Chapter 1 – A Perfectly Normal Day I
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Second chapter. Like last time, let me know how I did in the comments, as constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Also, the next chapter should be coming out in a few days. I already had some of this one written when I posted the prologue, which is why they were released back to back.

Approximately eleven hours before the cosmic bitch slap...

Belial stirred as he woke from a dreamless sleep. Glaring at the infernal device that ruined his rest, he reluctantly sat up in bed to turn his alarm off. He had it set for 7:00 AM, just like every other day, so that he had enough time to get ready for school.

As he shook the last bits of sleep from his mind, Belial took a look around his room. It was rather empty, he supposed, but that's the way he preferred it. Only what was necessary and a little bit extra. A bed, a desk with a computer, a bookcase with all of his favorite manga and light novels, and a closet with a laundry basket sitting just to the right of it. All of it in the fashionable colors of grayscale.

After stretching, Belial promptly got up and walked over to his closet. Grabbing one of his uniforms for school, he quickly changed into it and threw his pajamas into the laundry basket. Deciding to have a simple breakfast, he walked out of his room and downstairs to grab a bowl of cereal. The best cereal. Krave. Sitting down to eat, he pulled out his phone to find the usual notifications. A couple of spam emails, a trending post on reddit, a reminder to do his daily missions in a game, and a few messages from his friends. Smiling at the texts, he responded to each one, then cleared the rest of the notifications. Absentmindedly shoveling spoon-fulls of cereal into his mouth, he started to think about his plans for the day.

He needed some milk, among other essentials, so he would be heading to the grocery store after school. He then began running through which classes he had for the day. Being a sixteen year old in high school, the classes he had were on a rotating schedule, so they changed depending on the day of the week. He realized that it was Tuesday and he had math for last period, and even though the teacher was an absolute bore, he couldn't help but be a bit excited to end the school day with that class. Numbers were simple. They never lied and never broke rules. Belial liked numbers for these sorts of reasons. He looked down and realized that he had finished his cereal while lost in his thoughts.

After taking the bowl to the sink and washing it, he walked back upstairs and into the bathroom down the hall. Grabbing his toothbrush and toothpaste, he looked in the mirror at his apathetic face. Belial Snow. That was the name of the teen in the mirror. Quite ironic, he thought, with his short black hair and nearly black eyes. His looks were mostly average, 5'7", 165 pounds, and a normal face with forgettable features. Someone very easy to lose in a crowd, he mused. Although, if Belial had to choose one aspect of his appearance that people would remember the most, it would be his eyes. The ominous color and dangerous glint made it seem like there was something more than just an average high school student behind those orbs. Deciding his teeth were clean enough, he spit out the toothpaste, rinsed his mouth, and then headed back to his room.

Once there, he checked his backpack to see if everything was in it. "Notebooks, check. Pencil case, check. Textbooks, check." After confirming everything was there, he slung it across his back and walked over to his desk. Rolling up his sleeves and pulling open the drawer, he grabbed the hidden blades that were inside and strapped them onto his wrists. Each one was a long rectangle of carbon fiber housing a 154CM grade stainless steel blade measuring seven and a half inches in length. Leather straps secured the device to his wrists and forearms while a ring connected to the inner mechanisms by a cable went around the middle finger of each hand. Jerking his hands back, the rings around his fingers yanked the cables and triggered the mechanisms, extending the lethal blades at blinding speeds. Nodding in satisfaction, Belial jerked his hands one more time and the blades retracted. After winding the springs back up to maximum tension, he turned the safeties on to prevent any accidents from happening and rolled his sleeves down. With his highly illegal concealed weapons secured to his arms, he walked downstairs and out the door. Locking it behind him, of course.

 "Beeellll~" a small, cute voice called out from behind him on his walk to school.

Looking over his shoulder, a smile touched Belial's lips as he watched the short blond running to catch up to him. His smile turned mischievous as a thought crossed his mind. Deciding to have some fun, he returned his gaze to the front and continued walking. Seeing this, the girl called out again, "Waaaiiiiiiit!" As soon as she was in range, the blond grabbed his hand and yanked him to a stop. Having successfully secured her target, she bent over with her hands on her knees, her chest heaving up and down. A moment passed as she caught her breath, and the blond looked up with a pout and whined, "You know, you could have waited for me, you jerk." The last word was punctuated with a soft jab to Belial's side

Belial barked a short laugh before saying, "Yeah, but where's the fun in that, Abby?" 

Abigail Frost. A small, little girl with waist-length platinum blond hair, ice blue eyes, a small nose, full pink lips, a dusting of freckles around her nose, and an unusually large chest for her petite frame. She was the cutest, most popular girl in school. And Abigail, being Abigail, actually managed to befriend most of the other students, knowing all of them by name. The teachers loved her, too, since her grades were nearly straight A's and she actively participated in class. But the most important thing, at least to Belial, was that she was his best friend. Two years ago on the first day of high school after the dismissal bell, Abigail, taking an interest in Belial, had approached him. The conversation started off about how similar their last names were, but it quickly jumped from one topic to the next, going on and on. After realizing how late it was and neither wanting to put an end to their fun, they exchanged numbers to continue the talk later. The rest was history.

Turning to his friend, Belial couldn't help but let his gaze drop to the hypnotizing, bouncy movements her heavy breathing was causing.

Noticing where he was looking, Abigail's mouth stretched into a smirk and said, "You know, if I was any other girl, you'd have a red handprint on your face, by now."

Belial just simply smiled, his eyes still glued to her chest, and happily said, "You're completely right, but thankfully, you're not just 'Any other girl,' you're my beautiful best friend."

"Such a charmer~" she giggled before a frown wormed its way onto her face. "Ugh, why couldn't you have been born a pretty girl?"

"I don't know. Why couldn't you have been born straight?" He countered, finally looking her in the eyes. 

"Touché. Anyway, I've caught my breath, so let's go." Abigail turned and began to walk in the direction of their school, Belial quickly following. The two continued to idly chat about random stuff, like how hard their homework was, pretty girls that walked by, a particularly funny incident involving a dog and a squirrel, etcetera.

Finally arriving at their high school eleven minutes before the first bell, the duo parted ways and headed off to their classes.

Next chapter will have the introduction of another new character as well as the not so normal part of Belial's perfectly normal day.