Chapter 3 – S.H.I.E.L.D
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Metro-General Hospital (3rd April 2012)

You’re saying this will help?” Mirio asked unsurely while playing with the colorful pills inside his hands.

After being arrested in the middle of Times Square, New York, Mirio was thankful that The Officers were exceptionally polite and professional.

They asked a series of questions and determined that he may suffer from severe depression. As protocol demanded, Mirio was escorted to a nearby Medical Institution to determine if such was the case.

Actually, Mirio argued that his mental state was fine but he also noticed that there was a recent fundamental change in his personality.

It felt like nothing at all but somehow, he knew that something was extremely wrong with the way he currently viewed the world.

Although he was aware of the small bouts of gloominess that would normally affect him since fighting Overhaul, it was the first time that Mirio felt such a casual disdain for the life and struggles of others.

Riding to the hospital with the Officers, Mirio glanced outside the windows and noticed people living their everyday lives with happiness and struggles.

Still, all he could think about was preserving his own life and sleeping with as many women as possible before he dies.

I am not sure if this will help you… there are a lot of things we can’t know as Doctors but at the very least I know it can make your bouts of depression more manageable…” The Doctor comforted, looking at Mirio a bit sadly.

The depressing atmosphere around Mirio told the Doctor that he was likely to commit suicide without extensive Psychological help.

Mirio played with the pills a bit more in his hands before grabbing a nearby cup of water, tossing the pills into his mouth, and swallowing everything “Doesn’t taste that bad…

I’m somehow flattered that you’re trying to make me feel better…” The Doctor shrugged, already noticing a mild improvement in Mirio’s mood “But I know those pills are really bitter…

Mirio Togata… I am a student of UA High School…” Mirio stated, reaching his hands outwards for a handshake that the Doctor quickly accepted “I am not sure how I ended up in America but… I guess my Quirk was acting up again… but I’ll get it under control soon enough!

Quirk?’ Christina thought ‘Probably like sleepwalking and other weird stuff. So he is a sleepwalker or an exhibitionist I guess…

Dr. Christina Palmer… and I guess everyone around here has a quirk or two in their personalities…” Christina joked nonchalantly, trying to show Mirio that she was not judgemental in the least “Mirio Togata huh? A Japanese name… but you speak English really well and you have blonde hair and blue eyes… looks pretty European to me…

Mirio tried to show a gentle and confident smile but he could not manage it “Lemillion is the hero name and Japan is my homeland… but I gotta say Wow… America must be pretty talented if everyone has a quirk or two… I can see why Allmight studied here for a few years when he was younger…

Is he delusional?’ Christina thought, frowning and looking at Mirio confused “Allmight?

The Symbol of Peace… Former number one hero of Japan?” Mirio replied, equally confused but realized something “You must not hear of him a lot since you’re from America… You must have your own heroes with way different quirks…

Christina frowned even harder and retrieved Mirio’s chart, reading it over as she continued the conversation “Heroes like Iron Man? … Yeah we have one hero, or at least only one hero I know about… A lot of crazy things happening in the world these days…

How can the entirety of America only have one hero and a man made of Iron at that…” Mirio asked surprised and then continued a bit sadly “You probably had recent trouble with the Quirk Erasure Bullets like me… I didn’t know the issue had reached as far as America. I guess the Yakuza is an international organization…

He has a host of mental health issues including Dissociative Identity Disorder…’ Christina looked at Mirio and then back at the MRI scan in her hands “I don’t get it… this says you have no brain damage but you’re clearly a bit delusional… I guess we’ll have to hold you for more observation…

Mirio frowned but didn’t comment on Quirks anymore since, even if it was rare, there were those who closed themselves off from the Quirk-saturated world outside.

Perhaps Dr. Christina didn’t have a quirk of her own so she preferred not to talk about heroes and other related topics?’ Mirio thought understandingly, remembering the brief moment of despair he felt when he thought that he had lost his quirk.

However, losing his quirk didn’t bother Mirio at all right now since he had no desire to save anyone aside from himself in the future.

