V1-C7: The First Market
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(no chapters this weekend, as i am busy. ill send 4 chapters on monday to make up for it [it isn't written yet but i'll make sure to do so] )


‘When did I get Deity Eyes?’

Zero was surprised that he gained a new skill without a notification coming up, but as he read the information behind it, he realised why.

<<Deity Eyes – An inheritance to those who gain the God Fairy bloodline, they can sense feelings from other beings>>

‘Sense feelings? So that means I can sense those that feel different emotions like anger or joy?’

Even Zero felt that the passive was extremely overpowered, and was happy to see that he was getting stronger and stronger as time went by.

“Lord, tomorrow you may speak to the villagers.”

Brian who was guarding the door came in and bowed his head, Zero nodded and Brian left the room in swift fashion.

The next day, Zero came out to see a crowd of villagers outside the Lord’s Courtyard ready to listen to their lord.

Zero who disabled the king’s aura when he was given the option, then enabled it and walked out in noble fashion.

The villagers who saw their lord instantly kneeled as they felt the power of a king. They did not even take time to see the new appearance, and they didn’t dare do so as they kept their head down.

“Rise, as I do not deserve your praise just yet…”
As Zero said rise, everyone slowly came from their daze and stood up to see the new appearance of Zero.

Standing tall, Zero was now a five foot ten man with black hair with the tips of the hair being blonde, his bright red eyes staring into the soul of the villagers and god-like features caused some females in the crowd to faint.

“You might be wondering, how did this new look come to be. I have inherited the blood of a God Fairy, and the only reason I did so was because it would make me strong. The only reason why I want to be strong, is to protect my people from any danger or harm.”

As Zero said that, a man in the crowd walked a few steps forward and bent the knee.

“My lord, we shall assist you in any endeavour you desire!”

After the villager had said that, countless more went forward and did the same.

“Remember this, I promise that I shall be your protector. I shall be your strength, your shield, your armour for the days to come.”

As Zero bowed after his speech, the loud cries of the villagers were heard and each of them bowed in reverence to their leader.

Zero however, was completely embarrassed once again due to his actions.

‘Oh god, why did I have to act cool!’

“Lord, the teleporters to the cities have been sent! I can start preparing them for you now if you wish.”

Lillian who still held an almost obsessive look toward Zero kept her composure as she told him about the teleporters.

“Fantastic, set them up and also call Samantha over.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Lillian walked off, but she kept looking at the lord as she did so. Zero felt frightened, for who knows what Lillian would do for the pursuit of knowledge.

“Lord, you wish to see me?”

Samantha who was wearing a tank top showing her muscly arms had arrived.

“We found some ores at a mountain during our expedition, follow Brian and check if the ores are of use to you.”

As she heard what Zero said, a bright smile appeared as she could finally prove her worth to him.

“Yes, my lord!”

Samantha started to run towards Brian, and as Brian turned around and saw what almost looked like a train coming to run over him, he jumped in fright and rolled away.

Zero who saw what happened laughed and turned towards the building where villagers spawn.

<<DING! You are four days late in spawning villagers, do you wish to spawn them now?>>

He was meant to spawn villagers however he was caught up in the expedition that he didn’t have the time.

“System, automatically spawn the villagers without my permission.”

<<DING! Request accepted, please stand by as the villagers appear!>>

In a bright white light, the empty podium from before was now filled with ten new villagers.

“Welcome to Cloud Village, I am the lord, Zero Sky, and from now on, you are my people.”

Zero with a bow towards the villagers caused them to bend the knee and walk towards Samuel who was outside the building.

“Ah! Lord, before you go, shall I start the market in the village?”

“Market? How?”

Zero was now confused as to what Samuel had said, currently the village doesn’t have a currency and so the idea of a market would be useless.

“Instead of using currency, it would be trading in goods. This should help set up a system for later on during your regime.”

Samuel was eager to start a market, and looking from a lord’s perspective, if the villagers were happy, he was happy, so he agreed.

“Thank you, I shall show that this was an excellent idea!”

For the next few days, the market started to begin setting up. Villagers that were farming started to trade crops such as rice and potatoes, Zero was extremely pleased to see such a thing appear and realised that the village was now officially becoming a ‘village’.

<<Ding! Cloud Village has officially become an intermediate village, you gain the access to creating a police and army barracks for twenty villagers.>>

<<Ding! Cloud Village gained the title ‘The First Market’, allowing lowly merchants from the outskirts of cities to come visit and sell their wares!>>

<<Ding! Do you wish to reveal your name on the leader board when released?>>

As Zero read the few notifications, he was extremely joyful. His village was now an intermediate village and also now merchants would trade with them allowing him to gain access to more items.

“No, do not reveal my name!”

Of course, he did not wish to reveal who he was and where he was at. His only wish in life is to live in peace and build a city where his people will be happy.

“Lord, the teleporters are ready! You can leave for the cities at any time you wish!”

As Zero heard Lillian, he stood up and called Brian over

“Brian, we are going to the city!”