Chapter 12 – A Sticky ‘Strange’ Situation
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Mirio woke up in the morning to a notification on his phone that Happy had sent detailing that he shouldn’t come to work for the next week.

Honestly, Mirio was relieved since he wasn’t really planning on reporting to work anyway… not after the miracle that happened last night.

If I knew sex was so amazing, I would have actually accepted Nejire’s feelings for me…’ Mirio mused, a giddy smile on his face that denoted his status as someone who had just lost his virginity.

He stirred around a bit and noticed that Christine wasn’t in the bed. Not surprising though, considering she had to leave for work rather early, but Mirio was still a bit disappointed in his heart.

Luckily, his disappointment was alleviated a couple of seconds later when he noticed a note on the bedside table – ‘Heading to work… you slept like a baby, couldn’t bear to wake you… About last night: Amazing size and motion, but the technique needs a bit of work…’.

Mirio hopped out of the bed in his birthday suit, not sure whether to feel happy at Christine’s compliments or embarrassed that she thought his techniques were sub-par.

With no sexual experience whatsoever, Mirio just did what Tamaki told him to do when they first talked about sex – just do the waves like you’re the ocean beneath a boat.

It wasn’t bad advice but Tamaki obviously didn’t know what he was talking about if Christine judged his technique as subpar…” Mirio complained.

You had the size… you were just really delicate last night. When she said ‘harder’… you went softer instead…” Jessica commented, sliding from underneath the bed with bags under her eyes “Actually, aunt should be thankful that you didn’t go harder because you would have killed her with all that muscle…

Mirio froze for a couple of seconds, looked down at his naked body, and then at Jessica’s appraising eyes before he blushed and swung the sheets around his body like a girl.

What are you doing here Jessica?

Jessica shrugged, standing on her feet as her back cracked a couple of times “Sneaked inside to talk to aunt after you left but instead, I was greeted to bed racking, moaning, and sloppy wetness…

Mirio turned solemn “How much did you hear?

Jessica thought a bit as a mischievous smile graced her face “Harder Mirio harder… ugh… wrong hole Mirio… wrong hole again Mirio… fine, use that hole… Fuck! Too big, let me find the hole for you… Mirio, you’re going to kill me… plap! Plap! Plap!... gush, gush, gush… waterfall, sprinklers, waterfall, sprinklers and then two huge grunts that created a tsunami somewhere in the world…

Jessica had outdone herself with her description of Mirio’s first sexual experience since she even went as far as to add her own sound effects.

I – I –” Mirio stammered a bit since almost everything about last night was a blur due to his overexcitement “Did I really get the wrong hole…

Seeing Mirio’s pitiful expression, Jessica didn’t want to admit that Christine was being polite when she said his technique was all that was lacking, but she hated lying to Mirio so she told a half-truth “Depending on the type of girls, no hole is the wrong hole… so technically no – you got the right hole from the beginning…

Mirio didn’t read much into Jessica’s weird way of answering his question, he was way too happy and filled with energy to worry about the semantics of everything.


After he was dressed, Mirio and Jessica walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, eating whatever didn’t require cooking.

Mirio was feeling a bit lazy due to last night's activities while Jessica just didn’t know how to cook hence why she came to leach off her aunt whenever she had the chance.

By the time Mirio and Jessica were finished, the entire kitchen was a mess. Even the ramen were eaten raw just by sprinkling the seasoning on the ramen and eating it like a biscuit.

You truly have a way to eat everything…” Mirio complimented Jessica who was nibbling on raw spaghetti sticks and tomato sauce alternatively.

Blame my dad…” Jessica replied nonchalantly “He pours his soda in his pancakes every morning… ‘it all goes in the same stomach’ he says…

Mirio was speechless but he was already used to being speechless with anything that had to do with Jessica so he just rolled with it.

Speaking of…” Mirio remembered, dumping all the trash in the kitchen into the nearby trash “I have testing today with your father…

What are you waiting for?” Jessica asked, darting to her room and returning down the stairs in a hoodie and skinny jeans that were obvious self-torn to be stylish.

I need to take a bath…” Mirio complained, still cleaning the kitchen.

Jessica sniffed the air a bit and just shrugged “You can take a bath at dad…

With Jessica’s continued insistence, Mirio hopped in his slippers and they were out the door walking a couple of blocks away to Brian’s and Alisa’s hotel.


Thanks, Mirio… that’s everything for today…” Brain shouted to Mirio who was still standing on the industrial scanner.

Currently, they were in a separate room from the one Brain and Alisa booked for their stay.

Knowing that he required more equipment to verify Mirio’s absurd story, Brian moved some portable equipment from his lab downtown to a nearby room in the hotel.

Honestly, Brian thought it was absurd to even entertain Mirio’s delusions of a world of Quirks, but mere curiosity drove him until a couple of days ago when he started noticing abnormalities in Mirio’s DNA.

He had done dozens of tests previously and found nothing but started discovering new variants just recently, which meant he was either looking in the wrong places or Mirio was somehow reverting to a previous state.

