Chapter 9 – Agent Philip Coulson
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On his way to work, Mirio stopped at his favorite sandwich store.

Christine would always drive him to the hospital and he would walk to work for his daily exercise.

It had been a week and a half since he started working as security at Stark Industries and he was confident that he would be allowed to see Ms. Pepper Pots soon due to his stellar work ethic.

Good employees were bound to be rewarded or at least that was what Happy constantly told him.

Everything was working as perfectly as it could and Mirio couldn’t complain about anything aside from being tossed across the cosmos into a different Universe.

Sometimes his mind would be plagued about how everyone was doing in his Universe: Nejire, Deku, Eri, and others…

Every night, he would dream about wars and violence… everyone dead or broken beyond repair… a massive blood bath that causes the hero society to fall…

Needless to say, most nights were spent sleepless but Christine, who was also a late worker, would sometimes accompany him during those times, leading to a unique closeness being developed between them.

Tossing those thoughts aside, Mirio dipped into a store he had become all too familiar with over the past week – Garry’s Sandwich for The Soul.

The usual, Garry…” Mirio yelled, directly ignoring the counter and walking over to the refrigerator, and grabbing the last Cherry Coke he could find.

The food in America was strange but Mirio had to admit that they were unbeaten when it became to beverages that were as tasty as they were disruptive to your health.

C-c-comi-ng right up, Mirio…” Garry’s, the shop owner, frightened voice echoed from behind the counter.

Mirio walked to the counter with his Cherry Coke, expecting to find his sandwich prepared as usual but instead he was greeted with the sight of the shittiest sandwich he had ever seen.

Truly, Mirio had the thought to wreck the store but restrained himself at the last moment. His spirit dimmed and he felt like everything in the world was meaningless.

He always tried to have a perfect day because the smallest of inconveniences could dim his spirits and send him into a bout of depression.

Every time he felt like he was returning to the optimistic person he once was, another thing would pop up and he would fall from grace once more.

Mirio frowned “Where are the pickles? The Mustard? You know I like tomatoes as well… is it because I am a regular customer that you feel that you can cheat me now?

Garry instantly froze on the spot and panicked “Of course not… I’ll remake it for you…

In the midst of his complaints, Mirio noticed that Garry’s eyes were always looking down to somewhere below the counter.

Mirio frowned, tapped the counter a couple of times to inspect the rustling below, and instantly came to the realization that someone was hidden beneath.

Actually, his first thought was that Garry was getting a blowjob from beneath the counter but Garry’s face held more fear than ecstasy.


Mirio launched a fist through the counter from the outside, grabbing a hold of a man and dragging the man out with his stronger-than-average strength.

The man was easily tossed into the nearby shelves by Mirio with enough strength to ensure that he would spend the next couple of months in a hospital.

Garry was relieved seeing the matter dealt with but also peeved by the fact Mirio had tossed the guy into his shelves, ruining thousands of dollars worth of grocery.

Seeing the discontentment on Garry’s face, Mirio frowned “Your groceries or your life Garry… you can’t have it both ways… I think this was a good compromise…

Garry sighed, called the police, and went into the kitchen to get another sandwich for Mirio “I know you saved my life and all but… you broke more things by tossing him into that shelf than he would have stolen from the cash register…

Mirio shrugged and placed some cash on the counter for the sandwich, and coke before exiting the store to report to work.

Garry didn’t really mind the broken shelves because Mirio would always overpay for everything from his store.

Mirio had yet to master the currency of American Dollars and realize that a hundred yen and a hundred dollars were not the same things.

Exiting the store, Mirio strode forward with a light jog.

Happy was a stickler for the rules so Mirio was forced to jog in order to make it in time… or rather, to make it fifteen minutes before the start of work since Happy was convinced that punctuality was somehow late.

Running and humming, Mirio was actually pretty contented with his new routines in life since being an ordinary worker seemed to calm his mind more than being a hero.

Of course, the aspirations to save a million people had not completely faded but his time working as a Security had taught him that there was more than one way to save people – doctors, security, researchers…

Police Officer!” Mirio shouted, fisting the skies as enlightenment overtook his face.

He had just created his backup plan – should Ms. Pepper Pots be unable to find him a way home, he would become an officer of the law and contribute to society in that way.

Maybe he could solve a million cases and earn the title of Detective – Million.

After all, it didn’t matter what Universe he was from, the only thing that mattered was the fact that there were people who needed saving in this Universe as well. 

Mirio arrived ten minutes early to work and was greeted by Happy’s scathing glare, but Mirio had also learned something important from Happy – the art of shamelessness.

So he strode into work with his head held high like he had slept in the office the entire night. Happy wasn’t sure whether to be impressed or penalize his favorite worker.

In a couple of years, he can probably fill my shoes…’ Happy thought, already planning for early retirement.

After all, chances were that he would die from one of Tony’s machines gone rogue if he didn’t retire early. It was better if Mirio took on the task instead of someone as old and fragile as himself.

Morning Bossssss!” Mirio shouted, saluting Happy with utmost respectfulness that made it difficult for Happy to bring up the matter of his lateness/earliness (depending on who you ask).

Just as Happy was about to respond, the nearby elevator dinged and out walked a man in a black suit with a checkered tie, black eyewear, and a Bluetooth earpiece.

Happy diverted his attention from Mirio and spun around to glance at the SHIELD Agent who was exiting the elevator “Philip Coulson of SHIELD?” he asked and then mumbled in annoyance “Stark says I am not supposed to let these guys inside…

Coulson gave a shallow smile filled with confidence “No need to worry Mr. Hogan… I let myself in…

Coulson was about to walk off after that cool exit phrase but paused when he noticed Mirio standing behind Happy.

He walked around a displeased Happy and extended his hand towards Mirio for a handshake “Mirio Togata, right? My organization is interested in having a talk with you but we are having some difficulties at the moment…

Mirio froze for a couple of seconds and the hope that had been extinguished earlier reignited inside his heart “No problem…” he replied, eagerly shaking Coulson’s hands “I am just glad that I wasn’t forgotten… I really need your help since things have become disorientating for me since waking up…

Coulson nodded with a sincere smile “I will personally visit you after the crisis is resolved Mr. Togata… But until then, I can only ask that you be patient…

Seeing that Coulson was about to turn around and leave, Mirio grew anxious to not lose communication with someone who could potentially help him get home “How about you send someone that I can talk to in the meanwhile? Like a monitor or something…

Coulson was already a few steps away when he paused and glanced back coolly “What makes you think we haven’t? Mr. Mirio Togata of the Quirk Permeation…

Mirio’s eyes widened and Coulson exited Stark Industries. Though Coulson meant it as a joke just to show Mirio that SHIELD was indeed listening, Mirio took it as a sign that Coulson was indeed a man of his word.

What business do you have with Agent Coulson?” Happy asked suspiciously.

That man…” Mirio spun around, looking Happy in the eyes and shouting emotionally “…is my hope in this depressing life of mine…

Happy and several other people in the lobby froze slightly “Just forget I asked anything…” Happy whispered, ducking into the elevator and never asking about SHIELD ever again.