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god, what the fuck did i wrote last chapter, like i didnt notice the abomination i created until someone pointed it out.

[CAIN] pov

its morning

the birds are making an unbearable amount of noise

like how many birds there are in this stupid catedral to make this amount of noise

yes catedral or what apeares to be a catedral 

the flowers are blooming which is not a problem but when the said plants are poisonous it gets annoying but over the years i trained my resistances one of them is poison resistance so its not a big problem for me at least

dont ask me why there are poisonous plants here, i dont have an answer for you

the sun is high on the sky giving the world a gentle warm

its is a gentle warm if you dont practice [PURE YIN BONES AND ICE SKIN]

the autor is just too lazy to think of a good name so dont judge me 

its a method i made when leveling up my ice god class

what i does is very simple

it trasform your bones into magic circuits of the extreme yin type which boosts all sub elements related to yin in which are


and the sub elements have their own variation like

with a huge mastery on water element you can have ice element

or you can combine elements of ying or yang like you combine ice element and fire element

it will probably explode on your face

but with huge control you can make an fire that freezes what it touches

it saves mana to use this fire other that to freeze things manually because you only use mana to maintain the fire going as it costs a huge amount of mana to make the spell become reality

now going back to the method

it makes your skin as hard as ice but makes you have your skin whiter and more smooth

but also makes your resistence of high tempeatures a bit bad

now that my explanation ended 

lets get back to reality

me and my master are in a teleportation array

saphire is giving me a strange look out of the corner of her eye

she is talking with my master about something 

i dont know what they are talking about as they set a sound barrier so nobady can hear them

i could hear if i wanted but people privacy is to be respected.

but the conversation isnt going very well as i can see that my master is getting angy at saphire

after talking for some minutes my master comes back to me

she is still angry so she doest interact with me

saphire is giving me strange look

i can see in that look 

sadness, regret? and a bit of killing intent?

i blinked and the look dispeared


as i started the array

a pilar of ligth apeared and our surroundings changed from a catedral to....











other catedral

but this catedral is at least a bit diferent from the one we were before

as i was looking at our surroundings

my master said on her usual cold voice

"follow me"

and she starts to get out of the catedral