The culling.
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Fifteen titans, all as big as the buildings surrounding me. Two irregulars, the rest normal.

They were all just prey.

I let go of my torso and picked up a blade in either hand. The numbness I felt due to the pain in my torso had left me in a trance. The only thing that I could feel hurting was my head.

My legs felt light, but instead of calling myself quick on my feet, it was more accurate to say that I lost all feeling below my abdomen. I won't be needing much of my feet, so it's fine.

I attached cords to the buildings on either side.

Let's do this!

My first target was the titan right behind the leading one. If he fell, it would incapacitate the other four around it. Making them easy kill targets.

Without wasting a second, I blasted off straight to it. While I was in the air, it felt like my consciousness was slipping away... 1000-7 is 993.

I chopped the neck of a titan with a single blade. It fell backwards with the other titans falling around it.

While they were on the ground I chopped off their napes with a blade too. Easy prey.

4 blades down, 8 remaining. 4 titans down, 11 remaining.

I felt as if my head was going to burst any second.

993-7 is 986.

I buried the cord into the titan right in front of me and went straight for its nape, but the irregular titan to its side immediately swatted my cord. I could deal with this. I released and pulled the cord back, as I was falling towards the irregular and used the steam to blast off towards another titan.

There was a nape conveniently right in front of me. My blade tore through it.

986-7 is 979.

Now for the irregular.

I used the other cord attached to the titan who was previously in front of me and coiled myself in.

The irregular tried to do the same thing it did a second ago so I left all the cords loose and ran straight up his arm and buried the dull blades into its eyes.

I shot to my original target, and used a fresh blade on its nape, turned around with the momentum, and sliced through the irregulars nape too.

7 titans down, 8 to go. 7 blades down 5 to go.

979-7 is 972.

I panted on the ground. This was getting to me big time.

I needed to end this before I die.

I wanted to scream, but that would take too much energy.

Next! I turned around to face the titan that was leading them all. My feet are practically useless now. I've lost all the sensation under the hole.

I used my gear and hopped right onto the leading titan, dodged all the hands coming my way, and sliced through its thick skin. I immediately got to the other two by its side and killed them too.

'Isn't this too much for a single dying person to do?'

The only person besides me who'd probably be able to do something like this in my state was Captain Levi and he was on a whole another level.

I fell onto the ground but the titan's body breaks my fall. A huge pool of blood pops out of my body. I couldn't help but find this situation funny. I just wanted to rest a bit longer.

When you are close to dying, you lose every bit of feeling in your body. It wasn't all painful to the end. Your brain gives up trying to process all the pain.

That is unless you try to remain conscious.

972-7 is 965.

The final four were gathered all in front of me. Three normal ones slowly walking towards me and an abnormal. White beard, bald head.

'I have to kill them off in one go.'

Using the fallen titan's head I got up for the last time and replaced the blades with two new ones.

"Shit... I already ran out of them." I said after seeing no remaining blades in my canister.

The only two blades I had left were in my hands.

"Mikasa... how was I supposed to do it again?"

'No strength, only a clean cut through the area right between the bones of the nape. If you dance your blade around like 'woosh' you won't even feel the thick skin fighting back.' - was what she said back then. It sounded like gibberish.

I released the cords on the building behind every titan in the horde and flew.

As soon as I came across the first titan, I grabbed onto his neck and sliced it just like Mikasa had taught me. But the blade broke.

I used the steam from the gear to bounce off him and onto the next one.

"Dance your blade between the nape, was it?"

I grabbed the blade a lightly as I could. I've seen her do it plenty of times, there shouldn't be a reason for me to not be able to do it.

Focus harder!

There were two bumps on the titan's nape. The space between the two top vertebrae. The skin tension between them was way tighter than any other area on the nape.

I slid the sword into the gap and it passed through like a sharp knife through some tendons.

I did it.

Thinking back, it made total sense. The blade would obviously break if it ground against bones. Though, it was inhumane to think you'd be able to focus on that one spot while killing titans, and speeding around mid-air.

Well, I didn't have the time to think about that any more than I already did. A hand flew towards me and I curled my body up and dodged in the space between its fingers.

Under my control, the cord attached itself to the flying hand of the irregular that lead me straight to the other titan.

I looked for the space and attacked again.


I gained my footing against the side of its face as it slowly fell towards the ground.

"Huff. One more to go."

965-7 is 958.

The irregular was right in front of me. I needed to go around his face and then turn to its neck. I've done that plenty of times now.

I'll go over its head to the building behind him, and then bounce for its neck.

Let's do this.

I attached the cords to the window right behind him and used the steam from the gear to reach my destination.

It was all going according to plan until it didn't anymore.

The cord held on just fine. The titan could still not react. Everything was fine everything except the gear. It ran out of steam.

My legs were unable to move, and I was stranded mid-air.

"MOVE DAMN IT!" I hit the pull button again and again and again but nothing came out of the cylinders.


The smile on the titan's face widened as it slowly opened its mouth.

'Is this really how it ends?!' I looked over at the corpses around me. I had one more... One mo-

The ground started rumbling again. Another horde of titans came from the back.

This is bullshit. How do we never run out of these bastards?!

"EREN!" A familiar voice. I turn over and face a black haired crying girl running a few buildings over.

'Can this possibly get any worse? Is some God laughing at how miserably I failed?

This had to be a joke.'

"RUN AWAY!!!" I shouted with the last of my breath. "MIKASA! GET OUT OF HERE!"

I fell into the titan's mouth and its teeth shut on my legs.

958-7 is 9...