Eve of reclamation. [III]
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"Can you do anything without almost getting yourself killed?" Captain Levi shouted while swinging in to cut the titan's wrist off. His blades dug into the titan's muscles and stopped.

"Shit, it's a lot harder than I thought!" He released the blades and swung away before the armoured titan could get him too.

Thought as much.

The armoured titan was way too dense. That's the only possible explanation for its grip strength. The wound the captain made had already started to heal.

I needed to get out of this on my own before Mikasa decided to take action.

I wasn't panicked at all. Because the solution was already something obvious.

Releasing my tails, I pushed his palm in, which loosened his grip. I got rid of the tails and jumped out. Being hidden inside the palm meant that no one saw my tails. So it was a pretty safe bet.

As I was falling to the ground, I used the gear to change my trajectory towards the building where Mikasa and Levi were.

I needed to think of a plan with them.

It was stupid of me to think that I could get away with killing the armoured titan in my human form when these two were unable to do so together even after spending half an hour.

"Have you figured anything out so far?" I hung off the building next to them.

"Our blades aren't able to penetrate his bones, and his fibres are too tough to break the neck plate loose." So much for that plan, I guess. Or wait, can I pull it off with my strength? I should try that.

"Captain! Can you distract it? I'll try to pull the plate off. Mikasa, you give me cover."

They both nodded.

"Let's go then."

Captain Levi jumped headfirst and became the target. Mikasa went to fend off against the other surrounding titans. I went straight to the neck threading between the armoured titan's elbow as he tried to slap Captain Levi.

This whole plan was chaotic.

The second attempt ended in a success and I was safely on the titan's neck.

Without wasting a single second, I grabbed the plate with my fingers and pulled. It was hard. The tendons holding the plate together had the tensile strength of a thick rod of metal.

But it wasn't impossible.

I had three-quarters of a stomach full of titan flesh.

I pulled the plate with all of my strength and s if pulling off soldered iron from the skin, the plate started getting peeled off.

As soon as the titan noticed me, I felt a hand headed in my direction.


Captain Levi understood and threw a blade straight at his eyes. The titan tried to stop the sword and in the process, turned towards the town. Which meant that I was now in everyone's blind spot.

I released my tails and used three of them to block the armoured titan's hands. The fourth one I used to dig into the plate and pull it off.

Strands of tissue clinging to the bone plate broke off like elastic ties.

"ARRRRGHHH!!" In a single pull, the plate was off.

I directed all of my tails on the nape, and then a burst of heat blasted onto my face.

Lightning fell on the town yet again.

Smoke, steam, dust, debris.

In the midst of it all, the spires of crystal darted at me.

"IT'S THE FEMALE TITAN!!!" I informed everyone before dodging into mid-air. And the prey I had right under me ran away to some distance.

Damn it!

The female titan quickly came into view as the smoke cleared up. Just looking at her and remembering our previous encounter made my blood boil.

Out of anger or to blow off my steam, I attached my cord to a crystal that she set up and ran up to her.

Killing her was part of the mission too.

A reckless abandon.

I lost all track of my surroundings and dived straight at her.

My blades buried into the gap between her two symmetrical neck muscles but shattered because of the crystals. So I threw them to the side.

Drawing my fists back I pounded the crystal again and again and again. Thin cracks started to form but there was more damage on my bleeding fists than her neck. Nonetheless, the fists healed instantaneously.

She bent her neck down so as to eat me, but as she was closing her mouth, I pulled her tooth out and used it to hit the crystal.

Again and again and again.

Until the crystal broke.

Before she could regenerate it, I used the same tooth as a shovel and started breaking her muscles apart.

A few swings in I could see the wind pipe.

Her hand, which was busy dealing with Captain Levi swung straight at her chest.

I attached my cord to it and swung along using the momentum to swing her tooth straight into her eye.

I was way up in the sky before I released my cord.

A crystal shot up from the ground but instead of thinking of it as a weapon, I used it as a footing.

I took my first look around the town while I was up there.

Half of the military brigade was dead and the armoured titan was headed for the rock.

'The rock?!'

All of a sudden, my attention shifted to looking for Armin. I told him to guard it thinking that would be the safest place. But it the armoured titan is there, then-!!

The armoured titan wanted to shatter the rock. It shifted its weight to its front and was ready to charge at any moment.

Armin just stood there with his arms spread out.

'What was that going to do?!!!'

"ARMIN RUNNNN!!!!" I shouted with all my might but there was no way that sound would get to him.

I needed to save him, but I couldn't reach that place before the titan would with my gear.

I was backed into a single answer.