Chapter 9. Reti Opening (4)
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After following the address that Noel had given to her, the maps on her cellphone led to this place. She didn't have time to go home first to put her things, so she had to bring them to this place. She only had time to take off her stolen dress in the toilet when she bought a backpack to carry all the clothes. Isel adjusted the bag on her back while looking up at the CCTV camera installed in front of the gate. She rang the bell and waited.

Her gang selected several armories. Even so, Isel never took dangerous objects such as guns.  Isel only needs a few tools that are difficult to obtain legally. For example, door openers for safe, or CCTV camera jamming devices to cover up their tracks. However, she rarely picked up such things because she thought does not have fun if she played too safe. Besides, playing with the metropolitan cops in Caragan was also fun.

Regarding the armory, don't imagine if the place is dark, dimly lit, full of dust like in the movies. The warehouse is usually in a residential or shopping area in the city center. Very surprising to find out, but a crowded or elite place would rarely invite suspicion. It was Noel who said that. She never gave an opinion about this.

However, the owner of this warehouse was at least a wealthy Baron or could be a noble above. Wealth alone wasn't enough to keep this dangerous location from being spotted by Caragan or Enslet. Although, there may be affluent merchants who can bribe government officials above them.  So, they can still operate safely. However, Noel would not like it if she voiced her opinion like this.

The same goes for this house. Isel herself had never been to the warehouse that was now looming in front of her. However, the features are always the same. The building they use at first glance is similar to ordinary housing. The front gate is unguarded, except for the CCTV cameras that can be seen up there as weapons. It’s strategic location and in the middle of the city. She took a deep breath. Her finger pressed the bell again. Isel took off her hat and looked at the camera. They may require identity verification before opening the door.

Not long after that, the gate opened. Isel moved in and found a young man in black clothes welcoming her. The girl gave the best smile as a greeting, but the young man's face remained stiff. So she decided to come inside without the need for a small smile or anything like that.

The young man led her into the building beside the main building. When she entered the room, sacks that seemed to contain wheat and other foodstuffs greeted her. There were large wooden shelves filled with jars of spices standing proudly not far from where she was standing now. At first, if a foreigner enters this place, they will think that this place is just an ordinary food warehouse. However, the young man led her into a deeper space. Now they entered the cellar with bottles of wine from various years lined the way. They continued walking to the end of the room and stopped in front of a shelf filled with bottles. The young man pushed the rack aside so that the entrance was now visible behind her.

"Noel is there," said the young man.

"Okay, thank you."

As Isel stepped inside, the door behind her closed again. The young man who had delivered it probably pushed the wooden shelf back to its original place. It didn't matter because she would come out the other door when she has done here. The girl inhaled and exhaled again. Maybe she will hear Noel's anger in a moment because she came late from his request. Although, it was his fault to ask someone to come suddenly without taking that person's position and distance into account. Never mind. After all, it all happened. Even being scolded does not need to be heard.

Isel walks again. Be more careful this time because no guide will show the way. Fortunately, the minimal lighting—which was enough to make the room dim—helped her a little to see this place. She walked to the end of the room and moved down the stairs. Her steps stopped when a voice sounded not far from where she was now.

“You just have to execute the plan. Everything will happen,” someone said. From his voice, he was male.

“You think this plan will work?” Another voice asked. It was Noel's voice.

Hearing Noel's voice, Isel walked faster. She wanted to meet the young man immediately. However, she lowered the sound of her footsteps to make a surprise. If Noel is shocked then she will laugh at him until her stomach hurts. Right like that.

“Of course, you just have to tell the girl to get everything we need. During that time, our plan will proceed smoothly without a hitch.”

"The girl? You mean Isel?"

Isel's footsteps suddenly stopped when she heard her name being called. She wanted to hear more about what they were talking about behind her back—though she couldn't guess the identity of Noel's interlocutor.

"Yeah, who else, we're talking about the thief girl now."

“But, we will deal with Khisfire. Isel might—”

"That's her job, don't forget that!" cut the man fast.

Isel tilted her head. Who exactly is Noel's current interlocutor? Why did the man know her? Then what is the meaning of the task?

Then another thing that came into the topic of the short conversation was Khisfire. What is her relationship with Khisfire? So what will they do to get involved with the most terrible underground organization in this city?

She could still accept that someone with a rank above her—like Noel—was doing dangerous work. However, what was the use of a thief like her on such a mission that seemed so important?


Isel couldn't get those thoughts out of her head yet when a sound like a ballpoint lever. When she looked up, her eyes found the muzzle of the gun now pointed straight at her forehead. It seemed like it was ready to blow her head at any moment. Maybe now or in a few seconds or anytime the user wants.

She regretted her stupidity for having lowered her guard to eavesdrop. She was caught off guard by being too deep in thought and ignoring the opponent's actions. Isel also couldn't predict the movement. Her life would be gone soon. The girl gulped heavily and stared at her opponent without blinking. She raised her hands to signal that she was giving up.

"Who are you?" asked the voice accompanied by the sound of the trigger.