Lost in his thoughts, Brian didn’t even notice when Jessica stood beside him, peeking over his shoulder at the complex formulas on the computer screen “Looks complicated… is there anything in Mirio’s DNA that shows why he can’t aim well?


Sadly, Jessica forgot that Brian had already allowed Mirio to exit the scanner so she was caught off-guard by Mirio’s all-too-familiar chop to her head.

OW…” She shouted, clenching her fist to punch Mirio in the face but stopped at the last moment when she remembered that it would only damage her fist instead.

Mirio smiled like a kind elder brother “I see you have better control of your temper now…


Jessica!” Brian called out in a stern voice before any vulgar remarks could leave her mouth, causing Jessica to bite her tongue mid-word.

Good girl…” Mirio whispered slyly as he walked to Brian’s side “Anything new…

A reversion to a natural state of sorts but this looks scrambled… like it has been-

Erased?” Mirio asked what he had suspected all along.

Yes…” Brian replied surprised and continued “It’s like you stabilized for a while but your body is reverting to a scarred state… but I don’t know if it will remain scarred or surpass that scarred state to return you completely to normal… it’s almost as if your body is moving backward and not forwards…

Mirio nodded in understanding, not letting any information slip from his facial features “Is that all? I need to leave and Jessica is gonna help me with something…

Yeah sure…” Brian replied dismissively, all he was concerned with was the puzzle of Mirio’s DNA that was presented in front of him.

Jessica hopped on Mirio’s back as they exited the hotel room, entered the elevator, and exited the hotel to begin a mission Mirio had told her about earlier.


After thirty minutes of walking, Jessica and Mirio stopped in front of a store that they would normally never visit.

This is a jewelry store…” Jessica stated with her eyebrows quirked, wondering what business they possibly had at this store for the rich.

Mirio wasn’t rich and Jessica’s parents were relatively well off. Christine was the only one that could be considered rich.

I am going to ask Christine to marry me…” Mirio whispered with a soft smile on his face.

Jessica’s heart fell into the abyss as she processed Mirio’s words “What … Why?” she stammered appalled.

Mirio smiled with love as he patted Jessica’s head “I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be… an entirely new universe… if this isn’t faith, I don’t know what is… I am not the type of guy that sleeps with any girl – I slept with her and I plan to treasure her for the rest of my life, so I’ll marry her with my heart, mind, and soul… even if I am not Lemillion anymore, some convictions can never fade…

Jessica shook her head intensely, tears gathering at the corner of her eyes “No… you don’t understand Mirio… maybe you should wait a bit, you haven’t known each other that long…

Not listening to Jessica, Mirio brushed her head roughly with his hands and strode into the store, ready to start a new chapter in his life.

Jessica remained frozen outside with sadness clouding her features… not because she loved Mirio and wanted him instead, but because she knew that his feelings were unreciprocated.

The first lie Jessica ever told Mirio was in the morning when she said that she had been under the bed the entire time while he and Christine were having sex.

That wasn’t true…

Flashback------- The Previous Night

After Mirio and Christine finished with all the noise of their lovemaking, Jessica finally sighed in relief thinking she would be able to sleep some more.

Actually, she was pretty happy that they both had come to terms with their feelings.

Jessica had a crush on Mirio herself but she didn’t really understand the nuances of a relationship so she was happy that at least Mirio and Christine would remain together after she and her parents left.

Unable to go back to bed, Jessica made her way into the kitchen to drink some lemonade and then directly to the bathroom when the lemonade couldn’t stay inside her body.

It was moments from entering the bathroom that Jessica discovered the unthinkable…

Strange… you can’t keep calling me so later…” Christine complained inside the bathroom, leaning on the wall weakly while staring at her face in the mirror.

What happened between us in the locker room at work was just two adults having fun… sex is nothing when you can only admire yourself...

The sex was ok… but it wasn’t amazing so can I go to bed now that you’re finished with your interview? I have papers to finish signing for the surgery tomorrow…

No… you’re not my boyfriend… you asked and I said only if you become my surgeon on call so…

You want to be my surgeon on call?” Christine asked shocked since it was the first time that Stephen had shown her a gesture of commitment, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time given what just transpired between her and Mirio.

I need to think about everything… yeah, I know it’s a limited offer… Fine… I’ll be your imaginary girlfriend until we talk things over in the morning…” Christine agreed, cutting off the call as she stared at her reflection in the mirror feeling a bit uncertain about everything.

Pushing open the bathroom door, Christine was shocked when she was greeted by an equally shocked Jessica who had obviously heard her conversion with Strange.

Jessica I-


Without giving her aunt a chance to explain, Jessica had raised her hand and plastered a slap across Christine’s face before she even realized what was happening.

How could you?” Jessica asked, her voice breaking as tears slid down her cheeks.

Christine lost the strength in her legs and slumped down onto the floor, crying away all her pent-up emotions when she realized that Jessica would tell Mirio about what happened.

In her efforts to have it all, it was all but certain that she would lose Mirio in the process.

Christine slumped down crying, and Jessica followed suit, dropping to her knees at Christine’s side and crying as well.

Both girls sat and cried in each other’s arms, not sure about what to do about the sticky situation Christine found herself in.