to steal the wedding dress. She can steal the groom as well. Her laughter erupted. Isel stepped even faster before throwing the price tag that read eight million dilion into the nearest trash can.laugh at her too. Oh, fuck it! The most important thing now is that she can take revenge on Noel.