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it has already been thousands of year's I forgot to put that in the previous chapters So guy is 1 year old(1 year staying in this world so far)

Guy PoV

It has been 15,000 years since I got summoned to this world and have done what the human wanted me to do but it came at a price as I destroyed their home to as well 

Over the course of years I came to know almost everything for example like who were powerhouses, greatest nations, greatest beast, the angels, and eventually I found out that I was one of the top apex in this world and saw many fall over the countless years and many rise 

I often encountered nations and leveled them up and I got a name that most people would fear, and put pressure on them when they called me, Red crimson Demon, as they eventually found out I was a demon lord they labeled me as a catastrophe class that no single nation could handle, but I knew that that wasn't the top

As there was an unimaginable presence here that every one knew and dared not to cause trouble in his realm not even me as it has been in this world for countless thousands of years or maybe even hundred thousands of years  

He was the only being to not have a rank but to have a title that most people would not have confidence in saying, although there were records and many Signs about his real name, none would call him by his real name as it would give you pressure but people  called him “Dragon God” , it could easily suppress everyone in this world and make them his minion but I’m surprised as he’s not doing that but sleeping, he only talks to me through my mind which I didn’t think it was possible but every time he talked to me i always felt that a powerful force was watching me, as I was some sort of entertainment which I knew it was the great being but I couldn’t say anything 

As I was getting out of my thoughts I saw an scene that I was once doing

A little girl with pink hair was destroying a nation but what I saw was a girl venting out her anger probably due to her losing someone I thought 

As I got closer and tried to stop her because this nation was far from “his” area but the loud impacts can be heard over there as I could hear it from the sky and I was thinking that she may end up annoying “him” so I got closer to her to try to talk to her

But as I got closer she looked at my direction and started to throw fierce attacks while her eyes were bright red as it was showing her anger 

She started to throw random punches, that of a angry little girl trying to hit anything but these attacks were strong as it would create sonic booms in the air as she missed me the impact of her fist sound would often damage my ear, so I didn’t care about talking to her anymore as she was starting to get annoying

As we were fighting on the 6th day I could see a tiny figure covered in golden light coming toward us and vines started to come up the air and trying to suppress the girl with pink hair

“Finally decided  to calm Ramiris?” I said told her as I often came across her in the forest, and got to know the “Fairy queen” as she protects the forest and said to be the balance in all but we all knew that faded as the dragon god was on this world and couldn’t do anything to him so she was gloomy there was an unbalance figure on this world 

“I’m helping you guy because it’s been going on for 6 days, “he” might take action personally if this person keeps annoying his peace” she said as she kept her respectful voice when she mentioned him

“What! Why doesn’t he just send one of his Sky guards?” Guy said 

“What’s that?” Ramiris said

“You don’t know? There the guard of the city, each one has power to level a city down by just one of their fist, as I fought one before from his permission, he had over a  thousand of those to keep order in the city while only 3 of them can be a match to me” guy said 

“Wow didn’t realize he had those” she said while attacking the pink hair girl

As she was attacking she remembered what one of her ancestors said about that terrifying being as it could kill and defeat anyone in this world as her ancestors was there when he attacked and killed many people of important background and figures

As she remembers her ancestors words and listen to what guy said she was even more frighten of his power and his minions power as she tried even harder to suppress this girl

1 day later they finally to manage to wore her out and decided to hold in in tight grip with her vines as the girl finally calmed down and her eyes finally dimed down and she started to fall unconscious 


As that was going on a girl with silver hair wearing a black dress with blue and red eyes was sitting on her throne while her hand supported her head

“Looks like there’s another one born…. I wonder if “he” is watching all this and enjoying it” said the girl with silver hair as she was speaking about the dragon god while she knew she was no match for him that did not stop her from sending believers and some bishops to his town to spread her influence, she did notice that the dragon was not doing anything about it so she kept sending more until one day 

She remembered like it was yesterday day, she was meeting with one of the popes until a sudden spiritual pressure was put on them and a mighty voice sounded in their heads

“Girl, while I been paying your believers no attention it has got to the point of annoying me, if you don’t want your while empire or what you mortals would call it “Holy church” to be crushed under one of my fingers then I suggest you to die down your beliefs” he said as he put more pressure until the girl was on the ground with 2 knees 

“Yes….my actions were foolish and I was getting to carried away… please spare this mortal as I will call back my believers” she said with sweat running Down her head, while she was a vampire she could see that death was on her throat

As she said that the sudden pressure lighten up and vanished away and she finally thought to her self “Was all of this just his spiritual mind pressure? To do this without being here and only sending a mind message… what a truly frightening existence…the past records did not lie about him” she thought to her self as she commanded for her believers to be brought back and decided to let some stay as that place welcomes every living creature unless they don’t cause conflicts in there and remain quiet and peaceful


As a giant humanoid was sitting on a tall throne he felt the power of something similar to him being born 


As another person felt power coming from a certain direction he wanted to check it out but soon remembered guys order to stay here and be a spy, or well gather whatever information he can on the dragon god whereabouts, as he knew he couldn’t get any information he still stayed here as it was peaceful and him being here made him a lazy person

As he entered his house and looked in the mirror the image of a boy could been seen with blue eye and blue hair with a purple streak, suddenly dark wings started to grow in his back 

“Haaaa….Guy told me to be a spy here even though he knows its pointless “ he sad with sitting down

“I wonder what happened over there…” he started to think as he contacted guy and suddenly noticed that some of the guards that over look this city were leaving and going towards the direction of the sudden outburst of power as he told guy

Guy suddenly started to be a little anxious as they were coming here 


Later as the nation that they were floating on top of it, they noticed that 5 guards were coming here as they looked at what they were wearing and immediately knew that they were the guards of the dragon city, they knew it was them because guy said that the city guards are some kind of special appearance 

As the guard were approaching you could their dive wings white golden armor 

“We have come to calm down the disturbance here but it looks like it has been taken care of…” one of the guards said while looking at an unconscious girl

Ps: if there’s some grammar mistake please point them out and I will do my best to fix them