The dragon walk
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“Why have the guards come? I thought you guys were neutral?” Ramiris said

“Yes while we do stand to be neutral, we still need to find out problems around neutralize them, but it looks like you got that covered…” one of the guards said while looking at them

As guy, and Ramiris was taking the unconscious girl away and the guards flying away there was one elf in the Ruin city watching all of this happening 

As the elf was looking around the destruction of his kingdom he was looking at the figures angrily 

“Dam you! Girl I swear I’ll pay you back” he said as he looked at 3 figures then turned to look at the guards

“...Even though my father told me not to mess with them, I'll have to think of a plan to get them back” the elf said in his mind but then 


He got pressed to the ground 

“Boy who do you think you are?” a powerful and majestic voice said in his mind as he was feeling the pressure of his power

“Wha-wha-what is this power?, even that girl didn't have this much what are you?”

“Im the One that your father told you not to mess with!” cosmic said as he inserted memories into his mind, he screamed as loud as he can until he vocal cords gave out then fell unconscious 


Back at the secret underground barrier that looks like the starry sky 

“I may kill him, he has a personality that I don’t like, I haven’t killed some people in a long time, I haven’t been outside in a long time” I said in my mind as I opened my eyes and started to split the ground above me and transformed into my dragon form that was huge enough to be seen over the world and my head reaching the clouds

I’m going to take my daily(thousand year) walk” I said  to every living creature in their mind as it posed no challenge to me to talk to everyone 

(An:He talks a walk every thousands of years) 


As the dragon  walk that has been told to countless people it’s when the dragon takes a day to walk through the whole world, while it may pass and sometimes crush small city’s, towns or even nations there was no one that could do nothing and even if they did attack the dragon would just stomp on them or shoot lightning from the clouds above like a god 

But as time passed there were even some that followed him and made a map passing it onto many villages, city’s, towns, and nations telling them where the dragon god would pass again, but there were some that still decided to live there as he only walked once every thousand years 


The sound of cracking and shaking can be heard and felt as a massive beast was walking as many people were running away and getting out of its stomping area

There were even some small villages they put up magical barriers but still got stomped as they were like papers to him

There was even one city that all the residents had to move out in a hurry as the dragon takes a specific path that they knew as it always passes every time it walks


In a palace with you could see 3 people talking and discussing the ground was suddenly shaking 

“Ahh! Are we under attack?” A girl with pink hair said 

“No milim, every thousand of years the great dragon god takes a walk for reasons we do not know but we guess it’s just him taking a stroll” Ramiris said

“The great dragon god? I thought he was a myth that my best friend told me, I never thought he was real” milim said 

“Well he’s not, and you don't have to call him that anymore as your a demon lord now” guy said to her

“Whats that?”

“Dont you feel new found powers in you, the power to make anymore crumble under you”

“Yes....i feel different....” she said as she was looking at her body and inspecting her stats

“I guess your ready for this to as might hurt at first but please bear with it as cosmic said to do this to anyone that awakens to this power” guy said as he taps milim head with one finger 

Suddenly a burst wave of memories started to flood her mind as she was screaming and fell unconscious again

“How many times have you done that?” Ramiris said to guy in a skeptical look

“This 3th time including you” he said as Ramiris shivered at the memories in her mind 

“There’s 2 more out there as they must be a demon lord seed, as they still need more souls and death to completely be a demon lord”

“Let me guess is it that giant and that girl that calls herself “god” and has a religion to herself” Ramiris said 

“Yes while they are not there yet, I can feel that they are close as to how powerful they are even though they are  not demon lords yet, so I will transplant the memories inside of them when there ready”

“I guess you could say we’re lucky as we’re the only ones who get call “him” by his real name is it would kill any mortal who dare tries to say his real name” Ramiris said while her head high 

“Lord Red, where shall we go now?”

“Of course back to our house, and Ramiris I will leave her to you and explain her circumstances while in 2 weeks we will announce our position to the other nations, and threats”

Said guy as he flew outside to his Home


In a white snowy area where blizzards are rafting almost constantly 

“Welcome back guy” a girl with silver hair, blue eyes and a blue dress with a white top says 

“Yo, what’s going on Velzard” 

“Nothing much,I notice that you were in danger”

“What made you think that?” Guy said

“I sensed some powerful aura where you guys were”

“Oh, it was just the guards of “him”” he said

“I told you not to cause to much trouble over there, what would’ve happened if you offended them somehow? even i wouldn’t be able to save you” she said worriedly 

“It’s okay he won’t attack anyone if it doesn’t cause his rules in his area to be broken” guy said assuring her 


In another universe 

Giant figures looking like robots they stood in space while there eyes were closed they suddenly opened them

“The energy of that universe is leaking out” a giant red robot said 

“Is that dragon in that universe? That dam pet made a fool out of us!” A green robot said


On earth 

A beautiful women with brown hair and eyes with a majestic dress with a crown like thing on her face

“I feel that force is trying to break In here, but it will still take a lot of thousands of years” the women said to her comrades in their ship