Five minutes of physical examinations and questions later, Christina stared at Mirio approvingly “You’re healthy and strong physically… there is cause for concern about what caused all those scars on your body but I see they have healed well…

Mirio managed a wide smile that quickly turned into a frown when he realized something “I can’t pay for these medical services mam… I could clean or sweep the hospital or something… if I can get in contact with my school in Japan, I can also notify them of my safety and they will handle the medical bills…

It’s okay…” Christina stated, flipping through Mirio’s chart some more “It says here that the bill has already been paid and your room here is guaranteed for about a week… you can also ask me for help if there is anything you need in particular…

The bill is paid?” Mirio asked confused “Paid by who? I don’t think I have any acquaintances in America…

Christina frowned “The bills were paid by the ‘Strange Initiative’ founded by Dr. Stephen Strange… it is funding that pays for strange hospital cases like yours… it’s more for humor than anything else …

That’s weird…

I know… Dr. Strange has a bit of an ego but apart from that, there are some people outside waiting to see you… I’ll bring them in.

5 Minutes Later --------

Christina re-entered the room escorted by a man and a woman dressed in suits that Mirio could tell were bulletproof.

Thanks for the escort…” The man said, shaking Christina’s hands amiably.

The Woman just stared at Mirio without blinking as if asking him to create some sort of trouble. Mirio frowned since the man and woman in front of him gave off the atmosphere of soldiers or Law Enforcement.

I will be outside while you discuss things with Mr. Togata…” Christina said, bowing slightly and exiting the room.

Mirio looked around wearily, his muscles tense “Who are you guys?

My name is Agent Felix Blake…” The Man stated, reaching out his hands but seeing Mirio was still distrusting, took his hand back “I am an Agent of Shield also known as The Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division…

Someone must have really wanted to spell SHIELD…” Mirio commented causing Felix to laugh and gesture to the woman who was obviously his partner.

The Female Agent stepped forward “Agent Melinda May… you may call me Agent May… we are here because you were identified as a 0-8-4…

Ouch… do you have to be that direct May?” Felix jokingly asked, though his attention was fully focused on Mirio’s reaction.

However, Mirio was not surprised or angry just majorly confused “What is a 0-8-4?

Felix shrugged and leaned against Mirio’s hospital bed “An object of unidentifiable origins…

Then you are clearly mistaken…” Mirio commented, relaxing his tense muscles a bit “I just need a phone to make a quick call to Principal Nezu from UA and he will sort out everything on my behalf… until then, you are free to monitor me however you wish…

There is no such school as UA in Japan… we bugged this room and keyed every word you said into a search algorithm…” Agent May responded coldly “Also, I would also like to point out that-

Beep – Beep

Beep – Beep

Both Agent May and Agent Felix pulled out their SHIELD-issued phone and noticed a blue screen on display.

It’s a level 5 Security Breach… not too important but they’re still ordering all hands on deck…” May commented, looking at Felix for further instructions since he was her immediate superior.

Felix glanced at Mirio who seemed lost in his thoughts and came to a decision “Kid…

Ah yes?” Mirio instinctively replied, pulled out of his daze as he wondered what May could have meant when she stated there was no school by the name of ‘UA’ in Japan.

Here is what’s going to happen…” Felix said seriously, looking Mirio in the eyes while placing a card in his hands “All Agents are being called in… as far as we know, you can be someone who crawled out of a sewer in the middle of Time Squares naked… we can’t dedicate resources to watching you… this card will get you a meeting with Pepper Pots of Stark Industries… she has an agreement with our organization to temporarily shelter anyone with this card… You will remain at the shelter provided until we come and find you… Got it!

Mirio nodded enthusiastically “Thank you very much. I appreciate all the help… as soon as I get in contact with my school, I will be able to verify my identity…

Felix and May looked at Mirio suspiciously but ultimately decided that he was not worth the resources right now.

After all, his DNA test came back negative for any enhancements except a slight mutation in his feet.


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